2021.12.04 01:45 Yobi16 Relapse

I relapsed, again. I'll try not to not watch it again
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2021.12.04 01:45 ubdeanout December Must Arrive Later For Some Planets... Would you Ride?

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2021.12.04 01:45 CreepyMorning6445 Plummers who have pulled an unusual item out of a drain, what’s your story?

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2021.12.04 01:45 wallyrebel Tupelo burglar accidentally sends picture of his face to owner with stolen camera | Tippah News

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2021.12.04 01:45 dndndndndndnrdn brown bile

today I woke up feeling nauseous and threw up, it started off yellow bile but I kept throwing up for the next 3 hours and it gradually went brown, called doctor on call, never showed up... I'm 15 years old and I have recently been in a calorie surplus for weight gain, could this have something to do with it? I also ate right before bed last night. please let me know guys. thanks
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2021.12.04 01:45 saltybeefcurtains Just a conversation with my bestie. Ontario Canada for reference. 🤷🏻‍♀️. It’s the same here. No lies. 💕

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2021.12.04 01:45 DelanzhCook egg muffin breakfast recipe

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2021.12.04 01:45 alejour (Iktr)

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2021.12.04 01:45 thejgog Freemium | Skynet ✨ | 🇪🇺EU or 🇺🇸 US | Starts $10 | M: 14K+ T: 3K+ Anime 4K HDR10 DoVi & Remux | Requests | Extremely Fast Server | Automated Billing & Trials | Referral Discount | Trial in 30 secs

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2021.12.04 01:45 sbpotdbot NBA Daily - 12/4/21 (Saturday)

NBA Chat: | /sportsbook Rules | Sportsbook List | /sportsbook chat | General Discussion/Questions Biweekly | Futures Monthly | Models and Statistics Monthly | Podcasts Monthly |
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2021.12.04 01:45 jhawkfan44 Why is crypto tanking right now (I haven’t looked much at crypto news obviously), my balances are diving!

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2021.12.04 01:45 matt_remis 2 y/o transitioning to big girl bed, gets out and thinks it’s a game

My 2 year old is transitioning to a big girl bed from the crib. She sleeps no problem in the crib after doing TCB. But now that we converted her room into a big girl room with a twin bed, she just gets out and thinks it's a game. If we put her in her old crib in her younger sisters room, she falls asleep. If we come and lay with her until she falls asleep (15 mins to 1.5 hours), she'll stay in bed.
We have tried leaving the door open, shutting the door, incentivizing with prizes in the morning, been more stern (not mean) and some or her things. We are starting to sleep train her younger sister so the crib so no longer an option.
What should we try?
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2021.12.04 01:45 Hookup-176 Log into Facebook

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2021.12.04 01:45 razzles1672 Blue “energy” paints advice

Relatively new necron player here, looking for advice on which citadel paints to get if i wanted to get a blue energy glow? (instead of the usual green)
If anyones got any tutorials/articles they found useful for this would appreciate links for those too.
Side note- looking for a deep/royal purple paint to contrast against retributor gold- any suggestions welcome
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2021.12.04 01:45 Saferis Washing waterproof and DWR-coated garments - looking for guidance

I recently bought an Atom LT Hoody used (it was worn only a few times by its previous owner) and although I've already put it through some initial use, I decided I should at least get around to washing it. Only thing is, I've never actually washed an outerwear garment like this before.
I went to MEC and got some of that Grangers 2 in 1 water repellency return and wash. I'm actually going to my parents' place this weekend so I will use my parents' washer rather than my apartment building's communal washer because its probably cleaner. Only thing is it's a top-loader, which I've heard is not the best for this kind of stuff, so what are people's tips for making sure I don't damage the jacket in the wash?
Also I have a Patagonia waterproof shell that's seen quite a lot of use that could benefit from a wash - does the Grangers water repellency return work on waterproof or only DWR-coated garments? And is it better to wash them separately or could I wash them together?
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2021.12.04 01:45 Astro777N Artist Seattle

Hi guys, have any of you dealt with art galleries in Seattle as an artist? I am a science fiction artist writing a study of distant space, several times tried to do it online and everywhere refusal.
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2021.12.04 01:45 Evolution_Playz [no spoilers] the boss of netflix

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2021.12.04 01:45 TheSpurs48 [Roy Nemer] Cristian Romero to not be selected for Argentina in January World Cup qualifiers.

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2021.12.04 01:45 MoJMoV Is there a goldstandard? If so what is it?

I just ordered my first balisong as my brother had a balisong comb when I was a kid and he let me try it out. And years later, I've decided to try a good one out. Anyways, in these types of communities based around specific objects like this, there's often a specific a "goldstandard" brand. So I was kinda curious as to if there was any specific balisong(s) that is/are generally considered to be the best and most iconic. I'm interested to learn more about this.
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2021.12.04 01:45 River_of_styx21 The Supernatural/Scooby-do crossover is a real episode???

I thought it was a fan made parody comic or something like that. Not a real episode.
How does this show continue to surprise me?
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2021.12.04 01:45 Erinafeetpics What do you think of my tattoo?

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2021.12.04 01:45 jookco Hugh Cooney Death - Dead - Obituary News : Hugh Cooney, Irish businessman, Died at 63, Hugh Cooney passed away on October 19, 2015 from cancer, he ... Click link to read full story.

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2021.12.04 01:45 Leialove13 Found Zozo at walgreen’s today. Got home and realized she has two left feet! My first defect squish! ♥️🥺

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2021.12.04 01:45 shokusakabee Getting in the Christmas spirit….but with a slightly different touch 👀

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2021.12.04 01:45 Madridsta120 Do businesses that pay their employee in cryptocurrency pay payroll taxes?

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