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the hero is us. it is not a persons identity, it is a consquence of a persons openness to experience. there lies a little viallage in a valley surrounded by mountains. the land beyond the mountains is dark, unchartered. the people of the village are content. they simple lives and all their simple needs are met, most of the time. there are neighbouring villages a distance away. no trade happens between these villages becuase they all produce more or less the same and so there is no need to echange.
there is a young man in this village. he spends his time looking at the mountain ridges, wondering what could be there. his parents and older members of the village have told him countless times of the wild beasts that lurk beyond the darkness of the mountains. only one person had ever left the village before and had never been seen again. it was forbidden to leave, as this would mean certain death, although there was the odd rumor of something valuable in the darkness. the young man grew distant from those around him. he was tired of the stories and fear.
one dull day when everyone was indoors, the young man started walking away from the village towards the mountains. he climbed and walked, walked and climbed. all the way expecting to see a beast around the next bend. despite this fear he kept walking, and climbing. eventually after a while the young man arrived in the dark place, but it wasnt dark. it was lit, just like where his village was. it was on flat ground, just like his village was. there were no beasts, just like his village had. there was one difference though. where his village would have been there was a large pile of gold. the gold was just sitting there, free for the taking. there was no one to take, and no thing to stop him from taking it, it was just sitting there.
the young man picked up the gold he could carry and walked casually back to the village. he knew now that there was nothing to be afraid of. he had walked into the darkness only to find that it was not darkness, but light. it just appeared dark from the outside. the young man arrived at the village.the villagers were shocked and elated simultaneously. how could shuch a young man walk into the dark place and come back with so much gold. more gold than what any one villager could earn in a thousand life times.
the young man gave the gold to those around them. the portion he kept for himself was worth more than the annual output of any one village. the young man used the gold to attract others like himself from the other villages and he bought the best tools and machinery to make the higher order tools that he kew could assist the villages to all unite as one, and move foreward through the human experience at a rate that couldnt even be imagined by the average villager.
this is just a simple hero archetype merged with a simple and succinct charachter arc. this pattern is in any hero storey. the guy that feels that he is different goes where no one else has gone before and finds out that it is not only possible for him, but for everyone else. this is the value that the hero brings back from the dark place, from chaos. he brings back valuable thing that can be used by others. the most valuable thing that be brings back however, is the pattern of his being.
this is the pattern that exists in the person who is willing to go against the tide with the faith that doing so will make reality better for all other persons. these are the elon musks of the world. when catholics eat the bread and drink the wine, they are not cannabilising one of their own. they are not literally eating jesus in the hope for physical sustenance. they are embodying the pattern of jesus's being in the hope that they adopt it and become the hero.
the most important thing is the pattern. find it and program yourself with it. do great things physically, mentally, intellectually and/or spiritually. you dont need to start tesla to be the hero. you just need to not be afraid of going to the dark place when you want to. what ever the dark place represents... starting a new job, learning a new skill, trying a new activity, or just walking up to the guy or girl and introducing yourself.
you must be able to go to the dark place, and must know why it is the right thing to do.
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2021.12.04 02:33 DemUnderground SurPRISE, the Duke/Hazzard a-hole John SCHNEIDER is a Confederate a-hole wingnut. I'm embarrassed.

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2021.12.04 02:33 TeriyakiNinjaRDDT Does anyone know if the current Switch will be able to run coming Switch 2 games?

I know that it might be a bit early to tell, because news has just recently been announced. But does anyone have any information on this or at least can predict if this will be the case or not?
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2021.12.04 02:33 DemUnderground Billie Jean King Needed Hospital Approval and Husband's Signature to Get an Abortion: 'Degrading'

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2021.12.04 02:33 Auscxnt Isn't monsters sleeping while weak a free capture?

I was trying to capture the deviljho, it went to sleep while it was weakened so I used all 8 of my tranq bombs but it didn't get captured am I doing something wrong?
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2021.12.04 02:33 DemUnderground CIA Files Say Staffers Committed Sex Crimes Involving Children. They Weren't Prosecuted.

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Can someone help me. I’m sick in this.
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looking for recommendations for Chinese cook book recommendations? wanted to add a few to my wish list for family gifting. leaning more towards traditional rather than modern/fusion. thanks!
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