What unconventional genre would you like to see mashed up with JRPG?

2022.01.26 21:05 RiyoDev What unconventional genre would you like to see mashed up with JRPG?

We have racing with Bahamut Lagoon which put the engine of a JRPG into the body of a racing game. I think a Rhythm or dance game would be a fun combo!
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2022.01.26 21:05 Lost_Cauliflower6944 Whoever is running the Netflix IG today needs to be fired for flirting with this toxic man😭

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2022.01.26 21:05 rtwpsom2 Really Mould King?

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2022.01.26 21:05 Sw3r (Reserve)Getting behind bomb field.

So today when i was playing reserve, i got killed by somebody who was behind the bomb field on reserve.
Its the area over the fence at heating pipe.
There are serveral mine signs and a wrecked tank. He was up on that small Hill sniping me. I was really confused cause ive never seen anyone there.
Anyone know how to get there? I tried going there as scav twice but blew up both times.
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2022.01.26 21:05 jookco Morreu - Morte : Campeão olímpico húngaro Szilvester Csollany (mestre em argolas) recusou a vacina. Parecia destinado a viver muito, mas contraiu a Covid-19 e faleceu aos 51 anos de idade. Triste! Se vacinado, a história poderia ser outra. Click link to read full story.

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2022.01.26 21:05 Clockreddit2020 What’s the first the thing that pops in your head when you hear “virtue-seeking”?

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2022.01.26 21:05 QwerteePoster [27/01/2022] Shirt Discussion - I Wasn't Made for Winter

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2022.01.26 21:05 BItchySkirt7603 I’ve had some issues with my sx4 mis firing and we decided it’s because of the fuel pump, everything I’ve seen says you have to drop the tank to access the pump and filter, just wondering if any of you have any other way to change it without dropping the tank?

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2022.01.26 21:05 GammaSmash Crossover Idea

For the next crossover event: Taco Bell. Gas sites everywhere, Quafe gets a Tropical Blast variant, and event rewards can be employee uniform parts and skins that make your ship look like a beefy 5 layer burrito.
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2022.01.26 21:05 No-Government-6326 Chromecast won't cast screen?

Hi, lately I've had some trouble with my 3rd gen chromecast. No matter what I do it simply won't cast my screen to the TV. I've checked the internet connection multiple times and it's fine, I've tried turning the chromecast on and off, I've allowed all the permissions necessary on my phone, I've tried the factory reset, and I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the Google Home app, etc.
I got the chromecast a little while back in December and have never had a problem with it. It's worked perfectly in the past. It's still technically connected though, because I can see the ambience on phone and screen, the time is there, weather, etc. But every time I hit 'cast my screen', nothing happens.
Anyone know what the issue is and how can I fix it? TIA.
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2022.01.26 21:05 QwerteePoster [27/01/2022] Shirt Discussion - Squirrel Cozy Library

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2022.01.26 21:05 DawgBloo Requesting r/Playstation5Pro - It is currently without a proper mod.

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2022.01.26 21:05 JTC734 Catching up with Olivia Cornu!

Hey everybody! I got a chance to sit down and catch up with the amazing Olivia Cornu from MAFS season 11! We talked about life after the show, dealing with the pandemic, and more! Hope you like it!
Watch on YouTube!
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2022.01.26 21:05 Snake_eyes_12 So I decided to buy my very first MacBook Pro. But… It’s an intel.

I decided to buy an intel core i7 refurbished 13 inch model from 2020. I believe that it was the last lineup of the pro 13 models to have intel. I really hope I’m not shooting myself in the foot here. I’m sure Apple will still role out updates on this model for a few years atleast. But at the same time I’m worried about third party program support. I mostly just need it for internet browsing, virtual machine usage, watching movies and videos etc. I also like to do certain art projects from time to time with photoshop and such. I’ve been using Apple products for years now iPhone, Apple Watch, TV. With an HP pc but I figured I would buy a Mac since it seems well fitting. Did I make a big mistake with this purchase?
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2022.01.26 21:05 Kracka_Jak Free like a bird

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2022.01.26 21:05 bayouth Thoughts on an “Elf 2” Spec Treatment I’ve Been Working On?

Elf 2 staring Will Ferrel as a divorced recluse, estranged from his family and teenage daughter, and drunk most of the time. Shot in the same visual tone as “Pig” or “Joker”, Elf 2 centers around Buddy the elf and his failed integration with society. With no viable talents, Buddy struggles to make ends meet. That is until his new invention - a children’s toy that bakes Christmas cookies - which climbs to the top of Amazon’s Must Buy list and pushes Buddy to learn the ropes of building and running a small empire. But does Buddy the elf actually own the intellectual properly of his cookie-making invention? Or will the Big Man shut him down before he can get started? That will be for the courts to decide!
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2022.01.26 21:05 ZadarskiDrake Just watched euthanasia take my little 3 year old man away in 10 seconds. Hardest thing I had to see. He was the best cat I could ask for. He had an undiagnosed heart condition and had fluid build up and couldn’t breathe anymore while at the vet hospital. 2018-2022 🕊

Just watched euthanasia take my little 3 year old man away in 10 seconds. Hardest thing I had to see. He was the best cat I could ask for. He had an undiagnosed heart condition and had fluid build up and couldn’t breathe anymore while at the vet hospital. 2018-2022 🕊 submitted by ZadarskiDrake to cats [link] [comments]

2022.01.26 21:05 QwerteePoster [27/01/2022] Shirt Discussion - yin and yang tiger dragon

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2022.01.26 21:05 MoodayTV Chinese censorship in latest patch build

MMO-Champion's datamined changes for Patch 9.2 - Build 42069 (no I'm not joking) includes some interesting "reserved" names. Here's the full list as it appears on MMO-Champion's front page today, January 26th, translated by MMO-Champ user gaaara:
BoycottBeijing (New) NoBeijing2022 (New) NoRightsNoGames (New) 发改委 (New) Development and Reform Commission 外交抵制 (New)diplomatic boycott 抵制中国 (New)boycott china 抵制冬奥 (New)boycott the Winter Olympics 抵制北京 (New)boycott beijing 政法委 (New)Politics and Law Committee 新疆人权 (New)Xinjiang Human Rights 新疆法案 (New)Xinjiang Act 新疆种族灭绝 (New)Xinjiang Genocide 新疆集中营 (New)Xinjiang concentration camp
I'm posting this here for additional visibility and awareness. I'm appalled that steps are being taken to appease a government responsible for "Xinjiang concentration camp." I really don't even know what else to say about this, but it feels really, really scummy. I can't recall a list of reserved names being datamined like this before, are there any other examples of IRL-politics that have had this impact in the game (aside from Blitzchung)?
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2022.01.26 21:05 oldskooldeano Don’t nerf, fix bugs and buff!

Nerf the Sentry gun, nerf the ranger, nerf the Bolte, nerf Sundance, nerf the AC42, nerf the PKP, nerf the nightbird, nerf all Helis. Did I leave anything out?
The fact that so many things receive a cry for ‘nerf’ actually tells you that the game is reasonably balanced. The thing that you don’t use is killing you, so people cry nerf.
That is not the answer. All of those things can be countered or dealt with, but hey you always succeed. To coin a phrase that’s ‘just how it works out sometimes’. Let people find their personal edge, the thing they like and go with it.
What we do need to bug fixes like whatever is going on with AA missiles and SOFLAM lock right now, fix crashes and improve performance. Then buff specialists like Rao and Paik. She got nerf hammered before the game even came out and her ability is a bit weak to be honest.
So yeah, no knee jerk nerfs before essential bug fixing and improvement to weak areas of the game.
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2022.01.26 21:05 RestrictedXcess Far Cry 6 Playthrough Part 2

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2022.01.26 21:05 TransportationCool82 "Staying alive staying alive...high high high high...STAYIN' AliveeeeeeeeeiiiiiiiiEVEEEE"

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2022.01.26 21:05 92Skittles If people stopped using the N word like it's just another word in the vocabulary, the word would die out pretty easily.

If people just stopped slinging around the slur like they don't care, then complaining when others do it, the word would be dead by now. Damn near 100% of the time I hear the word it's used in a non-derogatory way and coming most from someone of color. I don't understand why we can't just stop using the word and just let it become something of the past?
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2022.01.26 21:05 lavendarabyss Just noticed this, pick up anytime between 12am and 5pm lol, why does Rover let owners do this? Makes scheduling so difficult. (Maybe an error but this isn’t the first time I’ve been given a crazy huge time range.)

Just noticed this, pick up anytime between 12am and 5pm lol, why does Rover let owners do this? Makes scheduling so difficult. (Maybe an error but this isn’t the first time I’ve been given a crazy huge time range.) submitted by lavendarabyss to RoverPetSitting [link] [comments]

2022.01.26 21:05 Forward-Speaker-5979 So...the Masseys are from the Great Empire of the Dawn too.

Very often and for many years now, there is the theory that Hightowers and Daynes are houses founded by people from tGEotD. And tbh, I agree with these theories too, but there is another house that makes sense to be from Dawn, House Massey.
The house is an ancient house, founded by Maldon Massey (vassal of the Storm King Durran the Ravenfriend, so pretty early on). Their seat's name is Stonedance and their sigil is a triple spiral; red, green and blue, on white.

The Velaryons of Driftmark were sworn to House Targaryen, as were the Celtigars of Claw Isle. From Massey’s Hook came Lord Bar Emmon of Sharp Point and Lord Massey of Stonedance, both sworn to Storm’s End, but with closer ties to Dragonstone.
This is pretty weird, but lets say that they were closer and had ties with the Targaryens, but still I find it pretty weird that they were supporting them, before the conquest. Mostly, because in the world book on many occasions, is pointed that they did't like having an overlord, let alone a King with dragons. Another thing commented in the world book and in fire&blood many times, is their ties to dragonstone.

Daemon Velaryon, Lord of the Tides, was made master of ships, in command of the royal fleet. Triston Massey, Lord of Stonedance, was named master of laws, Crispian Celtigar master of coin.
Bar Emmon is the only house that didn't get a seat in the small counsil and we don't see them again, at least not in important events. On the other side the other non-Valyrian house, Masseys are constantly in close proximity to the Targaryens with many of them having a seat in the small counsil. Lord Lucifer (also, the name) Massey, Lord of Stonedance stood for King Maegor I Targaryen, in his trial of seven and Ladies Elinda Massey, and Elinor Massey were lady-in-waiting for Rhaenyra Targaryen and a marriage candidate for King Aegon III Targaryen respectively. And this brings us to their apperance. Not only Lady Elinor was considered as a wife, but we had other women of the house considered great beauties and getting married to house Velaryon, a house that, too, had a really close bloodline, bc they tried to keep it pure for Targaryens. We know that Hightowers were married into the Targaryen tree, possibly because of their appearance and their political power, but Masseys?

The Storm King was embroiled in his own wars at the time, attempting to reconquer Massey’s Hook from its infamous pirate king, Justin Milk-Eye, whilst fending off the incursions of the Dornish king Olyvar Yronwood.
She had been a beautiful child, all men agreed, the daughter of the mighty Aethan Velaryon, Lord of the Tides, and his lady wife Alarra of House Massey. Her line was ancient, proud, and rich, her mother esteemed as a great beauty, her grandsire amongst the oldest and closest friends of Aegon the Dragon and his queens. The gods blessed Alyssa herself with the deep purple eyes and shining silvery hair of Old Valyria, and gave her charm and wit and kindness as well, and as she grew suitors flocked around her from every corner of the realm. There was never any true question of whom she would wed, however. For a girl such as her, only royalty would suffice, and in the year 22 AC she married Prince Aenys Targaryen, the unquestioned heir to the Iron Throne.
The Velaryons came from old Valyrian stock, however, and some had the same silvery hair as the dragonkings of old.
Lord Albin, with his limp and twisted back, would strike the ignorant as somehow sinister.
Ser Justin called upon her cart half a dozen times that first day, to bring her food and drink and tidings of the march. A man of easy smiles and endless japes, large and well fleshed, with pink cheeks, blue eyes, and a wind-tossed tangle of white-blond hair as pale as flax, he was a considerate gaoler, ever solicitous of his captive’s comfort.
All, in all, I don't think as a house will be, that usefull in the future. Their history is mostly to give more information and background.
Their sigil connects the three colours that we identify with the three main magical forces in our story. And Stonedance, gives us the main link that connect all forms of magic, the stone. Gemstone emperors, fused stone, the oily stone, bless him with stone, weirwoods turn to stone, the star that BS worshipped and the star that Daynes used to forge Dawn, even dragonglass is a volcanic glass you need both earth and fire since it's magmatic rock/felsic lava. Stone in our story many times is used as a way to saw us that magic is no longer there, like the dead weirwoods, the dragonglass used to kill the others, the stone eggs, but on the other side it keeps the magic still, until it's time to return. The eggs hatched, the weirwood, maybe dead, but the ravens are there, the oily stone and fused stone constractions thoughout the know world and all these stories about stone warriors and stone giants and statues turn to life when there is need.
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