Started a new Hardcore Survival world and this is the First Hostile mob I see, Just my luck.

2021.10.22 02:50 Ankit_Subedi Started a new Hardcore Survival world and this is the First Hostile mob I see, Just my luck.

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2021.10.22 02:49 Johannlaji0902 When Dhoni slept on the floor and Hardik slept in his bed.

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2021.10.22 02:49 S_O_I_M_ What makes a good Digimon desing in your opinion?

Yesterday I made a post asking people their opinions about the X Digimons, and seeing several answers said some desings were to over exagerated and designed made me think something.
What makes a Digimon's desing look good to you? Feel free to explain why your favourite desing has such appealing to you and why its better than all the other ones.
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2021.10.22 02:49 Kimmy132 Can someone add me for Darkrai I really need one

9450 8041 9499
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2021.10.22 02:49 The-Baronet What makes Monarchism more stable?

I consider myself a Monarchist but I have found a problem with it I cannot resolve.
Societies rise and fall in fairly fixed cycles, as referenced in books like The Fourth Turning, and the works of Oswald Spangler.
My question is: If society is doomed to degenerate, why does it matter if we have a Monarchy?
When they degenerate, societies tend to get rid of their monarch, but is that a cause of degeneration or a symptom?
If we were to keep a monarch in power up until the end, would they not become just as corrupt or feeble as the society they supposedly rule?
The idea is that tradition is an foil to civilizational collapse but every religious and/or Monarchic society has degenerated into peak Weimar. It just takes time.
I suppose one answer would be we need to prepare for the next cycle and make room for a great king to come in and push the reset button.
This all makes me think Monarchism might be misplaced nostalgia for societies in the beginning of their civilizational cycle. In a broader sense, most of traditionalist thought might be misatribution of good times to Monarchy rather than the society's scheduled flourishing.
What are your thoughts?
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2021.10.22 02:49 theShadowLander Question about hormones lvls

I was curious with how your hormone lvls changed after 3 months
I am 3 mo on hrt and my T has tanked and my E has spiked
Begining hrt T was at 295 and E was at 27
Last week T was at 9 and E was at 176
I'm guessing this isn't the usual for just 3 months
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2021.10.22 02:49 i-am-bond-james-bond Companies for Recent/New grad Data Scientist roles?

I am a recent graduate and looking for an entry level Data Scientist position. I tried searching on LinkedIn and other websites but didn’t have much luck.
It would be highly appreciated if anyone could comment down the company names that are currently hiring for DS roles!
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2021.10.22 02:49 Rikijames11 Selling 1 GA ticket

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2021.10.22 02:49 Paul_Quince_Author Rap influenced by Satanism?

Lots of people go to classical music or metal for “satanic” inspiration, even the punk rock/psychobilly scene. But many don’t think of rap, or the 90’s horrorcore which stemmed out of the satanic panic. There is actually a rather unique and I dare say kinship bond with the rap community and Satanism, in its mainstream persecution. I recommend triple six’s hustling for my papers, a few songs referencing Satanism and LaVey. ADR LaVey is another prime example of rap influenced by Satanism. Three Six Mafia not as much although they’re likely the most successful out of the horrorcore scene.
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2021.10.22 02:49 EmbarrassedReach3804 Girl says “I’ll text you”

Ok so I went a date with this girl and it went pretty well. No awkward silences and shit like that. I texted her after and said I had a great time and that we should do something this weekend that we had talked about on the date. She said she did too and then “I’ll text you”. All my boys are saying that anytime a girl says this they won’t text you and to just let it go. Is this true or no
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2021.10.22 02:49 DarlineMcdonnell This Made My Day.

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2021.10.22 02:49 Half-Majestic It took a week and hours (and hours and hours) of troubleshooting and swapping parts…but she’s finally ALIVE.

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2021.10.22 02:49 bot_neen El Instituto Nacional Electoral INE llevará a cabo en el mes de noviembre la consulta infantil y juv

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2021.10.22 02:49 dorsox Evil dmc 3

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2021.10.22 02:49 forensicmarble I keep reading that at the beginning of the game you get to choose where resident services goes, but I just restarted and did not have that option, I went into the game and resident services tent was already there, will I be able to move it when it upgrades?

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2021.10.22 02:49 Subject_Jaguar_1329 Optical cables

I’m considering redoing my pc setup. But I need long optical cables. From DP, HDMI to USB-B monitor cables. All 10 plus meters.Can anyone recommend a store, anywhere in the world, that sells them (at a reasonable price)?
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2021.10.22 02:49 cgazizluz If you guys are bored or stressed out here’s some bubble wrap to pop!

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2021.10.22 02:49 the_last_fool0385 I need to vent - Similar fic plot

Okay, I need to vent for a minute.
Last year I started writing this slow-burn fanfic for this f/f rare pairing on this huge fandom. The main trope for this fanfic was an arranged marriage (yes, very cliché - I know), as the rare pairing didn’t have any of those – in fact, strangely with this pair, people only seemed to write one-shot smuts – so I thought “why not write something different from that”.
I’ve spent one year crafting the story and I’m 1/3 of the way now, but since I like to have my first draft finished before posting etc., I haven’t posted a single chapter yet. So today I just thought to check the pairing tag to see some new fics and surprise, surprise! There were two fics already with the same trope. I, of course, loved this, because I thought – hey, more people are seeing the potential for this couple – and decided to check them out as they’re still in progress. The first one was fine and although less than 5 chapters in, it had almost no similarities to my fic. But the second one – oh boy!
Now, I know that there’s no ‘original idea’ when one’s writing fanfiction. And that you can have thousands of stories of a pairing with the same trope within fandoms, and that’s fine as I’m a reader too and I love to consume tons of these stories. But this story was not just ‘similar’ to mine, it was almost the same! Like, everything (the enemies-to-lovers trope too, the pacing, same kind of conflicts, where exactly the pairing would they start interacting, same events that lead to the arranged marriage, the marriage proposal comes from the same character and we even managed to give the same name to an OC lmao). Everything I had planned, outlined, and written so far was very similar. Even our writing styles are pretty similar.
I was instantly demotivated into continuing writing my fanfic.
I know I mostly write to myself, but I would be lying if I said if I didn’t want people to like my story. I also know that readers don’t care much about fics with similar tropes and plots as long as they can have as much as they can from different authors. Now, I’m not just worried that people will think I copied this author’s idea, which is something already off-putting, but it’s the fact that I feel like my fic won’t be as good as this one (and this author's already on chapter 20 or something). I’m disgusted that I can’t stop comparing our stories.
Maybe I’m just a little jealous at the fact someone else beat me to it, don’t know. And alright, maybe I’m exaggerating a little, our plots are not that similar, we have several major differences and this author’s characterization of one of the main characters is pretty out of character, while I’m going to stick mainly to canon. So yeah. But this is as far as our differences go.
I’m still deciding if I should continue writing my fic, but I probably will because it sucks to just throw away +70K words or start from 0. I just feel like it's not the same anymore.
I’m having an existential crisis.
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2021.10.22 02:49 zzkielz Light's Axie Scholarship looking for active scholars!

Just submit your application form in #form :)
-No need invites
-Need Discord
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2021.10.22 02:49 guy8118 Suptay Ganja

Sanjay Gupta
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2021.10.22 02:49 Nohan07 Du renfort pour assurer la sécurité autour du référendum

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2021.10.22 02:49 Jaidutt_18 Noiceeeeee.

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2021.10.22 02:49 Zedrunkgod when it starts great but it only goes downhill real fast, Unlucky day i guess :( ...

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2021.10.22 02:49 LilMilox Every channel rn :

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2021.10.22 02:49 FarRecord124 What’s next? This is for the increase.

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