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RegisteredNurseRN.com provides FREE NCLEX reviews, skills, school tips, & career help for students and nurses. Please SUBSCRIBE & share our videos with others! Sarah (BSN, RN) graduated from ... A registered nurse (RN) is a nurse who has graduated from a nursing program and met the requirements outlined by a country, state, province or similar government-authorized licensing body to obtain a nursing license. An RN's scope of practice is determined by legislation, and is regulated by a professional body or council.. Registered nurses are employed in a wide variety of professional ... A registered nurse is a healthcare professional who has been licensed by the state to provide and coordinate patient care after receiving specialized education and passing a comprehensive national test (NCLEX-RN). RNs work in a wide range of direct patient care roles and are able to specialize in any field in medical care today. RN Education Fund Fee. Effective with licenses expiring after January 31, 2004, the Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development (OSHPD) has increased its RN Education Fund fee that is collected from RNs at the time of renewal from $5 to $10. The RN Education Fund provides loans and scholarships to nursing students. RN CEUs / CEU for Nurses / Free Nursing CEUs. $19.99 a Year for Unlimited State Board Approved Online Nursing CEUs! 747,000+ Nursing Professionals have completed over 3,507,000+ Online Nursing Continuing Education Courses over the last 20 Years and depend on the RN.org® family of websites for the absolute best value each and every day. RN.org® offers Register ed and Licenced Practical Nurse ... What Is a Registered Nurse (RN)? Typically found in hospitals, medical offices, nursing care facilities, and clinics, a registered nurse assists doctors and other nurses in providing critical care to patients. While you may hear the registered nurse designation referred to as an “RN degree,” that wording is misleading. Educational Requirements to be a Registered Nurse (RN) Becoming a registered nurse (RN) takes study and practical experience. The work of an RN can be incredibly rewarding, but also labor-intensive. Let's take a look at what it takes to become a registered nurse. Educational Requirements. There are three main ways to become an RN. Take Advantage of RN.com's Group CE Rates. With a group of 20+ nurses you are eligible to receive your 1-Year Unlimited Continuing Education Membership for up to half off. Get your co-workers together and take advantage of this offer. Learn More. Welcome to the Board of Registered Nursing. The Board of Registered Nursing protects and advocates for the health and safety of the public by ensuring the highest quality registered nurses in the state of California. As part of the implementation of AB 890, the California Board of Registered Nursing (BRN) has entered into an agreement with the ... Aspiring nurses can learn about the different types of nurses, education requirements, and nurse salary statistics.Nursing students can access care plan examples, nursing school study tips, NCLEX review lectures and quizzes, nursing skills, and more. New nurses can access job resources such as interview tips, nursing job resumes, and job search tools.

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2021.10.22 02:49 iAmTheTacoQueen Why I quit Nursing.

Sorry for the long read:
Let me say that when I became a Nurse, I did so with the intention of doing what I loved (which was helping people) while being able to afford a decent lifestyle.
I started working for a well known Hospital corporation here in California, which offered what seemed the full package; Free Healthcare for my Family & I, plus a “guaranteed” pension after retirement, plus discounts on many brands and educational advancement opportunities.
I’m the kind of person who loves schooling and any opportunity to learn, so when I tried to take advantage of the educational benefits, I was met with “We can’t work with your schedule”, when I replied that it was online school, I was then told that the pool of funds for educational opportunities had run out for the year (This was back in January of 2020, I had been there 5 years by then). So I never was able to take advantage of those benefits because they always had an excuse.
I then reported something to my Manager: that I was the victim of sexual harassment from the head doctor of the department. He touched me inappropriately on multiple occasions, even after I told him that I would report him. He would just laugh and tell me “it’s your word against mine”. Turns out he wasn’t kidding. After I reported him to my Manager and my HR department, my Manager said he would “look into it”. This was on a Friday.
By Monday, my whole department was aware of the situation because the Manager and that Doctor told the whole department what I had reported. Since he was a well liked Doctor, I became the victim of terrible bullying and harassment. I would get the worst assignments, my requested days off would never get approved, and then nobody wanted to work with me.
My mental health started deteriorating because of this, I would get panic attacks before every shift, and I started to hate my career & company, which only seemed to reward those with seniority, regardless of merit.
Then, In February of 2020 I was diagnosed with Lupus. The change of my medication regiment, plus the incessant pain I seemed to be in, made my life a lot more difficult. I had to miss work once a week because of an infusion appointment I had. Even with medical proof, I was written up for missing those days “without sufficient warning”.
Them with the beginning of the pandemic, I saw the chance I had to escape. I quit and went on unemployment for the first time and it was honestly a chance for me to better myself and work on my health and what I would do with my career.
It was here that I decided to quit Nursing for good and I honestly haven’t looked back.
I am now a freelance Graphic Designer and I work from home. I am able to focus on my family & my health (Thank you Obamacare). And I no longer worked for a company that preached “family” but actively encouraged a hostile and cutthroat environment.
What is the moral of the story? Don’t sacrifice your health & well-being for a job/company that couldn’t give two shits about you. Prioritize yourself above all, and find your true passion and run with it.
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2021.10.22 02:49 chief_hobag It was so obvious

After finally reading through the entire cosmere, I started rereading all of Stormlight back in August and now I’m finally into RoW. I have to say, I have a significantly greater appreciation for this book now after reading the entire cosmere.
Now onto my main point. It’s so obvious that Radiant was the one that killed Ialai at the beginning. From the fact that she was the one that “emerged” to “grab” Ialai as they were escorting her away to the fact that Radiant is always piping up to question Shallan and Veil’s theories about who the “traitor” is. There are a ton of super subtle comments that Radiant makes throughout that I completely ignored because I they didn’t seem important on my first read through. This is giving me a much greater appreciation for the reveal later that it was, in fact, Radiant. When I first read it, I thought it was a bit strange and didn’t feel like there had been any hints along the way, as Brando is so adept at doing. But now I’m seeing that the clues were there, but I just wasn’t paying close enough attention!
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2021.10.22 02:49 reyknowsbest Logic Pro Lag

Is anyone having issues with Logic Pro update lag? Need help.
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2021.10.22 02:49 gadgetsystem Big Body Benz Remember I used to be dusty!💪🏻🔥

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2021.10.22 02:49 NLMBxStax Can anyone on jp put phy goten and trunks as their lead?

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2021.10.22 02:49 hpielevators Guess the number I’m thinking of

It’s between 1 and 100. Who ever gets it right on the first try wins my free award
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2021.10.22 02:49 lauda-lele-hamara One dosent just dip and "change their personality"

Personalities can never be changed. Even if you find diffrent pastimes, diffrent people to hangout with and even diffrent jobs it's never gonna be "organic" enough. You will always be putting up with someone, doing things you don't like so that the said someone stays with you. If you hate something right off the bat you are gonna hate it even after becoming a pro at it.
People think they will make a person like them then slowly change back to their own self. It just dosent happen. They will say "You have changed" and then grow progressively distant. If you decide to put up and stay it's gonna hurt you till you continue.
If there were some problems growing up that messed someone then that's it. It's here to stay and it will never go away. It's much better to have people know about and form thier understandings of you around that, not the other way around where you form yourself around the expectations of others. You mentally cannot pull that off. If virtually no people stay because of how you are, that it. That's all there is to it. You got one heck of a lonely, unfullfilling life ahead of you and it sucks but that's all there is to it.
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2021.10.22 02:49 charl11eee What is a Financial Agent? Interview soon - clueless.

I have an interview for that soon. I've never really had much exp in that area. Mostly done payroll in the past, so I don't even know how related it is.
What kind of job is it, is it independent? How can I grow from it.... into what other positions can it become?
Right now I currently work at the library. I don't want to leave but I really make scrap there.
Thank you!
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2021.10.22 02:49 WeAllLiftTogetherMp3 Newb here, Got an error message I don't understand, is in Python?

For context, I'm attempting to export a model I build from scratch using the github vrm exporter plugin. On attempting to export, I get these messages:
55 In execute bool(self.export_invisibles), bool (self.export_only_selections)
58 in__init__”INVOKE_DEFAULT”, show_successful_message=False
130 in__call__ret=_op_call(self.idname_py(), C_dict, kw, c_exec, C_undo)
43, in invoke context, self.errors, self.show_successful_message
248 in detect_errors_and_warnings for node, material in search.shader_nodes_and_materials(used_materials):
11 in shader_nodes_and_materials for mat in used_materials
12 in if mat.node_tree is not None
AttributeError: ‘NoneType’ object has no attribute ‘node_tree’

They are all preceded by the C:\ location in blender where the error originated from, which I didn't include, but can if needed. I typed these out by hand so any typos are on my end. What do I need to fix in order to safely export? I sense something is wrong with the materials? Or I am missing a piece? Am new to using blendevrm in general so I don't know what is going on. Pls an Thanks!!
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2021.10.22 02:49 ZeusTheAngolian New to PC building and PC components, I need feedback on a potential setup.

Hello all!
I am not sure if this is the appropriate subreddit, but I'll try.
I am new to PC building and PC components overall and made a spreadsheet about a potential gaming setup. I need some users who knows stuff better than to rate it, give feedback, criticism or what i could potentially change. I appreciate all feedback and criticism. The oric
The spreadsheet is in a foreign language but I've hyperlinked all components as well as provided pictures (the spreadsheet might have some errors because it was ported to Google spreadsheets from excel)
Spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Y_QVBUGkHvS-vA4Y_IsUZpfEneD1La2x/edit?usp=sharing&ouid=113381761127263375421&rtpof=true&sd=true
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2021.10.22 02:49 CaptainCaptain17 Examples of good/bad design / products.

Interview question put me on the spot. what’s the first things that come to mind?
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2021.10.22 02:49 NickDanger81 Headed to Fremont. 40 m see you in 30?

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2021.10.22 02:49 probablypyramids Working on my museum entrance, nothing is done but the path but now I am working on my own dinos!! My favorite is the first one.

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2021.10.22 02:49 cursed_already Don't know what to do

I am commerce person wanted to become a doctor but coz of some reason didn't take science now I am dangling on what I should pursue ,I want to do a job but the one which gives me happiness , I want to see myself doing the same at age of 65 too ,where I enjoy my self , I feel that yes I have had a good day rather than just waiting for the day to end, but don't understand what to do( any thing is welcomed apart from ca/cs/sales.) Any which way there are very Few things that circulate People are stuck with the same old job profiles I want something different please help by giving suggestions.
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2021.10.22 02:49 TheNordicPolska We tried to show this to you guys before you killed us :P

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2021.10.22 02:49 HypnotizedNeverLie Militants shutdown roads around area where military warehouse exploded in western Donetsk. Donetsk - Ukraine Interactive map

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2021.10.22 02:49 peachcase Will RE7 PSVR exclusivity ever end?

Would be cool to see a port for a future Quest generation.
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2021.10.22 02:49 hldz1801 Inazuma’s world quest bosses keep reseting

Me and my friend both have this problem with maguu kenki fight in fort mumei and thunder manifestation in tsurumi island. I had to stay in almost melee range fighting MK and TM reset mostly when my active char die. In both fight i didnt even go that far out of the center of the field. I want to ask if anyone encounter the same problem and tips.
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2021.10.22 02:49 Bless_Their_Hearts Suggestions please

I’m planning a trip for my BF to see his best friends in Waterbury, CT. I’ve never been to Connecticut before, but would love some suggestions of places to check out. Any local places we need to see, hike, or eat at? Currently planning a summer trip because I’m not sure I can handle your winters. I’m from the south, and my idea of a blizzard is an inch of snow. Joking, but also kind of serious.
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2021.10.22 02:49 GardenGnomeKazoo Advice for a new RCA

I apologize in advance for the length of this but I really, REALLY, need help…
I started about a month and a half ago. So far, I really like it and I like everyone I’ve met. I was assigned as a sub to a route and the regular trained me for a week and a half before I started doing it on my own when he was off. At first, the supervisors had the carrier in the route next to mine assist me in casing and had a couple of the other subs help me when they finished early. They’re all wonderful and as a result, I’m doing pretty good.
Here’s my issue… This older guy has been there for over 20 years but he’s not a regular. He started stepping into my casing area and offering advice here and there. Then, he started bringing me my hot case mail. I thought he was under the orders of the supervisors and I was willing to accept any help that would make me more efficient. But then he started stepping in and telling me that my regular and the carrier next to me had me doing things the wrong way and he would make me redo things his way, which costed me time and often resulted in packages being out of order once I was out delivering. And at this point in time, I rarely required help anymore. Then he showed up one day when I was out delivering, reprimanded me for using my hazards and taking too long (I was actually making good time that day), went into my truck and started grabbing random packages and messing up the order of the mail. I relied on the order or the mail to properly follow the route. I could’ve been done in an hour but I wasted over three hours digging through the truck searching for which bundle of mail went with the block I was on and corresponding packages that this guy may or may not have now. He had the audacity to tell me that I needed to work on my organizational skills when I got back. But I want to be a good employee so I suck it up and don’t say anything. He starts showing up while I’m casing more and more. Stepping in front of me so I can’t mark where packages should go, grabbing my hot case mail and trying to case it only to find many things put with the wrong address when I’m out delivering. All the other carriers have departed on their routes and I can’t get anything finished anymore. It’s like he’s getting off on seeing my frustration to which he quietly says, “Aw, what’s wrong? Am I getting you all hot and bothered?", with perverted giggle. I want to punch him. I could hurt him. Nobody else is around. But I like this job. So, I went to the supervisor and she was super supportive. I found out that he was never actually supposed to be part of my training like the others. The next day, a supervisor sat at a desk in our area and he didn’t even look in my direction. I had a lot dps so I did just ok on time. Not my best, but hours earlier without him there. When I got back, he said, “I saw you over on Main St at 2pm. You aren’t fast enough.” He said this in front of the carrier who’s route is next to mine and she, not me, freaked out. She, not me, went to the supervisor and said, “Why was he on Main St. watching her when his route is nowhere near there and she still beat him back? Instead of doing his route he’s stalking her and getting paid by the hour for it!”. I don’t know how the supervisors handled it and honestly, I don’t want to deal with his drama. I don’t even hold a grudge because it’s a waste of energy. I like my job and I’m there to work. On Amazon Sunday, I had all my packages numbered but the scanner was missing a considerable amount of packages. I asked and looked everywhere with no success. The supervisor told me to load and leave. Just before I did, a pumpkin labeled with my route number was found in the back corner, away from everything, blocked from view on each side by unused extra pumpkins. His route’s pumpkins were next to mine in the central area first thing in the morning. I could be paranoid but somebody put it there because that area isn’t used. It’s a storage area. A week later, all the carriers who originally helped me were converted to regulars and now they don’t work near me. Since then, I’ve noticed a few of the carriers who are around me have started to act differently. They won’t make eye contact or friendly chitchat like they did before. I feel like he’s behind it but I have no proof. I’m not trying to be besties with them but it would be nice to be able to say good morning to each other like we did two weeks prior. I don’t want to feed into his drama and contribute to the problem by asking people but I also don’t want this to continue getting worse. This guy is going to mess with me, hoping that I’ll fight back. But I didn’t come here to play games. I came here to work. Any insight/advice would be so greatly appreciated!
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