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so close

2021.12.04 00:50 bobwire0 so close

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2021.12.04 00:50 RajaRajaC Are we witnessing the birth of a new troll? The womanbaby bad troll? Or is it the manbaby bad troll subverting our expectations?

Thoughts? This past week has seen the disappearance of the Manbaby bad troll but the emergence of the womanbaby bad troll.
Are they the same person? Or this is a war were are witnessing between these two?
Also .. Where's period troll? On a hiatus this week.
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2021.12.04 00:50 1994miata Witch one should i get first?

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2021.12.04 00:50 AustinYaoChen Different chairs

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2021.12.04 00:50 PartOk9708 Tucson off-duty officer shoots/kills man in mobility scooter from behind.

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2021.12.04 00:50 y_TheMan_y Joseph Vandevoir and Alice Kidd wedding approx. 1941

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2021.12.04 00:50 Darkness_to_begin What do you like to do?

View Poll
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2021.12.04 00:50 LunarPeachElixer Gianni-Sol is throwing a partyyy. I'll start at about 11pm CST.

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2021.12.04 00:50 dadougler Fish friends for my shrimp tank (Emerald Dwarf Rasbora)

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2021.12.04 00:50 autumn-room This is "The Worlds Most Difficult Game".

I want you guys to play "The Worlds Most Difficult Game". This is a popular game in Japan now and it's INSANE CRAZY GAME!!! https://apps.apple.com/jp/app/id961435448?l=en https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.autumn_room.hardest&hl=en
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2021.12.04 00:50 Ok_Bank2677 File Conversion (Ex:Google Doc -> Microsoft Word)

I'm in the design phase of creating an online word processor, such as Google Doc. I need to have the ability to convert a file from my processor into a Microsoft Word file. Does anyone have any tips on the process to accomplish this? Would something such as this be hard to keep updated? If you have anymore insight on questions I should be asking, but I am not, feel free to just tell me what you know.
Thank you.

Alternative Example: If you go into Google Doc, create a file, then go to (File -> Download -> Microsoft Word). How would I do that within my own online word processor?

If anyone is interested in joining in on this project also, please feel free to make me aware
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2021.12.04 00:50 SanghVadam Another sub is looking for an anti-rug pull coin. EverRise focuses on security, should we drop a comment on the post and release the Kraken?

Link to post here: https://www.reddit.com/SatoshiStreetBets/comments/r8fcmf/tell_me_your_fav_antirug_coin/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf
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2021.12.04 00:50 Ok-Childhood-4855 Best scope for .350 legend

I hunt in wooded, hilly terrain as well as some crop fields so I’m look for the best of both worlds. This will be my first rifle gun and scope, I’ve never exactly wanted a scope since I always though with the hilly terrain and how wooded of woods I hunt it would be pointless so it was just open sights I’ve been using but trying something new
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2021.12.04 00:50 icydata Larsson's slick short side goal

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2021.12.04 00:50 EndersGame_Reviewer From a Murphy's Varnish advertising deck

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2021.12.04 00:50 davincivb6 Here's a Eye-five

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2021.12.04 00:50 AudioKeepOn Can anyone give me windflowers and roses? I can give bells! 😊

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2021.12.04 00:50 DslIs [USA-NY][H] Paypal [w] t14/nano/p1/x1 extreme

Looking for a good deal on a high end thinkpad after the end of life of my T420 Prefer if you can ship it to me in NZ if not canada or US address also available and my family can forward it to me.
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2021.12.04 00:50 rizudi 3 Howling Abysses on the Field on Turn 1 with "All Cards Cost 2 Less"

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2021.12.04 00:50 sorcererlover Empty field, Opponent activates Dark hole, is it better to summon Topologic Zeroboros or Topologic Bomber Dragon? (Link Evolution)

(Link Evolution)
My field is I:P Masqurena + 2700 attack Doublebyte Dragon + 1 V-LAN Token My GY is a Linkuriboh and a Omni Dragon Brotaur In my hand is Avida, Rebuilder of Worlds.
On my opponent's turn I can bring out Topologic Zeroboros via I:P Masquerena, and then summon Linkuriboh to wipe the field as a disruption.
If my opponent uses Dark Hole, same thing and my Zeroboros survives thanks to Masquerena's effect. And thanks to Omni Dragon Brotaur I still can summon Linkuriboh to trigger his effect.
But then I noticed Bomber Dragon has its perks too.

  1. His effect is not limited to once per turn. So unlike Zeroboros, extenders aren't gonna save my opponent.
  2. He's a body on the field where as Zeroboros leaves me literally wide open.
  3. I can trigger his effect more easily on my turn and deal 3000 damage. Zeroboros requires more resources (a link-1 monster and a special summon) and I can't deal damage that turn because he's gone.
  4. I get to keep Masquerena's destruction immunity. Zeroboros does not because he leaves the field.
But then I noticed he has his downsides
  1. No backrow removal. So if there is backrow Zeroboros is 100% superior.
  2. Extra Deck Monster Zone is untouched. So my opponent can Link Climb his way to a stronger monster without triggering Bomber Dragon's effect.
  3. Destruction immunity is quite common.
Ok so the scenario is this. My opponent's field is empty. He activates Dark Hole. I have no idea what his deck does.
Is it better to go Bomber Dragon or Zeroboros?
One school of thought is Bomber Dragon because if he does get a stronger guy onto the extra monster zone, I can use Linkuriboh to save his ass, try to prevent it from happening, or just take the hit and have Avida clean up next turn. And because he's a body on the field. With extenders my opponent can OTK me while Zeroboros is banished, but with Bomber Dragon he'll have a slightly harder time.
The other school of thought is that Avida is vulnerable to backrow and Zeroboros wipes traps before my opponent can activate it. But counterpoint is I will most likely have to trigger Zeroboros's effect while his backrow is empty to prevent my opponent from summoning a negate monster. On the other, other hand if my opponent is field spell reliant, i'll get more mileage from my disruption.
I'm leaning towards Bomber Dragon. What about you?
side note: If you want to suggest another monster other than these two that's fine but no Avramax. Obviously my deck is casual and I don't like Avramax because he looks like a shoujo manga protagonist. I don't like Shoujo manga protagonists.
side note2: Other link-4 or link-3 monsters are fine. I thought about Apollousa but a 1,600 attack apollousa is worse than Bomber Dragon or Zeroboros imo because she can easily be run over. And I don't have time to summon Linkuriboh and then a 2,400 attack Apollousa agaisnt a dark hole. Knightmare Unicorn seems inferior to both Zeroboros and Bomber Dragon.
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2021.12.04 00:50 GreenNapster [Walmart] 60" Barrington Billiard Harrison Collection Pool Table (Blue/Black) $107 + Free Shipping [Deal: $107.00, Actual: $239.55]

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2021.12.04 00:50 Spirited_Work_4997 🦆$DUCK🦆 👨‍💻 CG & CMS FastTrack Applied | 🚀 165k MarketCap | 690holders |Massive Marketing | Multiple influencers | Daily AMA |📱 BetP2E Game Beta Phase Launch |🏆 Multiple Competitions | 👨‍🎓NFT Minting Live Tomorrow 🖼

Our developers are working day and night to provide a magnificient staking ecosystem to provide the best APRs on the field.
🖼Purchasing Nfts 🖼
Our coin will let you Mint our Majestic Low Supply NFT Collection. there will only be 500pieces and their utility will be massive(Passive income,Early Access to our P2E Game, and also presale for our Virtual Land Auction). The value of the coin at the moment doesn't represent it's real potential. But as we launch all our developments we are confident that we can be a very strong competitor against coins like Shiba or Doge.
🕹P2E Game🕹
We will have a Alpha phase in mid december which will only be accessible by our very first holders and those who bought our Nfts. then in the 1st Quarter of 2022 the Game will be launched to the public and we are already in talks with multiple influencers to make sure our impact will be massive in the sector.
💱Exchange platform💱
Nowadays entering the cryptoworld is getting easier and easier but still there are big obstacles to overcome. That's why we are creating our own exchange platform to trade our Token and other cryptocurrencies too, this will have a massive impact because our data analysts are confident that this will allow even people that are new with the crypto world to buy our coin easily, therefore there will be a massive influx of liquidity, and the coin will skyrocket even more.
🎁Daily Giveaways🎁
We are hosting daily giveaway for the most active member of our Duck Community, we want to give everyone a chance to win, so don't miss the chance and have fun with us.
💰Multiple Competitions💰
Competitions are and will be a very important aspect of our community, it will make sure engagement stays high and people receive rewards for it. Multiple prizes will be given and will only benefit all of us. We want to have a community that perceives $Duck as their token and feels proud of owning it.
1 Billion Tokens Minted
10% Buy/Sell Tax
5% Marketing (which goes to the marketing wallet which is going to be used only for marketing related costs)
3% Liquidity
2% Holders
🚫🐳Anti Whale System in place
Max wallet 1%(10million tokens)
Max Transaction 1%(10million tokens)
Daily Updates from the developers on the ongoing of the project to make sure investors are always updated with the ongoing situation
🏷️ Contract Address: 0xFB0521CD226Fa6E0D643FD2Bed19F26e55F406f1
Pancakeswap: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0xFB0521CD226Fa6E0D643FD2Bed19F26e55F406f1
🔹 Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0xFB0521CD226Fa6E0D643FD2Bed19F26e55F406f1#readContract
🔐Liquidity Lock 1 YEAR🔒 https://deeplock.io/lock/0xedb9199ca0603a0149cab207e80410899a49ab07
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2021.12.04 00:50 Ok-Story-3532 Job Outlook in Prince Edward Island, Canada.

So I will be going to school for landscape design next year at Fanshawe College and than landscape architecture at The University of Guelph. After that me and my family want to move to PEI. My girlfriend has lots of family put there. I am curious if anyone here knows what the job market for landscape architects is out there. Any insight or advice would be appreciated greatly!
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2021.12.04 00:50 LeDandilus Who else remembers these two

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2021.12.04 00:50 km_44 I HATE people at the casino ! (sometimes)

The wife and I get to the casino, I like to start at one particular game, it's the one I won BIG at, this summer. they have one at the local casino, too - a row of 5 of them, all the same game I get there, ready to start my night.
There's a collection of three women (obviously together), TWO of them playing two of those games the three of them, taking up ALL 5 of my fave game !
I stand above them, about to ask them to move the hell over (nicely, of course) then I say to myself, 'fuck it, who wants to sit in the middle of them pushy, rude bitches?' they were mid-50's, all over-dressed and over-made up, they were out on the town, being bitches, looking at me but saying nothing as I looked at the empty chairs.
Instead, pissed off, I went to the game I normally go to NEXT and HIT BIG ! ($275)
WEEEEEE ! worked out for me, but STILL, them BITCHES can kiss my ass !!
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