Weight loss hacks!! Guaranteed resultssss

2022.01.26 20:11 blingzprenuer Weight loss hacks!! Guaranteed resultssss

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2022.01.26 20:11 kharma45 Translink reveals when contactless payments will start on buses

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2022.01.26 20:11 Bob_The_Pufferfish [Day - 10] How's your day going?

Bonus question: what's your favorite game to play? (Assuming you play them)
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2022.01.26 20:11 DramaLlamaBear 2017 in Canada going in for battery swap tomorrow!

Just a small update for those I'm Canada.
Mine is a 2017 premier wjth approx. 45xxx kms. Charged regularly and with hilltop reserve on. Only fully charged if needed and rarely drained below 20%.
Got original software update in the summer.
Got the update that allowed me to park indoors in mid December.
Literally 5 days after getting the 2nd update, I saw a post here saying some more 2017's had flipped over so I checked and sure enough mine had.
Called the same dealership that handled my software updates and they ordered me a battery on Dec.22nd.
Battery arrived less than a month later on Jan.18th.
Good luck to the rest of you! They said my swap could be done the same day if everything goes smooth, but they're giving me a loaner either way. Shout out to Richmond Dueck, they've got a super professional customer service team that has been very friendly and helpful for all my problems so far.
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2022.01.26 20:11 juanmara56 I am not able to recognize whose statue this is, does anyone know?

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2022.01.26 20:11 Jolly_Construction84 Regice 1329 6314 0299

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2022.01.26 20:11 SpacePickle_TFTNW TFTNW - KITTY KITTY #02 THE TWISTED HEIST (3/3)

KITTY KITTY: Join sassy space cat Lee and his Desert Eagle-toting, soda-swigging human partner, Ali, in a future stuck in the late 80s/early 90s. Board the dynamic duo’s ship, the mythical Kitty, as they bounty-hunt their way through a dystopian solar system—so lock and load, and shout Cowabunga! because it’s crime-fightin’ time!
ROYAL ROAD LINK - Previous chapter
“Sorry guys, but I’ll handle the rest,” we heard as Meera, alias Zéphyr, smiled at us through the armored glass just before leaving the cockpit by the driver’s door.
We heard a clack. The doors and portholes of the taxicab were locked. Ali and I were now trapped in the back with the two flatlined and most wanted criminals on the ship.
“That doesn’t bode well,” I said.
“What a fucking piece of shit! Lee? Do you have a plan? I think the windows are bulletproof. I don’t feel like testing. Especially if it’s bouncing around with us inside, we’ll be turned into ground beef!”
“Did you forget who I am, my dear?”
I crawled under the seat, between a pair of Méduse shoes and half nibbled fried rat wings. It was time to demonstrate all my infiltration skills learned from Ninja Gaiden. Unfortunately, both the crab and the duck slowed me down and my belly remained for a few seconds stuck under the driver’s seat with my head on the brake pedal. How outrageous!
From the porthole, I saw Ali watching what was happening in front of us, near the ship. Our eyes met for a brief moment and I could read on her lips: “diet kibble.”
“Better off dead!” I shouted while my paw finally reached the bottom of the dashboard, activating the mechanical opening of both doors and windows; as well as the loudest horn in this known dimension.
My sapiens immediately jumped outside, pointing her gun to Zéphyr. Surprised by the thunderous din, her target pivoted towards us, uncovered; turning her back to the human with the magnificent chin, who yelled: “What in the whole universe—wait! You brought us hunters? You were planning to double-cross us!”
The man shouted and his ZeG-4 produced a rain of bullets. It first hit the taxicab’s windshield, passing through the conductor compartment where I was. The rounds bent the armored glass, but it held. This wasn’t the case for the hood protecting the engine and the reservoir full of coolant which ended up covering the seat and my face. Fortunately, the sticky alcohol allowed me to escape from this trap and graciously jump out of the vehicle thanks to the window I had previously opened.
I was outside and free. But, once again, a fire ring enveloped the ZeG-4’s cannon. “Oh dear… This is how I die…” It was too late. Perched on the rearview mirror, I couldn’t dodge anything. I meowed before closing my eyes.
Violently tackled, I hit the ground just before bullets obliterated the hood of the taxicab. Zéphyr had saved me at the last moment. Other projectiles ricocheted off the metal money drawers on the floor and got lost in the ceiling, activating the fire sprinklers. This incident triggered a silent light alarm throughout the hangar while the mobster prepared a new salvo.
“Don’t hurt my pilot, you narbo!” roared my partner.
Ali, this time taken as a target, retaliated. She fired a single shot towards the rascal with formidable precision. No one could handle a heavy gun like her. She was my human. She was the best in her field: murder. And I taught her almost everything.
The leader of the robbers tried to reload the magazine of his weapon, unaware that his heart had been punctured a few seconds before. Adrenaline was doing its job, but his pressure dropped and the bloodstream no longer reached the brain sufficiently. He was already in a coma when his shoulders touched the ground. Luckier than the average Joe, he died a few seconds later.
“You folks, alright?” My voice was trembling, still in shock from this disaster. I was wet and frozen.
Zéphyr got up with difficulty. Next to us, one of the metal drawers was opened, revealing wads of green bills and a much stranger booty: an eight-inch gold diskette with suspicious Chinese symbols. Well… I couldn’t read them but Chinese symbols on stuff are always suspect, aren’t they?
Yet there were more important matters. Because, on the other hand, my partner has stayed on the ground. Blood was dripping from her black suit and mixed with the clear firefighting fluid that was falling like an endless rain. I tried to talk to her again but my voice was lost in a groan.
“Why are you whining, you big baby? It’s just blood.” With her nose’s tip in a red puddle, my sapiens smiled at me. Her left hand was compressing her left hip. It wasn’t that bad after all but she had scared me. And that deserved a scratch on the wrist that made her scream: “What the fuck?”
“And the medical expenses? Have you thought about the bill? We don’t have insurance!”
“God, Uncle Scrooge! I hate you!”
“We won’t be able to fix the Kitty with your heroic outbursts!” I grunted to mask my joy of seeing her in one piece.
“I will kill you, Muppet! I almost died! I don’t give a fuck about your rusty can which flies like a brick!”
It was true that we hadn’t had a fight for a long time.
“Guys—” intervened Zéphyr.
“What?” we said simultaneously.
“These three ruffians had planned to steal the diskette drive from me once I got back. I needed a hand, so… thank you… I guess.”
“You’re welcome, asshole!” my human dryly answered while sitting. “But you’d better run now…”
“What? Wait!” Although our transvestite driver saved me, I didn’t share the same ‘kindness’. “We’re not letting her go! Do you understand who she is?”
Zéphyr, known as the Data Maiden. This androgynous cyborg was a breakout prodigy wanted throughout the entire system for her link with the Data Brokers’ Guild. With an incredible bounty of C$800,000, she or he… whatever—as advanced cyborgs and other post-humans got rid of any sexual affiliation a long time ago—was the Knight of the Brokers’ chessboard. To be honest, I thought she was an urban legend.
“We had enough for today,” Ali declared. “Unless—” She winced in pain. “—unless you hope to go after her with these big fat guts of yours.”
“By the 79 moons of Jupiter! You shall pay for this, woman!” I meowed. My ears were backwards and my hairs spiky. But soaking wet, it just made Ali and Zéphyr laugh. Disgrace!
“He’s so cute when he’s furious,” the thief joked. On her knees, the night-skinned androgynous thief was blotting Ali’s wound with a torn piece of fabric from her driver’s uniform. “But more seriously, yes—I need to go. With the bounty, you’ll be able to repair your vessel. As for the hospital fees, I will contact a good friend who will take care of you for free. She’s the ship’s chief medical officer.”
“Thank you,” I replied as she tried to help my partner get back on her feet before this one refused.
“It’s the least I can do, furry ball. I wasn’t interested in money. More important information is contained in this,” she said while picking up the floppy disk.
The golden diskette that Zéphyr was then shaking to dry it off must have been worth a lot of cash for her to play a taxicab driver to ensure coverage. Of course, I had perceived that something was fishy. Ali may be the steroids-grown muscles but I was the gray matter.
Halfway to her Swift-0, Zéphyr stopped, looking down. “There was nothing personal, you know. We’re all just trying to make our way. The best we can.” And she ultimately left after adding: “Maybe we’ll see each other again! You seem like fun.”
Before fleeing away, the Data Maiden abandoned one of the boxes near the criminal’s corpse. Thus, she validated the theory of a robbery that had gone wrong. When the security arrived a few minutes later, we were the heroes of the day. And with a small bribe, nobody cared about Zéphyr’s missing ship.
This whole story surely left a bitter taste in our mouth. A feeling of defeat and humiliation the swimming pool under the warm synthetic sun couldn’t make disappear, even a week after. This experience painfully reminded me that you can never trust cyborgs. It has something to do with the synthetic optics. Truth and lies hide in the human eyes; windows to the soul. This trick saved my life in the past. But with an enhanced being as sophisticated as the Data Maiden, it was like staring at a dangerous one-way glass.
“She undoubtedly played us like rookies, with her little face of a young innocent girl in distress,” I said to Ali right after the end of the daily Bret Maverick featuring a bank robbery. This old show was dispensed on a couple of giant screens suspended by drones.
Until then, Ali was sulking on her deckchair; with a brick of sour juice stuck between her breasts and a pair of straws between her teeth. Only inaudible grunts emanated from her mouth since the departure of the sexually unclassifiable mugger. “I wonder what information this fucking yegg could have been looking for in that casino,” my human finally mumbled as she squeaked her rainbow flip-flops.
“Admit it. That’s not really what puts you in such a state…” I answered, seated on my motorized buoy; a prize from my diet kibbles’ package.
“Duh!” this dormant volcano exploded, spitting out her plastic straws with infinite curls. “Because of this story, I’ll have nasty tan marks with these bandages! This is a nightmare, Lee! A nightmare!”
I chuckled as my buoy slowly slipped towards the ledge. I closed my eyes as the pre-recorded sound of the waves crushing on some forgotten rocky shores lulled me before a roller-skating waitress came to bring us our Blizzard milkshake.
“I swear that if we run into that ‘borg again, I’ll smack her fucking angel face,” Ali finally concluded, biting her plastic spoon.
Back to business!
The Future That Never Was is an extended universe where Mars was terraformed before the Beatles sang Penny Lane, the Soviets colonized the asteroid belt and pirates plunder Saturn's rings. In this alternate space age, humankind couldn't dream of a brighter future. Alas, the minute Earth turned into a nuclear wasteland, shadows already conspired from the heart of the Moon to the mysterious Planet Nine—and maybe beyond...
Read on Royal Road
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2022.01.26 20:11 No_Faithlessness9151 Elin Thurgood on Twitter

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2022.01.26 20:11 xxxEroticGoddessxx Find Your Secret Affair Today

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2022.01.26 20:10 0ranssi Improve effortlessness (if you want)!

The acceleration of diversity is relentless, because everyone appreciates something very much, since lots of births and departures happen, “something” is the most appreciated.
A bird thinks like a bird, and a stone thinks like a stone. How can I infer such things if they are so different? I could be wrong but I’m entitled to it. In the same way, all the differences are similar in the absence of their substance.
This is the essence of Wholeness. The Nothing that fills itself, always, in its own way. There is nothing to chase. You are Whole as you are.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=77v7tF9LnZk (audiobook)
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2022.01.26 20:10 garthosaurus I fried my rtx2060 after 1 year in my 7 year old rig, is it a good time to update yet? Once I do, my nephews can fight this rig with its gtx970 lol.

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2022.01.26 20:10 ohhfaceless Looking for some feedback on this beat 👋🏻

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2022.01.26 20:10 based-femboi Dear Mother, dear Father, you've clipped my wings before I learned to fly

Unspoiled, unspoken, I've outgrown that fucking lullaby
Same thing I've always heard from you, "do as I say, not as I do"
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2022.01.26 20:10 gmv_2000 No joke, I don't know anything about cuphead other than than cuphead and mugman fighting.... things... in an old cartoon. Is there a story i need to know?

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2022.01.26 20:10 asseatingvolcano Found another bed bug, on my bed this time

Alright, i’m back with some news. I found another bed beg on my bed. What should I do? The exterminator is coming Friday, but should I throw my entire bed out?
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2022.01.26 20:10 djajfjakdbajzhs Aced Amazon New Grad OA

I passed 30/30 test cases for Amazon's new grad OA1 (both optimal). Is that good enough to get 1x30? Any tips for OA2? How much of it is debugging/technical and how much of it is LP-related
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2022.01.26 20:10 bbschoes What did you find out about a regular client/customer that blew your mind?

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2022.01.26 20:10 Arkhamgel Remember Hoppy, the neigborhood kitty ? He picked a comfy looking bag and graced my uni (and my table !) with his presence at naptime

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2022.01.26 20:10 Public_Blackberry334 Barstool Pizza Review - Fantini's New Haven Style Apizza (Stuart, FL)

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2022.01.26 20:10 metaldetectingmad Metal Detecting Beginner Gets Huge Park Haul. Beginner With The MineLab ...

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