16. 32 or 64 Gig. What Speeds up Logic. M1, M1 Pro or M1 MAX. What Slows Logic Up The Most? Trying to Clear Up Performance Issues

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2021.10.22 03:42 Mr-Mud 16. 32 or 64 Gig. What Speeds up Logic. M1, M1 Pro or M1 MAX. What Slows Logic Up The Most? Trying to Clear Up Performance Issues

I've posted some of this as comments to posts, but the questions keep popping up, so I'm putting it up as a post, hopefully to all those whom are unsure about what to get. I apologize to the Sub for the duplicity
Firstly, I’m not an IT guy and I don’t even play one on TV, but I’m no slouch either, when it comes to computers. Here are my thoughts, for what they’re worth, take it or leave it - it's totally up to you.
Now, I usually replace my Mac every two years (I’m a full time Mixing Engineer) and the macs in the studio get upgraded down the line, with mine replacing the next one down, etc. I don't think I will need to do so in two years, to keep ahead of the curve, as I like to - but that's me.
I’ve been holding off, waiting for the M1’s successor, for I didn’t think it wise to get a first generation chip and a 16 Gig RAM limit. M1’s, it turns out, are absolutely great and have proven themselves handsomely as an Intel slayer, even a Mac Pro slayer, in many instances, with only 16G Integrated RAM, for around a year now, at the time of this writing. Some reviewers have posted some small limits of the 16 G/RAM, nothing serious, but they are there.
I have to believe there are some things that apple’s developers learned from the M1, that they would do differently in the next generation, so I waited. But again, that’s me, and I ordered a 16” 64G 2TB M1 Max MBP.
Cant Afford One?
Then this is an awesome time to get an M1 16 Gig Mac Second hand, because all of those whom are early adopters, which I feel are most Logic users, are dying to get rid of their M1's, so they can order an M1 Pro or Max. There will be a flood of M1's for sale, and with so many soon available, wait for the prices to go down a bit, and buy.
Me? I am not an early adopter, for I've been stung by that bug before, and won't again. I don't need the latest features of Logic to Mix; I don't need the latest Mac OS to Mix, so I'm content with Mojave and Logic 10.4.4 being solid as a rock. Unfortunately 10.4.4 won't work on apple silicon, so I need to make a leap of faith here. A scary leap.
I'm clearing my schedule for 3 weeks, to allow the IT guy I use transfer all of the computers but mostly, to learn what bugs are biting, with the latest versions if Logic and OS. I won't put myself in a position to possibly miss a deadline, and have explained this to my regular clients phone or email and got appreciative replies! It always pays to be honest!
But for serious workstations, 16 G/RAM is a bit anemic. Tho it will work well for now, you don't buy a Mac for now; you buy it for a decade worth of use. 3+ years ago, 16G/RAM was considered a smoking Mac. It is not anymore. Those with pre-M1's, and some with M1's, feel the pinch of the limited RAM
An M1 with 16 gigs rocks for most right now, but investing in a computer that is spec'd for today, isn't future-proofing yourself.
Why the Divide
PC users, often look at it an M1 and say, “$$$ with only 16 Gig RAM, why that hardly enough for anything”. Or, “It’s how much and it’s just an XYZ cpu”. The way OSX handles itself makes incredible use of 16G with an M1. A PC can’t do anything serious with only 16G.
PC users usually look at the components to judge a Mac, solely by the cost and/or specs of components, and don’t know how to consider the performance aspect that Mac can achieve with those components. Not all PC users, but most of them, I find. Thus the divide.
Today, 16 Gig is insignificant in the PC world, if you want a serious workstation, you're looking at 256 or more popular, 512 G/RAM. Yet M1’s, with only 16G RAM, kicks everyone‘s butt, today. Again, it's in the performance. Now, with M1 Pro and M1Max released, Mac just doubled down.
Is 16 gig enough for today? Probably so; in 3 years, not so much.
Will it be even relevant in five years? I'm guessing probably not and anyone whom buys a new Mac with only 16 G/RAM is not thinking about future-proofing. So let’s dig deeper into why we would want 32 or 64 Gig of Ram in a Mac workstation.
In 2015 w/16G RAM was considered a smoking MacBook; in 2018 people were flocking to 32 G/RAM Macs.
The single biggest slowdown when using Logic, and probably any DAW, is the handling of memory. Handling of the data in RAM. More specifically, handling of the data that doesn't fit in RAM - the overflow.
As OSX grew in physical size, with Mac’s FREE OS UPGRADES, but more importantly, it grew in the amount of RAM it uses, (tho I read a post that claimed Big Sur had a smaller footprint, I can’t seem to verify it) and as Logic offers more and more features FOR FREE, they naturally take up more and more RAM when you use those features. (Windows grew in size too, with the $130 Windows 11 Home Edition requiring 64 Gig of storage for the software and updates)
We also need to consider all operations going on in the background, such as Time Machine, File Vault and other electives, plus mandatory processes that OS needs to do.
Where does it go?
The overflow - what does not fit into 16G, gets written to the internal drive, in the form of a Swap File (a/k/a virtual memory file). This shuffling of what data is in RAM, moving to the internal hard drive and from the internal hard drive, to RAM, is the single biggest slowdown in Logic.
When you go to Mix, and all of your files are now audio files, it is up to your RAM to play it. If it doesn't fit all of it in RAM, then it will need to supplement with the data on your swap file.
This is how Mac, (and Windows) deals with RAM overflow. I understand apple’s M1 series silicon also helps with this, with the RAM integrated onto the chip, along with the CPU, GPU, Neural Engine, Encyclopedia Britannica and a kitchen sink! It is evidently a faster way to move data, but I’m not yet fluent in exactly how it helps utilize the RAM better, beyond speed. There is a significant speed increase, due to the faster On Chip connections, vs having the RAM conventionally sit in another part of the motherboard. I just don't know how it affects the Swapping of Data with your Internal Drive's Swap File. I know what I know, I know some of what I don't know and the more I know, the more I know I don't know.
Windows sets a predetermined amount of space aside on the internal drive, reserved to use for this Virtual Memory File, Mac’s Swap File is dynamic and will utilize the free space available in the best ways.
You need to make sure you have left a considerable amount of open room on your internal drive.
If you don’t have a lot of free space on your internal HD, there will be a bunch of shuffling going on, almost all of the time. This can slow you down significantly and bring up Overload Errors. That’s why Logic, and most, DAWs, rely on large amounts of RAM, to avoid overflow.
The processing power is what plugins use, as they are apps. Many of them will take its settings, and make a static file, or turns into a static app, that does what it’s set for, without needing much processing power, freeing up the processor and putting itself, in a static mode, into RAM. There are more than just these examples of Data Swapping while using Logic, it is the number 1 thing that slows Logic down. It is why, if you have an internal HDD (mechanical), you would hear it chatter, even when you haven't done anything in the last several minutes. OS predicts what you will need to feed to RAM and the CPU and does its best job doing so.
Because so much of Logic is already in the OS (the DAW and OS uniquely written by the same company) RAM goes so much further on a Mac, just like how macs get such great performance out of an i5, as compared to a PC.
How Much Room On My Internal Hard Drive Do I Need?
As I often work on rather large files, I keep 80-120G free. I would recommend that most Logic users keep about 40-50 gig free, at all times. The more that’s free, the less shuffling of your data will occur, as OS serves up the data that will likely be needed next.
I am adding the most RAM I can. I'm counting on the historic processing power of the M1 Max to manage my plugins just fine, allowing me to keep a good amount of plugins open, along with not having to freeze too many files.
A poster returned his M1 because he expected that they can keep all of the plugins open. He evidently misunderstood Best Practices. We will always need to use Best Practices. The reality is, there is still a ‘wall’ you can hit, it’s just a several miles down the road with 64 G/RAM, compared to a 16 G/RAM system, having it 1,000 feet down the road. Best Practice are still going to be advantages, such as freezing files, bouncing in place, etc. if you are dealing with large files.
No matter how much RAM you have; no matter how much processing power you have, there is still an end to it and that is a wall that can be hit. Hard to do today, with M1 Max, I’m sure, but I’m still going to keep to Best Practices, freezing all I easily can, bouncing in place what I easily can, and everything else that I can do to keep a project neat and clean, for a neat and clean file will always run smoother.
As well, tho this isn’t widely a concern, but I may need to transfer a project somewhere, where they don’t have an M1 MAX @ 64G - their 16 Gig M1 might not handle a project that isn’t ‘neatened up’. You may have a need to share a project with your Mix Engineer, or someone else. Neat files play best.
The M1 is even blowing away many Mac Pro’s now, so if I need to send a project to someone with a Mac Pro, and it’s a swollen project, the Mac Pro might not handle it!
So the question isn’t whether 16 or 32 gigs will suffice for Logic, for it certainly will and will do a stellar job...... today. But will it suffice in four years from now, with Logic 11.5. How about seven years from now, with Logic 12 and Mac’s new OS, named Unobtainium, that needs 32 gig minimum.
Now, I’m pulling those Logic and OS versions and dates out of my butt to exemplify my point. But it raises the question: at what point will the RAM start to overflow and need to be relieved by the much slower virtual memory file?
So yes, Logic will jet through a M1 Max w/32 gig. But you, like most Mac users, want to get 10 years out of their Mac, and that is a totally achievable goal with Mac. They have a history of releasing OS’s that help keep older Mac’s going, including security patches for older OS’s, while releasing newer OS’s for newer Macs also.
So the question is really, will 64 G Ram help your Mac reach reach years 8, 9 &10. Certainly - it's clear to me that it would. If those 2015 Macs were 8 G/RAM instead of 16 Gig, it probably wouldn’t be usable for Logic today.
I see 64 gig of RAM on the M1 Max as future-proofing and a wise investment that also gooses your performance all along the way, for its going to be harder to overflow the RAM. If you need to cut back something, cut back the hard drive, for you can supplement that with external Thunderbolt Drives. Apps alone aren't that big. Logic is huge at 2-3 Gigs. You can fill your drive up with all of your apps and take up less than 256 G.
How many cores - well, the most you can get because you can't add them later! If your credit is worthy, financing it through an Apple Card, at zero percent interest, and saving a hundred and something bucks as well with their 3% discount, lets you buy for the same price, spread the payments out and get a discount on your purchase
So, it makes sense to get what you can afford, and then, perhaps, finance the rest at zero percent interest to get a 10 year, best performance Workstation.

So here is my Clear As Mud proclamation, for this post:
- The more RAM you have,
- The less overflow you’ll get,
- The less data swapping will happen,
- The faster Logic will be!

I hope this helps and best endeavors with your choice of Macs!
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2021.10.22 03:42 xiding KSI cartoon

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2021.10.22 03:42 CamilaCazzy Cursed_tongue

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2021.10.22 03:42 Thathiddenone Cheese is grate

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2021.10.22 03:42 bluebra7777 [Citizen Eco Drive Calendrier] Just bought my fiancé his first watch for birthday, also my first time buying one. Thoughts?

Hi all!
I’ve been researching on Watches for the past couple weeks because I wanted to buy my fiancé a watch for his birthday. I was able to come up with three brands that seem to be good quality and that my fiancé would potentially like; Hamilton, Tissot, or Seiko.
I went shopping today and that list went out the window when I saw this Citizen Eco Drive watch. I ended up buying it because Macy’s was having a sale and they only had one. I came home to read reviews and I cannot find even ONE review with this watch! I think the steel mesh bracelet is a new thing?
Hamilton and Seiko have such trusted reviews. Now I’m worried I’ve made a poor decision and that this is NOT the best watch to go with. What do you guys think? I honestly thinks it’s beautiful….it’s solar and not Sapphire which isn’t ideal, but I think the dial/face makes up for it.
More info: My fiancé is turning 29, he usually dresses casual, he’s not very flashy, likes neutral colors, likes to be outdoors, loves cars.
Watch - Looks better in person
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2021.10.22 03:42 Crunchymustard4829 Want 97 maradona + 10 mil or 98 Pele + 10mil

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2021.10.22 03:42 happyfiretruck123 Any advise for a Sydneysider relocating to Canberra?

Hi guys
So I recently graduated in August and scored a job with a government agency down in Canberra. I got a offer from phone call today and proper contract and other paperwork will be sent in a few days.
I've lived in suburban Sydney my entire life, never went overseas, and stayed with my mum in a small house. So I'm slightly concerned about moving to another state to work but thankfully my family is very supportive. But as you can see, I'm not the most independent young adult.
Just wondering if anyone has any advice for a young dumb graduate moving to another state for the first time in his life. I'm mostly concerned about things like accommodation and getting adapted in general.
I hear Canberra had quite a few graduates/students travelling/relocating to work there every year so if anyone like that and wants to chime in about your experiences, I would really appreciate it
Cheers guys
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2021.10.22 03:42 inFormerfleshy Elena Kamperi sexy show hot body with red lingerie <3

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2021.10.22 03:42 this_gabe_itch as a kid courage the cowardly dog scared the shit out of me. it just had this gorey element to it

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2021.10.22 03:42 OldGamesOldGuy - Master of Orion 2 - The Sakkra are at our doorstep an we need to ramp up our defenses. If you enjoy the video and think we are doing a good job consider subscribing. Thanks for watching.

- Master of Orion 2 - The Sakkra are at our doorstep an we need to ramp up our defenses. If you enjoy the video and think we are doing a good job consider subscribing. Thanks for watching. submitted by OldGamesOldGuy to YouTubeBlastOff [link] [comments]

2021.10.22 03:42 Kelsier25 One-time passcode on mobile.

We recently switched over to O365 and have gotten a few tickets from people trying to use the One-time passcode on a mobile and having trouble. I tested on Android and I think I've identified the issue:
You click the link bringing you to the Auth site. This opens in an embedded browser window in the mail client. You click the link to get the one-time passcode. Because you're in the embedded browser, you have to hit back to get back to your email. Once you grab the code, there's no way back to the Auth site other than starting from square one in an endless loop.
You can bypass this issue on Android by long pressing the link and opening it in a full browser.
Has anyone else seen this issue? Does iPhone suffer from the same issue? If so, how has anyone addressed this? It would be nice to include some mobile instructions in the email that goes out.
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2021.10.22 03:42 NixonGorilla Looking for sub that will point me to resources to find an original pic

HELLO My name is Julij Pavlenič and I have been looking for an original photo, but have scoured the internet with reverse image searches, etc. Is there good sub that can maybe enlighten me about any resources I may be missing?
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2021.10.22 03:42 OfficialCygnoux Confirmed Balance Changes Season 9 with Stats!

Hello I'm Cygnoux. We, the Team Cygnus (forefront of COD Mobile Research) have compiled all the confirmed Balance Changes so far and some hidden changes too. I saw some misinformation being spread around, so making this post so people are more informed.
My video analysis is here: https://youtu.be/yr2QzTY0IY4 (I'd appreciate any support on it 🙏). META has seen some changes too, I'll update with Top 10 MP guns tomorrow!
. Balance Changes Season 9:
BV BUFF: 550 m/s to 900 m/s (applies to BR as well, fastest base Bullet Speed in the entire game)
ADS Speed BUFF: 2F faster ADS Speed now
Movement unchanged. ADS Movement unchanged.
Reload Speed BUFF. 1.4s and 2.7s now.
Blackout Mag buff, offers sound suppression, faster reload, and range boost for barely any penalty
Top AR to use now. Have fun :)
MX9 (only BR)
Damage NERF: 25/21/18/16 profile now
TTK is inconsistent due to hitbox and damage.
Range nerf: 30m/43m/43m+
Recoil nerf, but doesn't affect it much. Feels the same as before.
Hitbox nerf: Upper Arm does lower damage
Horizontal Recoil BUFF
Damage Buff: head/chest/rest of body (33/30/28)
Hipfire BUFF (which is still bad)
Attachments Horizontal Recoil BUFF like Ranger Barrel or Marksman Barrel
Base Range BUFF (10m to 15m)
Damage Buff to initial and 2nd range: 28/24/20/19
ADS BUFF misnomer. Got 1F NERF to ADS Speed
Movement Speed buff. 2.3% to 2.4% BUFF to both Movement and ADS Movement
Mag attachments make movement slower by 1% to 1.5%
fixed the bugged recoil and greatly improved it. Literally "just pull down" to beam with it
SKS (only BR)
Vertical Recoil Nerf, which doesn't impact much. Felt the same as before
BSA nerf so spread of bullets is more (and yes, SKS has BSA. Another misinformation that SKS doesn't have BSA)
Bullet Speed got fixed. Had bugged 0ms Bullet Speed which is 692 m/s now, same as the fastest ARs and LMGs bullet speed.
Disable Perk
Hitbox BUFF: hit anywhere on the body
btw disable is useless. Needs a BUFF and I have given my proposal for Disable in the video.
That's it. If I missed something, let me know. For my explanation of the patch notes and thoughts on META + BEST Gunsmith builds, the video is there 🙏 https://youtu.be/yr2QzTY0IY4 I worked really hard on it for nearly 3 days and would appreciate any support.
Any questions or feedback, let me know. Thank you to Team Cygnus for the stats and testing <3
Thank you for reading :)
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2021.10.22 03:42 phneutral Germany, Portugal, the Netherlands, Slovenia and Finland are starting an initiative for an EU reaction force including cyber and space capabilities, special forces and air support

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2021.10.22 03:42 AriaSymphony Your vehicle delivery comes with a free dead delivery man

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2021.10.22 03:42 chercheur17 How to understand why basic cable and low speed WIFI will cause a baby to spontaneously leave the womb

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2021.10.22 03:42 haileymcpeters Skin rash?

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2021.10.22 03:42 slim_slam27 [NS] this podcast has helped me so much with my anxiety + made me realize laughing is a productive activity too

This is my first post on Reddit. I never listened to podcasts before this one, and it's legitimately made my life much happier. After some low points and feeling like I have to be productive all of the time, this podcast has made me realize how much laughter and jokes are what make life worth living, truly. I know it seems silly, but I got so lost in work/etc that comedy and enjoying things just to enjoy them became lost on me. I could go on, but I wish there were 5,000 episodes so I can just relisten to it over and over (btw I started listening in May and have listened to it all the way through 5 times while waiting for new episodes lol). This podcast has made such an unexpected impact on my life, thanks DnD team + super dope fan base + fan artists
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2021.10.22 03:42 GypsyRoadHGHWy Breaking News! Screaming Sasquatch - Dogman Or Werewolf? - Paranormal Meets Bigfoot - UFO Sightings - Are We Living in a Matrix - Salem Witches a Mandela Effect

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2021.10.22 03:42 IIdentifyAsATrap I was thinking about why so many in the radical left participate in "speedrunning"

I was thinking about why so many in the radical left participate in "speedrunning"
The reason is the left's lack of work ethic ('go fast' rather than 'do it right') and, in a Petersonian sense, to elevate alternative sexual archetypes in the marketplace ('fastest mario')
Obviously, there are exceptions to this and some people more in the center or right also "speedrun". However, they more than sufficient to prove the rule, rather than contrast it.
Consider how woke GDQ has been, almost since the very beginning. Your eyes will start to open.
Returning to the topic of the work ethic...
A "speedrunner" may well spend hours a day at their craft, but this is ultimately a meaningless exercise, since they will ultimately accomplish exactly that which is done in less collective time by a casual player.
This is thus a waste of effort on the behalf of the "speedrunner". Put more simply, they are spending their work effort on something that someone else has already done (and done in a way deemed 'correct' by the creator of the artwork).
Why do they do this?
The answer is quite obvious if you think about it. The goal is the illusion of speed and the desire (SUBCONSCIOUS) to promote radical leftist, borderline Communist ideals of how easy work is.
Everyone always says that "speedruns" look easy. That is part of the aesthetic.
Think about the phrase "fully automated luxury Communism" in the context of "speedrunning" and I strongly suspect that things will start to 'click' in your mind.
What happens to the individual in this? Individual accomplishment in "speedrunning" is simply waiting for another person to steal your techniques in order to defeat you.
Where is something like "intellectual property" or "patent" in this necessarily communitarian process?
Now, as to the sexual archetype model and 'speedrunning' generally...
If you have any passing familiarity with Jordan Peterson's broader oeuvre and of Jungian psychology, you likely already know where I am going with this.
However, I will say more for the uninitiated.
Keep this passage from Maps of Meaning (91) in mind:
"The Archetypal Son... continually reconstructs defined territory, as a consequence of the 'assimilation' of the unknown [as a consequence of 'incestuous' (that is, 'sexual' – read creative) union with the Great Mother]"
In other words, there is a connection between 'sexuality' and creativity that we see throughout time (as Peterson points out with Tiamat and other examples).
In the sexual marketplace, which archetypes are simultaneously deemed the most creative and valued the highest?
The answer is obviously entrepreneurs like Elon Musk and others.
Given that we evolved and each thing we do must have an evolutionary purpose (OR CAUSE), what archetype is the 'speedrunner' engaged in, who is accomplishing nothing new?
They are aiming to make a new sexual archetype, based upon 'speed' rather than 'doing things right' and refuse ownership of what few innovations they can provide to their own scene, denying creativity within their very own sexual archetype.
This is necessarily leftist.
The obvious protest to this would be the 'glitchless 100% run', which in many ways does aim to play the game 'as intended' but seems to simply add the element of 'speed' to the equation.
This objection is ultimately meaningless when one considers how long a game is intended to be played, in net, by the creators, even when under '100%' conditions. There is still time and effort wasted for no reason other than the ones I proposed above.
By now, I am sure that I have bothered a number of you and rustled quite a few of your feathers.
I am not saying that 'speedrunning' is bad, but rather that, thinking about the topic philosophically, there are dangerous elements within it.
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2021.10.22 03:42 KAKAROT_GOKU_1059 Black Friday?

What does this mean black friday , is it good if i summon super master pack on this day or bad
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2021.10.22 03:42 CreamyKiller 👍

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2021.10.22 03:42 chaotic_caveman Do Books help in prep for on-campus college internship drives?

Hi everyone! My college internship drive is in 6 months and I was thinking of also preparing from books apart from the Leetcode/Codeforces Grind. So far I have shortlisted three books:

  1. Cracking the Coding Interview
  2. Elements of Programming Interviews
  3. Programming Interviews exposed
I wanted to hear your opinion if books helped you a lot or not enough for your prep. If you want to recommend other books plz do so too! I would be very grateful. Thanks!
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2021.10.22 03:42 AthensThieves Looks like someones been reading (& hiding) cawlments, bapaa

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2021.10.22 03:42 tapme4boba public health 1 Discord link

ph1 discord
feel free to join in!!
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