tkzr5 sr4r2 956h4 3kst3 d4iyk drbi6 z5ffh 9323d i37e9 z7idn 9heh5 snft3 bethk 4hbr9 e42b7 z3485 d8ahf 64ybh hdn4n 4tz68 y93hb Are these fake?? Just bought them off goat they had no box and ive never gotten fakes off goat before and cant tell if theyre just worn and used or just fakes because they look off too me |

Are these fake?? Just bought them off goat they had no box and ive never gotten fakes off goat before and cant tell if theyre just worn and used or just fakes because they look off too me

2021.12.04 02:25 Agitated_Paper_1499 Are these fake?? Just bought them off goat they had no box and ive never gotten fakes off goat before and cant tell if theyre just worn and used or just fakes because they look off too me

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2021.12.04 02:25 SheriffHeckTate Dining Recommendations in Nashville

Mods if this isn't allowed please delete, sorry.
My wife and I are making a trip to Nashville, TN this coming Monday- Tuesday and we would like some recommendations on must try places. We like a wide variety of things and like to try new things and local places whenever we leave our small rural town.
We figure you lot are probably more reliable than your average Yelp reviewer, so please. Any suggestions? Feel free to pimp your own place, too.
Alternatively, are there any places you would recommend we avoid altogether? Whether that be bad food, bad service, or bad management/owner?
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2021.12.04 02:25 Jolly_Industry_254 Can someone just cum tribute her for she's just asking for it

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2021.12.04 02:25 Picklerage SJ NIMBYs

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2021.12.04 02:25 West-Captain-4875 How do you change what alcohol your rackets produce in new update

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2021.12.04 02:25 sixvi6 Yakface on instagram - photo credited in caption to wanwangee.

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2021.12.04 02:25 machinesnow_ God I wish night was darker in infinite it looks like every other games "day time with a blue filter" it's especially weird given the return of the flashlight

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2021.12.04 02:25 Empty_Performance_69 Sticker | MVP

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2021.12.04 02:25 OSRS_IN_2017_LUL Factory went from a fun war-zone in early 2020 to a boring KS-23 angle-holding simulator now

Out of all the maps in Tarkov, it feels like Factory has seen the most negative shifts in gameplay, next to Labs.
Factory started off as a 6-player warzone seeing pretty damn good gun variety amongst players.
BSG at some point in 2020, for some reason, reduced the player count to 5, resulting in less action in a map that was known for quick, reliable action.
The grenade launcher made an appearance shortly after which really started the downfall of PvP in Factory.
Queue the KS-23, which, on release, was nothing but people running around flashing and meleeing each other on Factory and it took too long for some sort of nerf to come along. Definitely one of the most cancerous eras of Factory's existence.
The KS-23 was moved to Prapor LL3, flash rounds were made harder to obtain, and the gun's ergo was decreased by a measly 6 (39 > 33). Shrap rounds are untouched as far as I know.
The Factory expansion released this year and the player count was bumped up back to its original six. Any expansion of some sort sounds good on paper, but only made the PvP worse in Factory's case.
Blunt damage was increased a few months ago, making the KS-23 even more of a powerhouse than it already was, even if just a bit.
Today, a good amount of Factory lobbies are still riddled with the KS-23 and its famous Shrap-10. Seems like even the higher level players have hopped on the "cant beat em, join em" boat. As someone who used to be a huge Factory fanatic back in the day, it hurts to see how the map has went from an intense war-zone where people ran it down, to its near anti-fun levels today where holding angles with a one-tap 45k gun is basically meta.
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2021.12.04 02:25 TimeCrackersDev DISNEY RUINED IT

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2021.12.04 02:25 mistermagnificent_ I’ve been a homicide detective for fifteen years, I’ve never seen a case like this…

My cellphone rang so loud it nearly dropped off the table, and the night before of booze and partying, gave me such a splintering headache that I almost considered an aspirin in the shape of a bullet. "Hello?" I answered groggily, "Mcginley, there's been a murder on I-15, get here asap!" I strutted around my apartment for a couple of minutes, throwing my outfit together. I reaked of beer and shaving cream, I was already getting a call back from the LT by the time I got my dog shit covered boots on. The car ride up was a bumpy ride, I nearly passed out in the driver's seat. I arrived on I-15 around five in the morning, it was dark out so I could barely see the faces of my co-workers. "Mcginley, where have you been? I've been calling you for thirty minutes!" Said Lutenite James Myers. "I know, I had to put my phone on vibrate" I answered back, I could see in his balding head that his veins were pulsating with anger. "You're lucky you're a damn good detective, otherwise I would have fired your ass a long time ago!" He yelled, i swear I could see steam coming out of his ear. "Woah there, LT gotta watch your blood pressure, you don't want to blow a casket do you?" I answered back. "Quit being a smartass and get to work!" He lumbered off to tell surfers and other civilians to stay on the other side of the police tape, "what have we got?" I asked the blood spatter analyst. "Emily towens, Female, around thirty five years of age, blonde, about 5'7' cause of death, definitely this" he lifted the woman's shirt to reveal several lacerations that left her ribcage and organs exposed. "Thanks dexter, I'll ask if there were any witnesses" I said "that's not all" he said, I paused. "Look" he turned her head to face me, she was smiling like the Cheshire cat, and her eyes were wide open, it looked like she didn't have eyelids. "What the hell?" I said, the womans eyes then looked right at me, and she began to laugh. "What in God's name is happening here?" Asked the lutenite, who was now standing beside me with his mouth a gape. "I thought you said she was dead!" I yelled at dexter, "she is, or at least she doesn't have a pulse!" He yelled back. Someone from the crowd screamed and began to cry, it was an older woman wearing a cross on her necklace. "She's the victims mother" said lutenite Myers. I walked over to her, the womans eyes still following me with every step I took. Still laughing. "Ma'am?" She looked at me, with tears in her eyes "I'm detective Cooper Mcginley, I'm sorry about your daughter." She looked away and started muttering something under her breath in a different language. "Ma'am, do you know of any reason, that someone may have wanted to do this to your daughter?" I asked. Her face straightened out to a serious demeanor as she turned to face me once more. "el doctor de la piel" she said, she then turned and left the scene "ma'am, wait" I said "let her go, she just lost her daughter" said the LT who was now standing on my left. "What did she say?" Asked Dexter as I walked back on to the crime scene, "she said el doctor de la piel, whatever that means" I said. His brow furrowed, "the skin doctor" he said, lutenite Myers chimed in "what the fu-" "Daddy you're not supposed to swear!" Said the voice of a little girl from somewhere in the crowd, it was the lutenites daughter. "Mia, what are you doing here?" Asked the lutenite, "I'm sorry james she was worried about you, she wanted to see you" said Donna Myers, the lutenites wife. "It's okay, I just don't want her seeing this.... mess, please get her back home" he said. Donna rushed off with Mia, waving at everyone over Donna's shoulder. "Cooper, I need you in tip top shape for this case, we've gotten reports of stuff like this all over the city." Said lutenite Myers, "I haven't gotten nearly enough sleep LT" I said. He looked me in the eyes "fine, take some time to sober up, then report to me first thing tomorrow morning!" That night sleep didn't come easily, I went in and out of conciousness, having nightmares about that dead woman laughing at me, and needing to piss out all the alchohol that had been run through my system the night before. My morning routine was cut short with the case becoming my main priority. The afternoon was filled with me looking at similar scenes as the one last night, the LT was right, all over the town people were found dead, all missing a good sized portion of flesh, and all staring and smiling and of course laughing. As weeks passed, with still no lead to the case, I came to a realization and whipped out my phone, I had to search my contacts for a lot longer then what was considered safe while driving. Eventually as I got honked at by a passing car I was able to dial Dexter's cell, "dexter here" he said "hey dexter it's Cooper I just thought about something, how long after the heart stops does the brain remain active?" There was a pause "I mean I'm just the blood guy Mcginley, but luckily I'm at the morg so someone here might know, why?" He asked "I'll tell you once I have my answer" I said. There was another pause then Dexter's voice resurfaced, "hugh says about seven minutes" I slammed on my breaks, "call the LT and get everyone to meet at the morg I'll be there in twenty." When I walked into the morg thirty plus detectives and police officers were waiting for an explanation as to why they were dragged away from they're sleep, food, and families. "Mcginley, what's this all about? My wife isn't getting any prettier" said detective Johnson, "everyone listening?" I yelled everyone stoped talking and looked at me. "Good, I just got word from hugh, our body specialist that the brain stays active after the heart stops for seven minutes" I said "yeah, so you dragged me away from my beer for that?" Asked Davis. "I know you've had many piss waters in your life Ronald, but i thought even you'd be smart enough to realize that what I'm saying is whenever we find a new body, the skin doctor as he's been named just barely got done with that scene" I said. Then it hit them, the realization that when the skin doctor had killed, we were just seven minutes behind him. "He's right" said hugh, "look she's been dead for more then a day now, and she's stopped smiling and laughing" he said pointing to Emily Towens corpse. Her face was practically putty, her eyes were finally closed and her smile was nowhere to be seen. Her skin was sunken in, she was basically a rotten pumpkin. Then the morg phone rang, everyone went silent once more and watched as dexter put it on speaker and answered, "dexter here" the other side was quite for a second "dexter, it's lutenite Myers, get your kit there's been another murder." Everyone arrived at the same time on streetwear Avenue, the victim was chained to a wall by meat hooks that latched on to chunks of skin and muscle. His body was twisted at an odd angle, like his spine had been broken, this time the skin doctor had removed every bit of skin from the ribcage down, revealing a skeletal frame that waved in the wind. Then there was the laughter and the smile. "Well, what do you think Dex? What occured here?" Asked lutenite Myers, dexter took a moment to look over the scene. "Well based on the blood, it looks like the skin doctor pushed the vic off of this building, breaking his back, so the victim couldn't fight back, then he latched the vic up and chained him to the wall using these metal hooks, after that whatever he uses to force that smile and laughter into their system, was used as you can see by the prominent little hole in the side of his neck; then he took his sample of flesh, this time being this mans lower region and dipped." Lutenite Myers sat for a minute thinking it all out, "Mcginley, what do you think?" He finally asked. "Dexter's never been wrong when it comes to these things, I trust his judgment" I said in return. The small building that overlooked the crime scene made the already dark night even darker. "I'm gonna head up top to overlook it all" I said to Myers, "there was a latter on the other side" he said. I climbed slowly, the building was old and the latter was rusted, with my a hundred and ninety five pounds I wasn't too keen on going super fast. Dexter was right the height of the building was definitely enough to break someone's back, if they fell on it right. "Anything?" Dexter yelled, "not that I can see!" I yelled back, dexter started packing up his kit, then I saw it, a few drops of blood. "Wait!" I yelled, dexter stopped packing up his things. I pulled out my pen and scraped up a sample then dropped it in a zip lock bag. The climb down was worse than the climb up, "what?" Said dexter, I handed him the bag and pen "I found some blood up there" I said. Dexter looked at the pen for a second, "how was the blood layed out?" He asked "a few droplets unevenly spaced out" I said. He sat for a minute thinking, "so our vic was chased to the roof, and pushed off, breaking his back, emobilising him, then the skin doctor kills him chains him up takes his sample of flesh and leaves, but their wasn't a trace of blood anywhere but where the vic is chained, right here where he landed, and at the top of the building." The lutenite looked back and forth between me and dexter, "yeah so?" I looked at him "if the vic was bleeding before he hit the ground we would have seen it, on the latter or on the ground, leading up to the moment of his death, so the blood on the roof, is from the doc himself." Dexter nodded, "he was wounded, but what wounded him? Cooper did you see any blunt instruments up top?" He asked. "No" I said. We all ran over to the paramedics, before they could zip up the body bag "wait, don't close that bag!" They stopped just in time, the guy was still laughing. Dexter pulled out the mans arm and opened his palm and started looking for evidence, we all saw it at the same time, he had blood under his Fingernails.
"McGinley! Wake up!" Yelled lutenite Myers. I opened my eyes to see the cup of coffee that was sitting on my desk had tipped over soaking my paperwork. "Decaf?" Asked dexter who was sitting in a computer chair behind him. "No" I answered. "Nevermind that, the blood test is back!" I was wide awake now. "Where's everyone else?" I inquired "home, most likely asleep" said Myers, I looked at the clock next to my desk to see it was two in the morning. "The blood?" Lutenite Myers was about to talk but dexter lit up with excitement and opened his mouth first, "it's a match to the blood we found under his Fingernails." Lutenite Myers gave him an annoyed look then turned back to me, "we need to use your computer all the other ones are offline" he said. I booted up my desktop and opened up our criminal records, "name?" I asked "Mike Callahan" dexter answered, the satisfying sound of keys being pressed danced its way into my ears. "He's got a record, drug trade, assault, armed robbery, rape" I said. "Throw murder on that list" said myers, "alright you two, there's no telling what he's done since last night, what's his address? Let's go nail his ass" I clicked around on my computer a bit. "Lutenite aren't you the one who always says we need to get a search warrant first?" Asked dexter, Myers looked to him "not this time." I looked up at them, "no way" "what?" Asked Myers, "he lives on I-15 right by the first murder scene" I said. The drive to His home was filled with anxiety and a lot of road rage from dexter, who for some reason was strapped in a bullet proof vest and equip with a gun. The house itself was run down, looked abandoned, and smelled like marijuana and piss; definitely the home of a drug operation. "Police, open up!" Yelled myers, nothing... "open the door Callahan, we know you're in there" I called out, nothing again... I looked to Myers, he nodded, I kicked the door off its hinges sending it into a hallway of shadows. "Callahan!" I yelled, nothing once more we all flipped on our flashlights and started going room to room. "Mcginley!" Yelled dexter, I followed the sound of his voice Into a back hallway, there was a book shelf by the back wall, some scrapes in the hardwood floor were visible to the left of it, "secret door" he said. Myers and I pushed the shelf while dexter pulled, it was heavier then expected and really tired us out but we eventually got it away from the wall to reveal the doorway, which descended into a dark basement. The smell that hit us was horrible, like animal carcasses and human excrement had been left to rot in a trash can full of wet garbage for weeks. "Jesus, what the hell is that smell?" Asked Myers "well, let's get down there and find out" I said. We all stepped cautiously to avoid the nails sticking up through the wooden steps, when we turned the corner of the cement basement, we saw what caused the rancid smell. Months old drugs, dead rats covered in bullet holes, and Mike Callahan, missing a good portion of skin from his arms, and who's head was partially bashed in accept for his upper jaw down, which was glued into a permanent smile.
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2021.12.04 02:25 Necessary_Author_308 ❄️ Christmas Floki $CFLOKI | 10% DOGE Rewards for holders 💰| Diamond Handed Community | JUST LAUNCHED! | Christmas Floki is the next big meme wave | Already 40X 🎄

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2021.12.04 02:25 VAYU3594 Sidhika Sharma

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2021.12.04 02:25 baptizedinbeer Has anyone used this beast Vivitar 292 ?

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2021.12.04 02:25 xaki23 Just finished kill team chalnath pathfinders

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2021.12.04 02:25 pocket_arsenal Modern Tamagotchi recommendations for an old timer who's only played with the classic Tamagotchis and is more used to Digimon?

Hey, I was a 90's kid that was always obsessed with cute creatures both real, plastic, and digital. I was all over Tamagotchi when the craze hit the west, but I don't think I owned any Tamagotchi models newer than a Tamagotchi Angel, I kinda drifted toward Digimon, it didn't help that commercials and marketing made them seem a lot more like a "girls toy" and those were different times and I was a self conscious kid that got a lot of shit from for liking cute things as it is.
Well I'm kind of over that now that i'm an adult recluse who can buy my own virtual pets, so I got back into the hobby, but if you saw my collection you'd think I was still in the 90's since it's all black and white LCD screen pets, tons of Digimon Ver 20th, 3 Digimon X, 3 classic Tamagotchi reprints, a Hello Kitty Tamagotchi mini, a Giga Pet AR... the only thing in my collection with a color screen is a Pocket Pikachu 2.
I've ordered a Digimon Vital Bracelet but it won't be here for a while. Digimon is my favorite line of virtual pets but I'd also like something more modern for the series that got me into virtual pets in the first place, Tamagotchi. I just don't know where to start or how different they've become. Like my favorite thing about Tamagotchi is watching them grow and change into new forms while I care for them, and I like how varied the old 90's creatures looked. And I don't mind saying that I kind of like the more simple mechanics.
Seems the most recent thing is the Smart but is that another fit-bit type virtual pet? And how does it compare to others?
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2021.12.04 02:25 prafet rik oostenbroek

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2021.12.04 02:25 v1no South African climate protestors and fishing communities continue in an attempt to stop Shell from searching for oil near marine protected areas in an area called the Wild Coast

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2021.12.04 02:25 KingFahadX I ABSOLUTELY do not understand integrals

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2021.12.04 02:25 Kyleworley Advice please

So a couple weeks ago I started to formulate a plan to propose to my girlfriend/baby momma .. I love her with all of my entire being and we got into a fight a few days ago arguing about doing thing around the house now that she has gone back to work. She has had this job for 2 months now and got it 2 months after our son was born. This argument ended in me saying that I needed help around the house because I've been doing a lot of it lately. Well I have been carrying on the stress of all the bills and everything and anything we need for the baby. So yes the stress got the better of me. She then decided that she wanted to move out and break up. She has been very cool and civil about it and I have as well but she took her bed this morning and went to live with her friend and her fiance. She said she needs space because she needs to work on herself . I have adapted to our living style and pretty much, have become really dependent on her presence. I am scared that I have lost her that I will never be back with her. She means the entire world to me and I would literally give my life for hers. Do u guys think there's a chance of her coming back Or do u think I should reach out and try and talk to her I'm just losing my mind and I'm alone in our home and ain't got nobody to talk to about it.
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2021.12.04 02:25 Complete_Plantain742 Hodl!! 💎👐

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2021.12.04 02:25 ezpups_co Sokka learning touch pads

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2021.12.04 02:25 TendieFendy Doggle just bent me over

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2021.12.04 02:25 Murderface__ What movie is responsible for 13% of your personality?

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2021.12.04 02:25 ubeknoff So close!~

I stream multiple times a week, would love to make more friends so feel free to drop by if you like ^w^
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