AMA and I shall answer

2022.01.26 19:40 ocall1919 AMA and I shall answer

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2022.01.26 19:40 Karak1O –high pitch moan– you scared me!

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2022.01.26 19:40 Ojerry1997 How would you make a gems that's based on the Balrog from "Lord of the Rings"?

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2022.01.26 19:40 dirtyharrison Breitbart News Daily Podcast Ep. 59: Alex, Post-COVID: Marlow Beats Virus and Has a Baby; Guest: Peter Schweizer Goes Long-Form on ‘Red-Handed’

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2022.01.26 19:40 fake__teeth Tips for focusing during mandatory group study/hw sessions

I’m in my first week of bootcamp and so far things are clicking and making sense. Today we had our first of many group work sessions and oh my god it was so tedious and hard to focus.
I have adhd so every time one of my group members spoke it completely broke my focus and all the problems took twice as long to complete because of that. I like the people in my class and I feel bad that I probably came off a bit rude when I left the moment time was up, but WOW I could not get anything done.
This was individual homework we were working on, not a group project or anything and I was required to keep my camera and mic on. Any tips to help focus during study sessions like this? 😭😭😭
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2022.01.26 19:40 jobsinanywhere Smoking risk following heart attack differs by gender, study finds

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2022.01.26 19:40 TKalig Bob Wicks wasn’t that much of a fan of Fallout 3. It lost much of the series’s most interesting attributes in exchange for mediocre first person combat

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2022.01.26 19:40 mariah_0803 My feelings are very mixed and I am at a loss for words regarding a text message I received from someone that I thought would be a good friend

This is a long post but would appreciate it if it was read. I just felt like I need to write something about this to make me feel a bit better, any kind words or whatnot would be appreciated!
So a little backstory, I met this person 2 months ago, we would chat and hang out often. We did mention to each other what we were sorta looking for regarding dating or whatnot, and since they really didn't tell me anything different nor did their actions seem different, I took it as we were just going with the flow on things and if it didn't work in the dating department, then I would have liked to stay friends because I knew they would be someone positive for me to be around and I do need people like that, which I did express this to them too. We always had a great time when we hung out and we did share some intimacy with each other as in kissing and cuddling but that's it.
Anyways, we had plans for 2 weeks to go see a movie this past Tuesday, and even just last week, I messaged them saying "you want me to get the movie tickets" and they replied "yes!! I'm so excited". On Monday I received a message from this person basically stating that they don't feel a connection with me, which makes no sense to me because their actions in person never made me doubt we didn't have a connection, and yeah I'm hurt by them saying that, but I feel angrier than just hurt because of the fact that I pushed myself out of my own certain comfort zones because they were all interests this person had, like for example they had pet rats, at first I was very hesitant of hanging around at their place with the pet rats running around, but I pushed myself and ended up getting comfortable with them. There were other things too we would both do, like going to places I've never been to which was always a fun adventure. I even bought them a few things, which I really want back because they are valuable items to me.
What makes me angry also is in the message they stated, "Please let me know your PayPal or Zelle and I'll pay ya back for the movie tickets, and If you want to talk more, I'll be off work around 9/10 or so and I can call if you want me to. Just let me know." Well, I replied to them saying yes to talk on the phone more about all this, that I want the stuff I bought them and that I don't want the back massager tool they let me borrow due to me having some tension in my back here and there. After replying to them, I haven't heard a single thing from them, never chatted on the phone and they even know and would tell me that they understand the struggle I have with anxiety, so for them to just dump a long message, that is somewhat confusing to me, really makes me anxious. I noticed that they deleted me on Facebook (which was our main area of communication), and now my messages to them arent delivering.
Since I haven't heard anything from them, I'm at the point of thinking about messaging their roommate to let the person know that I want my things back and i will give them the massager tool back, I've also considered on dropping the massager on their doorstep and putting a letter in their mailbox about giving my stuff back. I honestly don't want things to escalate into something more , but I just want my stuff back and to just move on from this person. I really thought this person was going to be good to be hanging around for my mental health, since last year, I had a few tramatic events happen. If you've gotten this far, I really appriecate you reading this!
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2022.01.26 19:40 donaljb06 Just dawned on me that this one cameo from FreeGuy is the really the only megaman relating thing we had got in years up until the Monster Hunter Rise crossover

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2022.01.26 19:40 jobsinanywhere Chris Noth REUNITES with wife Tara for the first time after sexual assault allegations

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2022.01.26 19:40 gooner1111123 If this sub ever gets featured on GB News which mod is gonna do the deed?

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2022.01.26 19:40 StoniestLine04 I think my Regis contract is bugged

So I'm relatively new to Gwent I've only had it for a few weeks but I managed to reach rank 4 and progress in the journey enough I thought It was worth buying. I am currently grinding the Regis skin contracts but the "ominous stare" contract I believe is bugged. I reached the "play 60 games" tier but it says I only have 19/60 which sounds like a minor inconvenience except the season is almost over and I am trying to unlock the cardback. This may even be intentional I honestly don't know, Any advice is appreciated.
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2022.01.26 19:40 AMartin56 Is there any viable Halo Multiplayer tactic other than just hunting in packs?

I matter what team based mode I play it seems like the team that more effectively sticks together is going to win. It's getting a bit stale. You would think grenades would deter bunching up a bit but even a few well placed ones seem to barely scratch a cluster of enemies before they drop you.
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2022.01.26 19:40 yourfriend_al what's your response to "where's my hug at?"

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2022.01.26 19:40 yuqqwechat 紫光集团被曝终止两个大型存储芯片项目 展锐也将出现人事变局?

在海思逐步退出手机芯片市场后,紫光展锐被视为前者的接棒者,这两年市场份额增长明显。Strategy Analytics手机元件技术服务副总监Sravan Kundojjala告诉观察者网,紫光展锐的智能手机处理器出货量在2021年第三季度增长74%,排名全球第四,但大部分出货量集中在3G、4G领域和中低端市场,5G芯片占比不到1%。
日媒援引的政府文件和知情人士称,紫光集团终止的第二个芯片项目位于四川成都。该公司原本计划投资240亿美元(约合人民币1500亿元)在成都建设一座3D NAND闪存芯片(一种非易失性存储器)工厂。有所谓消息人士称,紫光集团曾希望成都项目能复制武汉长江存储的成功。目前,长江存储已经成为国产闪存芯片的代表性厂商,技术已逐渐追上主流厂商,但全球市场份额仍相当低(截至2020年末约为1%),市场主导权仍然在美日韩厂商手中。
智路建广联合体所持紫光集团股份的具体情况尚不清楚。调研机构Gartner资深半导体分析师Roger Sheng表示,与紫光集团早期的支持者相比,智路建广联合体被视为拥有更好的商业和政治关系,而且在海外收购资产方面拥有不少成功经验。他还指出,紫光集团的债务危机已经结束,随着新的投资者入局,可能会出现很多人事重组和变化,所以之前和地方政府达成的协议也需要重新审查和调整。
紫光展锐的支柱业务是设计手机处理器,在海思因芯片无法代工而逐步退出手机市场后,展锐也被市场视为国产手机芯片的希望。近期,紫光展锐向观察者网提供的一份财务数据显示,该公司2021年营收为117亿元,同比增长78%。其中,消费电子业务收入同比增长超过60%,工业电子收入同比增长超过120%。 紫光展锐方面向观察者网表示,按TRENDFORCE全球Fabless(纯设计公司) Top10前三季度排名预估,年营收超16.8亿美元,即有望进入2021年度榜单,该公司营收117亿人民币约18.3亿美元,或将上榜2021年全球Fabless Top10。
紫光展锐2018年由展讯通信和锐迪科合并而来,该公司CEO楚庆是海思无线手机和基站芯片团队的创办人。近些年展锐在全球智能机芯片市场进步明显,此前在2018年、2019年占比较小,被计入“others”, 2020年开始被单独统计,市占率为4%,2021年第二季度增长翻番,达8.4%,第三季度进一步提升至10%。 从过去一年的市场行情来看,展锐此次营收高涨,除自身技术积累外,也离不开当前半导体市场上行周期的帮助。事实上,缺芯阴霾笼罩去年一年,多家半导体大厂多次宣告涨价,展锐也不例外。2021年,紫光展锐两次公告调价,且以消费电子产品中的智能机产品线涨价最为剧烈。
量价齐升,紫光展锐在手机芯片市场上高歌猛进,但该公司产品目前仍集中在4G领域和中低端市场,5G市场仍未完全打开局面。市场调研机构CINNO Research向观察者网提供的数据显示,在中国5G智能机SoC市场中,2021年11月紫光展锐市场占比仅为0.07%,其最优市场表现是在2021年7月占比约为0.6%。 就在上个月,高通新品处理器被小米、联想争抢首发的现象令人印象深刻,但产品被主流品牌争抢的“盛况”尚未出现在紫光展锐身上,即便该公司已经推出台积电代工的6nm先进工艺的产品。
CINNO Research分析师向观察者网指出,紫光展锐在产品力上与高通,联发科等仍有差距。其中,联发科提供的Total Solution(完整解决方案)服务模式,可以降低厂商研发成本,使其SoC产品服务更加完善。另一方面,供应主流智能机机型,紫光展锐在晶圆产能获取方面也需要有一定的保证,同时主流厂商试错成本高,产品投放后,一旦处理器出现瑕疵将对品牌产生较大负面形象,因此主流品牌不会贸然选择展锐处理器。
Strategy Analytics手机元件技术服务副总监Sravan Kundojjala则向观察者网表示,紫光展锐基于6nm工艺的5G手机处理器在中端市场上与联发科相比更具有竞争力,该公司有望凭借该芯片获得荣耀、Realme、联想和三星等公司的订单,我们预计展锐将在2023-24年逐步向高端市场进军。为了在高端市场竞争,该公司需要在新工艺技术、5G基带和定制Arm CPU内核方面投入巨资。
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2022.01.26 19:40 Ok_Ratio3439 Excuse me for describing my photo with: Ferrari FXX K EVO asleep. I apologise.

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2022.01.26 19:40 Disastrous-Nebula463 Why are PDF files still required now that HTML (yet alone quirks-mode) are gone? Every mobile device has been XHTML only or XHTML + strict HTML4 without quirks-mode, meaning that every webpage should look the same in every browser, unless you manually zoom in/out or override something. r/XHTML=404

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2022.01.26 19:40 StabMyselfInTheEars False Pride

Dear Tinies, You little bastards. Always walking across the street with looking and causing major accidents. Killing numerous victims. Not including all the victims from the domino effect. I can't take my eyes off the monitor without the fear of dying before I look back a second later. It's like a thunderbolt from heaven zapped me right in my tracks. Always acting like you're lost. Sometimes you will even act like a fake bot. I make a lot of videos and have to relive the pain of the crash. Scaring me for LIFE. All my friends and teammates are terrified of you. Running around Slither town spreading fear. Leaderboard snakes run to the north to avoid you. They think they are safe, but their not. It's just an illusion. Most of the time I will be boosting and all of a sudden, i'm road kill. Like some dang ninja. POOF. When I say my prayers before I start playing Slither. I ask Jesus to kill all of you before you kill me. To keep you all on the other side of the map. But apparently Jesus has more important prayers to attend to. I work so hard to get so big. All you do is click 'Play' and the skies turn to black and the doors to worm heaven open. If there was a bell for every time a tiny killed a big snake. It would sound like the bells being rung by the salvation army employee outside of Walmart before Christmas. There are days I just wanna run around and kill every single tiny on the map. But I can't play this game like that. It would feel like fighting a bot storm. You would just keep coming back. So, all I can do now is cry myself to sleep. Because of all the work I accomplished everyday, GONE, Poof, Vanished. Dreams destroyed by the tip of an invisible unicorn. When will you get big, so I can walk in front of you? Somebody have a tissue? I'm having a nervous breakdown rn. I need professional help cause of you little turds! Anybody outside my circle feel this way?
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2022.01.26 19:40 payprincessbelle let me take over your life @urprincessbelle

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2022.01.26 19:40 Lonely-Lingonberry73 Dont know if this has already been shared here but if not yall are welcome.

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2022.01.26 19:40 2400rock Does anyone remember the hotkey combos to bypass required registration fields?

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2022.01.26 19:40 Mandalf_the_Blue People of Reddit who decided to go back to school later in their life 30+, do you regret it and if so, why?

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2022.01.26 19:40 ChanoArdent75 HÜSKER DÜ - "Find Me" (1985)

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2022.01.26 19:40 HyperionLoaderBob Raspberry and White Chocolate Cheesecake for my Brothers Nikkah!

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2022.01.26 19:40 NeitherArugula Feelings of anxiety during the time in between apps & starting law school (unrelated to admissions decisions)… anyone else feeling this way?

Ever since I finished the LSAT and submitted my apps I’ve been experiencing feelings of anxiety mostly related to emptiness + a lack of purpose during this time. I went straight into LSAT studying/application prep after graduating undergrad, and after a few weeks of doing nothing after hitting the last submit button I got a part-time serving job just to fill the time because I couldn’t stand not having anything to do. 6 months later and I’m still feeling incredibly anxious, despite pretty much knowing where I’ll be going to law school come August.
I’m disappointed in myself because I know that one day I’ll look back on this time and wish that I would have appreciated this chance to relax and veg out. But I find that I’m looking forward so much to starting law school just so that I’ll have a sense of purpose and productivity again. I feel so anxious knowing that I have 6 more months in this strange interim period.
Is anyone else experiencing similar feelings? If so, how are you dealing with them?
I do my best to fill my time with things that make me feel good, like being active and spending time with friends and family. But I still can’t help but feel like the whole world around me is pushing forward while I’m just stagnant. I know this isn’t forever, but I wish I could find a way to enjoy this time more and be more present.
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