Is the original htc vive worth it?

2021.12.04 02:15 throwaqayacxount Is the original htc vive worth it?

I've been getting a bit bored with games on my pc and I've always wanted a vr headset but they've been super expensive until recently. is this the best option, my budget is around £200
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2021.12.04 02:15 KazuyaProta The world before YHVH's rise

SMT V did something fairly unique for the franchise. A genuine window to the pre-YHVH status quo. No Demons, but Myriad Gods.
Not just some expo dump, but directly having the posibility of restoring such status quo back. And the implications of it.
Of course this isn't unique to V, as many games mention it, but I feel V's despiction is more unique in that it deliberately avoids the associations with the Demons and puts its focus on the conquered deities.
Many SMT games do mention the world before YHVH and the Law faction on its current form, but after V and IVA, I feel we got enough mentions of how such a world was.
The world before Law was basically the Hobessian State of Nature taken to a limit. There were local Leviathans in the form of the local deities, but even they were engaged on fierce competition with each others.
Humanity's status on this heavily depends from game-to-game.
SMT V implies humanity, as their nature of Nahobinos being commonplace, was doing relatively fine. Other games like DeSu directly mention that humanity was screwed and the original Megaten duology implies that YHVH's rise was fueled for the desire to END the "Warring Gods Era".
This leads to a curious part of the nature of the Modern Human Societies on SMT.
The Modern World is Neutral due to being in the middle place between the Chaos of the Past and the future plans of the Law faction. Many games implying that the current human developtment is a direct byproduct of the peace generated by YHVH's rise.
In the original games and Devil Survivor, the idea was fairly clear in that YHVH simply won the Warring Gods Era. But in games like V or IVA, its mentioned that YHVH's victory included a complete reshaping of the world.
Something left me thinking about the full scope of the pre-Law world. Malevolent entities would still exist and the focus on dealing with them would be considerably less centralized.
Nahobinos, Demonoids and more beings were likely more commonplace in the pre YHVH past, due to humans needing to be more resistant. The Pre-YHVH world had a biggest diversity of active deities, but it suffered from a relative constant warfare that usually put humans as the biggest casualities.
tl,dr: The world of Myriad Gods was basically a planet-size warring states era. With Magic.
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2021.12.04 02:15 Worried-Bell3438 [NG][117] [OoS - at fog gate]

Password: 12345
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2021.12.04 02:15 left2camp Can we address the skill based match making in social.

It basically makes playing with friends impossible because your team is getting curb stomped including yourself. Half the social games I play I sweat like a freaking pig carry half the team. It ain’t fun. Not only that but it doesn’t help with players leaving the game. I had a full team leave just for some more random guys to hope in. Like what the hell. Can I just play casually? Damn.
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2021.12.04 02:15 Chhet Brandi…Light The Table! 🔥

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2021.12.04 02:15 Timely_Following_636 Dose this mean. I get 400 gems with the pack. Or, I can use 400 gems instead of real money?

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2021.12.04 02:15 friend1y Today, I have become anti-racist

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2021.12.04 02:15 After_Shell Anybody sell on

Have anybody using the platform sold and received the fiat currency in their kuwait banks? How much were the withdrawal fees?
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2021.12.04 02:15 CJMazli FK! Preview #13

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2021.12.04 02:15 Sea_Construction_943 Im deciding on 2 games

Should i get dayz or rust
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2021.12.04 02:15 Taykaw What happened

I blink and lost my soul.

What even caused the crash?
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2021.12.04 02:15 dreamingirl7 A multi-technique pour, “Prayer No. 3.”

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2021.12.04 02:15 Buckeightytwo Please explain Shawn's upper lip...

I don't understand the upper lip flavor saver or micro upper deck soul patch, did he miss something? Is this a thing?
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2021.12.04 02:15 nebulasnoopy Next week, the Duggars’ downfall. Hopefully IBLP will soon follow.

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2021.12.04 02:15 morgan_lane Growing advise?

I run a small business. Been in business less than two years. >10 employees. We grew 8x this year and project to do at least the same next year. Currently renting a space and will out grow it by next years end, which lines up with our lease. Would like to invest in a space of our own. When we started we never dreamed we would be where we are at. At this point I think we should hire someone to tell us what to do with our $. (Where to invest it, when, how to etc). But I’ll listen to any advise anyone may have. I realize there are tons of factors in a question like this. With our knowledge/business experience (none) it’s amazing we have made it this far.
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2021.12.04 02:15 Crimson52YT Is real steel 2 still happening or no?

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2021.12.04 02:15 winrar2013ama2012 volkan konak

volkan konak
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2021.12.04 02:15 pric31 Monster performance by Embiid against the hawks finishing with 28 pts, 12 reb, 4 ast & 2 blocks while shooting 10-23 from the field, 1-3 from deep, 7-8 from the line and making the game winning shot and stop.

It was an off game on offense efficiency wise but that man was a beast on the defensive end, leading the team to a comeback win by having his best 4th quarter performance, holding the hawks to only 9 pts in the 4th and hitting clutch shots along with Curry down the stretch.
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2021.12.04 02:15 Little-Ad-9036 Any former part time package handlers that full time if so how do you do it?

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2021.12.04 02:15 ZZzzzesty What is something that sounds illegal but is totally allowed?

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2021.12.04 02:15 W33nM3Mang Pablo Escobar or Seth Green?

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2021.12.04 02:15 AHoontur Is anyone else having a problem ordering the spicy family nuggets meal? When I go to pick sauces i try to save the sauce i picked and it says more selection required, can anyone help?

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2021.12.04 02:15 NunkyMinja [Xbox] [H] sb standard and crimson standard [W] purple lightning 1:1 with either and 550cr for the other

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2021.12.04 02:15 CJMazli Véget érhet Daniel Jones szezonja

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2021.12.04 02:15 DNAisjustneuteredRNA Fear of accidentally injuring my sparring partner is what lead me to 100% quit martial arts.

I'd taken some token martial arts classes as a kid, but then joined a martial arts club in High School. I even lettered in martial arts with the jacket and everything. But when school was out and we weren't on school grounds anymore we all had a sparring night... nobody was injured, in fact we barely did any sparring at all amd just goofed off. It's because I couldn't do it anymore.
I spent the last part of my High School life constantly in dire fear of accidentally hurting my friends. It was horrifying, the sparring. Everything else was awesome; the exercise, the katas, the target-kicking and punching those poofy catcher's-mitt-type hand pads... but I almost puked with fear when it was my time to spar. I was quick. I could hit hard. And, although I caught myself every time I almost decked someone, I was constantly afraid of injuring someone * not from being "skilled" * but simply because I know that even people who flail like a drunken gorilla still get some hits in.
I felt like I couldn't treat martial arts like something that I would do with friends as long as sparring was involved.
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