Did you know you can breed parrots with cookies?

2021.12.04 02:07 Joe_The_Cat_1990 Did you know you can breed parrots with cookies?

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2021.12.04 02:07 horseshoeoverlook Al Horford on Celtics play amid Utah's shooting: "We kept fighting."

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2021.12.04 02:07 PeteyMitch42 What's the best way to combine two households, one with a 13 year old cat, the other with a 8 year old black lab and a 6 year old cocker mix?

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2021.12.04 02:07 popcornboiii Cops tried to tase him during a routine traffic stop, but a video turned the tables

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2021.12.04 02:07 -Steamed_Hams- “A starter car? This car is a finisher car! A transporter of gods!”

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2021.12.04 02:07 ecommercemvp Looking for a project manager

Hey everyone, I'm looking to hire a US or Canadian based project manager to help me oversee the development of a couple of complex Magento projects.
I've tried upwork but the results were terrible. Hoping someone can give me recommendation.
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2021.12.04 02:07 Jojobaginzu Meet Benny, my 1 month old Garter Snake.

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2021.12.04 02:07 HBSurfPhoto [USA-MI][H] 3 x GTX 1060 6GB, 2 x GTX 960 [W] PayPal, Cash

Work is officially permanently WFH, so we got to take stuff that has been sitting unused for over a year. None of these have been pushed hard. All prices are OBO, so make an offer if you disagree with the price. First pm, first serve. Post before PMing.

Item Description Price
Dell NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB (02FNM3) Fantastic GPU with less than 6 months of office work. $250 shipped
2 x ASUS Expedition GTX 1060 OC edition 6GB These are wonderful cards. I have 2, but you don't need to buy them as a pair. You can though. $250 shipped each
2 x DELL NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 2GB (0H4P1K) Solid budget cards that still perform well. $120 shipped each
Local is 49024, but will travel up to 30 mins away.
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2021.12.04 02:07 Necessary_Author_308 ❄️ Christmas Floki $CFLOKI | 10% DOGE Rewards for holders 💰| Diamond Handed Community | JUST LAUNCHED! | Christmas Floki is the next big meme wave | Already 40X 🎄

🎄 ❄️⛄️Christmas Floki is the next big meme wave?⛄️❄️ 🎄
Contract: 0xEbb8Fd5f19EDFeFFC155DF5641d10212298708d6
🚀 Already 40X 🚀
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How it works?
❄️ BUY $CFLOKI on pancake swap
❄️ Christmas Floki delivers presents immediately to all holders (10% in $DOGE)
❄️ Christmas Floki collects a small tax for marketing (4%)
❄️ Christmas Floki gives 1% to Liquidity Pool
❄️ Enjoy watching how your initial investment is growing.
⛄️ 40% burn done!
⛄️ Press release to 100+ webpages
⛄️ Twitter, Reddit, TG promos from the launch
⛄️ NFT collection from $1M mcap (2 NFT collections - 100X Reindeers & 100X Elfs)
⛄️ CMC & CG fast track at $1M mcap
⛄️Big Influencers marketing push at $2M mcap (talks in progress and finalizing the contracts)
⛄️Christmas Floki themed game at $5M (Floki Adventures: North Pole)(prep in progress)
⛄️ Ingame NFTs collections (additional 200 NFTs)
⛄️ Twitch gaming influencer
⛄️Christmas Floki is coming! billboards in a major city at $5M mcap (talks in progress)
⛄️Major influencers will be targeting for marketing at $5M mcap (initial contact made with 3 major influencers)
⛄️ Christmas Floki themed game part 2 at $10M mcap (Floki Adventures: Summer Vacation) (idea stage)
LP will be locked for 6months and if there will be no issues with the contract and if pancakeswap will not launch V3 then will be another 6 months lock and so on…
Team wallet locked for 3 months.
The CHRISTMAS FLOKI is coming, jump in from the beginning and don’t miss out on the next big wave!! 🌊
❄️ Christmas is a cold season, but making 1000X with Christmas Floki🎄 🐶 puts that warm feeling inside what you have been searching for.
Slippage at 15%
(May need to set higher on launch)
🚀 Already 40X from launch 🚀
🚀 The next 1000 X return coin ? 🚀
📖Contract: 0xEbb8Fd5f19EDFeFFC155DF5641d10212298708d6
🥞 Buy Now :https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0xEbb8Fd5f19EDFeFFC155DF5641d10212298708d6
🔹 Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0xEbb8Fd5f19EDFeFFC155DF5641d10212298708d6#readContract
🔐 Liquidity Lock 2 YEAR🔒: https://deeplock.io/lock/0xe36cb4caf51bbaffbe9c13455b610facc0174d22
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2021.12.04 02:07 h0peful_beginnings Sunrise/ sunset...

I'm a sucker for both! Lol.
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2021.12.04 02:07 BBhris I need friends I always have alot of gifts please add me its 1176 1440 2896 thank you to everyone who adds me I’ll be suppling you with lifetime of gifts

Let's be friends in Pokémon GO! My Trainer Code is 1176 1440 2896!
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2021.12.04 02:07 utopiapro007 I think I've disappointed my boss. What do I do now?

It's my first time looking at the kind of data that I was given, but it's fairly basic. However, I kept messing up and missing details that are expected of me. I didn't know what I was supposed to be checking, but my boss has always said if I didn't know something, I could always ask them. It's a bit hard knowing what's in my blind spots when I don't know they're there.
Basically, boss told me, "I'm not telling you again. Please fix and check everything before you give it to me again."
I went back and double checked everything. And even now, I'm still a bit paranoid about missing something and further upsetting my boss. Even more paranoid about what I'm going to see on Monday.
Any advice?
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2021.12.04 02:07 Schlumpfffff He he he

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2021.12.04 02:07 Nbehrman Bedside EDC

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2021.12.04 02:07 coojee_zaid Commander Gregor Helmet (3D Printed)

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2021.12.04 02:07 FBA_PVPESUS [XB1] H: TSE 2* Gat plaz W: Assassins explosive Gat plaz 1:1

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2021.12.04 02:07 popoto_is_not_food American Express or Amazon good gift card options in Bratislava?

I have a employee based in Bratislava and I wanted to give him a nice gift card for X’mas.
Wondering if Amazon or American Express gift cards are good options In Bratislava ?
Many thanks!
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2021.12.04 02:07 JunkhogMakison If The Option Was Given, What Would A Run Be Called Where You Severly Incapacitate Monsters But Not Kill Them?

What I mean is so we have:
Pacifist- Kill Nobody
Genocide- Kill Everybody
Neutral/No Mercy- Only Kill Who You Deem A Threat/Kill Anyone Who Jumps You First
What If there was a route where instead of killing people you do certain things that make them unable to fight you but they can still live another day. Essentially adding more routes to explore and options to combat.
Examples -
Toriel you can trap her in the Ruins and leave her there while you make your escape. To which she may or may not find a way out later.
Papyrus you can knock his head off and bury it in the snow but his body is fine and his head gets uncovered later by one of the guard dogs or his brother Sans.
Undyne You can run her to the Hot Lands and make her pass out from the heat, then drag her body to the river where the reaper is and dump here there where she can emerge later fully hydrated as she was found by reaper.
Temmie- Just grab them and slam their bodies against a wall, knocking them out but their still alive and well minus the bruises to their faces.
Someone on my discord said it should be called "The Knockout" route but not everyone can technically be classified as KO'd so what do you all think?
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2021.12.04 02:07 997_Rollin A tweet from the man himself telling you all to calm your fucking tits.

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2021.12.04 02:07 DrogsMcGogs Maryland home burns down during owner's ill-fated snake fight

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2021.12.04 02:07 edgarzekke Has someone ever violated the Thirteenth Amendment after it was ratified?

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2021.12.04 02:07 Asparagus_Man69 How do i level up my own pokemon?

so ive been playing for about 3 hours. i have figured out how to get money and get pokemon through the auction. the ones that hatch from eggs from the professor are level 1 pokemon. how do i level them up? do i just need to wait until i have 10,000 pokedollars for the egg item? thanks in advance.
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2021.12.04 02:07 plution Old snap on impact driver i have, was wondering if anybody had any clue how old this thing is

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2021.12.04 02:07 therealGrayHay I was told I would get praise here...

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2021.12.04 02:07 NicoRola000 Has anyone made or seen a wearable bit holder for leatherman bits? I.e bracelet, pendant etc. This would really expand the practicality of the bit exchanger.

As cool as the bit exchanger is for leatherman, most people won't drag around the extra bit Carrier in their pocket making it effectively worse than having the dimensional Phillips or flat head like on the Free P4.
A wearable item that holds as little as 2 to 3 bits would make a big difference especially for people wanting to carry specialized bits without sacrificing the most common ones.
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