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Can anyone identify this company?

2021.10.22 04:10 DrawingCool4612 Can anyone identify this company?

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2021.10.22 04:10 sonny_rojo Looking for custom Ikea compatible cabinet doors makers?

There are lots of companies that can help customize Ikea kitchens — cabinet doors, hardware, islands, etc. Do you know anyone in Bangkok that can do the same?
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2021.10.22 04:10 CommercialStyle4551 These are deadly weapons, and they must be handled with the upmost care. If not eliminated completely from sets.

I've been on the movies sub to try and get some more info on this "Rust" shooting incident (there's a pinned & regularly updated discussion thread there about it right now) and here are some takeaways.
If, as reported on at least one site, this happened when a vintage revolver was "cocked" during rehearsal or in between takes, and the hammer mechanism wasn't "locked" into place (i.e. "locked and loaded") then when (or if) it slipped whatever was in the chamber would be fired, blank or live round.
(Or possible "assembled round" from remnants left in the chamber, like in the tragic "Crow" shooting.)
You must always treat all weapons like they have the potential to cause deadly harm, b/c they do.
Even if you aren't actually going to stab somebody, productions will use rubber knives just to cut down on the risk of injury. Ditto rubber baseball bats, billyclubs, brass knuckles etc.
Someone said on the thread that in a recent Chris Hemsworth production, all guns used were either rubber or plastic and sound/SPFX we're added later b/c it filmed in India, where they couldn't get clearance to bring real firearms into the country.
I have a girlfriend who's a shooting enthusiast and even though I am not, I indulged her once and accompanied her to the shooting range which had, I kid you not, a "Ladies Night."
She prepped the weapon for me then handed it to me and told me to aim at the target.
I raised the weapon.
She reprimanded me.
"Why aren't you checking it first?"
"B/c you prepped it for me."
"When it's in your hand, it's YOUR weapon, YOU have to check it, EVERY SINGLE TIME," she said. "Chamber, rounds, safety...CHECK EVERYTHING."
We're talking about things which a lot of people see as mere recreation that can (and do) kill.
The upmost precautions must always be taken.
I'm starting to lean towards they should be banned entirely from sets.
This doesn't seem worth it.
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2021.10.22 04:10 Russellreserve Pappy 15 available if interested

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2021.10.22 04:10 skifflife @captnicklabadie on the hunt for bonefish and tarpon...

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2021.10.22 04:10 JasmineDiamondMusic VOCAL CHILL OUT 2021- Chill Deep House Cover [Lounge]

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2021.10.22 04:10 prachipatale 『医薬品バイアル市場動向、シェア、業界規模、主要な開発、機会、2031年までの予測』

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2021.10.22 04:10 Upper-Figure-5227 Coffee shop nearby

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2021.10.22 04:10 Actual-Salamander-55 Everything has gone fuck up and I'm just so sad and mad about it.

Life is unfair. I know it. You know it. Everybody knows it. But god damn I just wish I was lucky enough to just have one damn thing go my way for once.
It wasn't supposed to be like this. Everything was supposed to be sooo damn different.
This time last year, everything was all so promising and then it all just fell apart in my hands and now I'm left with just..... nothing.
I feel like there is just no coming back from all of this.
I'm stuck in the loop of what if this and if only that and maybe if I just hold onto hope just that little but longer but no matter how hard I try I just can't move forward.
This shit is stifling and I just can't fucking breathe anymore.
Fuck my life.
Just, fuck.....
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2021.10.22 04:10 cdoghusk1 Would you play a Star Wars podracing board game with models like Armada/X-Wing, where you race around the table?

I imagine it like the FFG minis games with cards representing upgrades, with maybe a character card like Arkham Horror where your unique character has innate "powers". Are there any racing games like this? It seems sort of obvious to make one, even if it's just real-world racing cars instead of podracers.
I imagine it could be played with several players, and/or with two or three bots that have simple decks of random f**kage that represents racers like Sebulba ramming the players and sabotaging them.
But then I thought, "Perhaps a racing game is really not possible." Does the concept of a race just not work because it would mean a player could fall so far behind they can see that they're clearly going to lose two or three turns before the end? Hence making the finish kind of boring?
Then again, I love Armada, and there are certainly times when you know who's going to win two turns from the end. So, perhaps there are several ways to win the race? Like not only can you win by crossing the finish line after three laps, but you might win by sabotaging and/or cheating in some way, like making the other players look like they cheated to disqualify them. That way, even if you're way behind, you can still win.
I don't know, I guess I'm just holding out hope for some kind of truly exciting racing game, even if it's not Star Wars or sci-fi. I'm not a game designer and I can't truly see all the problems that would arise from such a game.
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2021.10.22 04:10 jzel94 Alerg6

So I'm having a really strong alergy in my arms, I asked my GF for support and she sent me to sleep, what do I do? It really hurts
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2021.10.22 04:10 Major_Pineapple7562 Who did this

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2021.10.22 04:10 deserthollywood Staples Center Fans

So we all know that the Laker Faithful runs very very deep yet NBA Fans nationwide still say fans are not as crazy in Staples Center. It doesn’t seem right because Laker Nation on the internet goes so wild but what makes you say why Staples Center isn’t as loud as we should be?
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2021.10.22 04:10 wezeir27 Madhuri Dixit

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2021.10.22 04:10 jdjdjddjjdsjsjjdjx Finasteride ingredient that causes side effects?

Maybe it’s an ingredient in finasteride can cause side effects? The sides are complicated as it is not simply lower DHT = sides. If it was simply that, then why is lowering the dose an effective way to mitigate sides, when going from 1 mg to 0.5 mg is only around a 3% difference in DHT lowered?
This might also explain why some report sides on finasteride but not dutasteride. What do you guys think?
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2021.10.22 04:10 asilvertintedrose Nino and Mami~

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2021.10.22 04:10 setsunacrystal Heart shaped snuggles

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2021.10.22 04:10 Missdaytona99 Can we talk about sweet Carolina 🥲

I can’t give it my number 1 spot…but fuck it made me happy cry🥲 its just so pure and sweet and personal. And just IMAGINE baby Phoenix listening to it when she’s older? All the feels! I cant even. Brb gonna go have a baby so I can pretend like it was written for me.
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2021.10.22 04:10 NewGSMSolution oppo Auto Call Recording Fix And oppo dialer is back - Fix Google Dialer - All oppo Devices

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2021.10.22 04:10 ashram_kitchen Poll: Astrology/Light Paranormal Posts

Hey there! Some of us have discovered that we have talents/interest in Astrology, tarot, synchronicities and that kind of thing. Especially as they can be related to JM and his situation. We started an earlier thread where people were able to use their talents to shed Light on the situation. However, we quickly identified some other aspects regarding John et al that we want to explore. Given that not everyone is a fan of such topics and the sub is really about JM and his current work/situation, how would you feel if we started another thread to discuss the next mystical subject?
View Poll
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2021.10.22 04:10 booboobo3 Equally arousing and intimidating

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2021.10.22 04:10 jigsawfred At what time do the ielts results come out?

I wrote the exam on 9th of October and I'm expecting the results to come out today on 22th of October
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2021.10.22 04:10 environmentind A primitive tribe and rare fossils threatened by stone mining in Jharkhand

A primitive tribe and rare fossils threatened by stone mining in Jharkhand Rampant stone quarrying in the Rajmahal hills of Jharkhand has raised concerns on its impact on the indigenous communities living nearby. Rare fossils, found in these hills, are claimed to be one of the oldest in the world and belong to the Jurassic period. However, these fossils are now under threat due to mining activities as well as a lack of awareness about them.
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2021.10.22 04:10 Custardpaws Having to adjust to a new schedule, so I'm up all night. What's up?

I'm starting a new job on mon that's 11p-7am and I am bored as all hell being awake all night while my gf sleeps. Aside from video games, tv, and reading, how can I pass the time?
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2021.10.22 04:10 ttn_art I introduced myself a bit early so my post got buried, if it's all the same I'd like to do so again! I'm Tyler Nguyen I tattoo out of My Little Needle Tattoos, Plymouth, MI, my IG is Boxofguts and just wanted to share some weapons I had fun with!

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