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Alex freakin' Karev

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I’ll be on all day tmrw and sat
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2021.10.22 04:21 Guetguet1993 [S] PYP Survivor: The Firt (ep 5)

Ep 5: The Weak, The Dumb, and the Backstabber

[Last time on Survivor… In the last episode the Koror Tribe volunteered to come to Tribal council, where the two men, Hank Moody and Lee Everett were chosen to face the public. Now it's time to reveal the results. With 54% of the vote, the person staying will be… Lee. Hank, for you the game ends here. Normally, we’d tell you to make your way to the nearest confessional, but given your actions to Petunia the previous episodes, security will escort you shortly.]

Hank: Wait! I haven’t even given her my number yet! Petunia!, it’s 555-

[Our viewers will be happy to know that Hank was interrupted by security before he could finish. With the departure of one member, comes the arrival of two more, so please welcome the newest two participants of the Koror Tribe, Megamind, and Korekiyo Shinguji! Please give them a minute to allow them to introduce themselves!]

Megamind: The name’s… MEGAMIND! Ultimate super villain, and now super hero. I'm pretty sure I’ll be the most unpredictable player of this tribe, I can an angel or a devil to this group, and I can’t tell which is which. Either way, without someone to fight against, I get bored quickly. In Survivor I'm going to be the one to watch out for because I won't let anyone control me!
Kiyo: I am Korekiyo Shinguji, the ultimate anthropologist, but everyone would rather call me ‘Kiyo’. I’m doing this in the name of my sister, who I loved dearly until her feeble last breaths. I love the cultures of the world, and I will bring my knowledge and tactics to help my tribe go far.

. Green [Nai] -ELIMINATED-
. Henry Stickmin [Nai]
. Hank Moody [Koror] -ELIMINATED-
. Korekiyo Shinguji [Koror] -NEW-
. Kyoko Kirigiri [Nai]
. Lady [Nai]
. Lee Everett [Koror]
. Lightning [Nai] -ELIMINATED-
. Megamind [Koror] -NEW-
. Noelle Holiday [Nai]
. Petunia [Koror]
. Primarina [Koror]
. Princess Daisy [Koror]
. Rick Sanchez [Nai]
. Spamton [Koror] -ELIMINATED-
. Spirit [Nai]
. Sweet [Koror]
. Taylor 'Skitter' Herbert [Nai]

Koror Day 12
[The tribe arrives from the Tribal Council pleased, Petunia especially.]

-Petunia: Finally Hank is out! Once I get out, I swear I’ll get a restraining order against him. Now that he’s gone, I can finally breathe and hope that we can finally have peace and quiet on this camp, all the crazies like Hank and Spamton are finally out of here!-
[Primarina takes Lee aside.]

Primarina: So now that Hank is gone you can work for me now. You can start by brushing my hair.
Lee: Wait what?
Primarina: Lee, you know the rules. Now, less talking, more brushing.
Lee: What do you think I am, your slave?
Primarina: Don't act like a fool darling. Ever since your boyfriend Hank left you, you’re now all alone. If you want to survive here you have to be at my service, I am to be treated like a princess so I can lead like a queen later on.
Lee: *chuckles* Me? With Hank? You must be smoking something to think of something that wrong.
Primarina: But Sweet said…
Lee: If you really are going to lead like a queen, then maybe actually look at what Sweet is trying to tell you. Which is bullshit by the way. At this point, you’re not even a princess, you’re as dumb as a jester. Now if you want my advice Primarina, actually do stuff around here, otherwise we won’t be thinking long on who to vote for.

-Lee: I've been wanting to take Primarina out for a long time, she just doesn't bring anything to camp or the challenges. But we had to take out Hank first before we could get to Primarina. Now that everything is back to normal, it's time to keep the tribe strong and get rid of the ones that won't bring anything to the table.-
-Primarina: Congrats Sweet, you fucked both of us and it’s your own fault! He was supposed to do the hard work for both of us in secret, but clearly his rapping “skills” have done something to his brain, and as a result the hardworking diva that the Tribe saw was doing absolutely nothing! As long as I'm on this island I'll never do something that actually requires effort, I'll just find some new peasants to replace the slaves that get voted out.-

[Daisy decides to take Megamind and Kiyo on a tour of the island.]

Daisy: And this is where we get our water. And that’s pretty much it, welcome to the island!
Kiyo: Thank you very much, I appreciate this warm welcome.
Megamind: So how’s the tribe going?
Daisy: Excuse me?
Megamind: Is there a leader everybody obeys to? Is everyone happy? Is there anybody who you’re allied with?
Kiyo: Yes It would be interesting to know these people better, so we can get a better grasp on who to meet and who to avoid.
Daisy: Well, I’m in an alliance with Petunia and Lee, and that’s it… I guess.
Megamind: That’s… it?
Daisy: Yeah, Primarina’s doesn’t really hang around with us and Sweet... well, we don't talk to him too much. He’s always working for Primarina.

Megamind: The perfect word to describe this Tribe would be boring, with a capital B Frankly I came here to play and we only have 3 people who are allied with each other and 2 others who don’t even matter. I would like to spice things up, but if I don't have anyone to fight with...
Kiyo: Daisy’s title of ‘princess’ couldn’t have been wrong. This isn’t a bad thing, she just doesn’t fit the description of a usual princess. Y’know, the damsel in distress who’ll be sold off to a neighbouring country to strengthen bonds. If luck is on my side, I can ally with her, and go far in this competition.

N/A Day 13

[We take a quick break from the two tribes, to introduce a special new event! We’ll try to make this as simple as we can. On a secluded beach, Guet will meet with two new players, Shrek and Undyne the Undying. The tribes will meet these players eventually, but it will take time. However, you, the public, get to decide whether the tribes meet them or not. The public will decide your fate in the same way they eliminate players. The public will decide whether to allow one person entry, or allow/deny entry to both of our new players. In a couple of says, we’ll know, but for now we’ll leave an extra camera here to let you introduce yourself to the public.]

Shrek: Hey, name’s Shrek and I'm an ordinary ogre, I like peace and quiet, my family and my friends. I'm a pretty quiet person in general, but I'm have a feeling I’ll be very useful in challenges. I want to try new things, so this will be the perfect opportunity. Plus I’m pretty sure we get money if we win and I need someone who’ll fix the toilet…
Undyne: I am Undyne, the leader of the Royal Guard! I already know a few people here, and I’m here to prove my worth! Sweet, Noelle, you thought you’re safe with those weak little “friends” of yours. But I will crush you under my hell when given the chance! Booyah!

Nai Day 14

[Kyoko inspects Jeff 3043 and presses a few buttons until finally a fake piece of ballot paper comes out of its mouth. Just as Kyoko grabs the paper, Spirit and Rick notice her.]

Rick: Hey! What the hell are you doing with my robot, you bitch?
Spirit: Yeah, only Rick and I can touch Jeff!
Rick: No Spirit, only I can touch Jeff!
Kyoko: You two can bicker all you want, but I finally have what I came here for, so I’ll go…
Spirit: Wait, tell us what you were after!
Kyoko: I think you know what I have in my hand. Both of you have used this machine to cheat, and have tried to take me out. Only us 3 know this, but soon, the whole Tribe will know.
Spirit: I have no idea what you’re talking about.
Kyoko: Then why are you two in a rush? Don’t think I’ve forgotten about you, Rick.
Spirit: No! I-
Rick: Spirit, that’s enough. Yeah, you got us Sherlock Holmes, we, or should I say I, wanted to take you out. Woop-de-fucking-do, now just scram, you’re giving me a headache.
Kyoko: So you’re not scared about the Tribe voting you off?
Rick: I don’t give a shit if you vote me or not, people are going to trust a guy they respect rather than the new girl on camp. So go ahead, tell the whole Tribe.
Kyoko: Who said I’m telling just our tribe?
-Rick: She doesn’t look like it, but Kyoko is smart, and that’s too dangerous. Obviously, she’ll vote me out, but is she really going to reveal the plan to the rest of the Tribe? I'm not going home this quickly, and luckily I have a backup plan.-

Koror Day 14

[The tribe wakes up to the sound of organ music. Everybody notices Sweet preparing a wedding altar near the sea, who quickly approaches Petunia and Daisy.]

Sweet: Yo look what I did man, this is my best work yet, this will be the best wedding ever!
Petunia: Sweet, are you… getting married or something?
Sweet: No, silly. I’m just the guy who reads the words from that old book behind the couple. It’s you and Daisy who are getting married!

[The tribe begins to laugh, but soon realise that Sweet is serious.]

Daisy: Uh Sweet, we're not together man, we’re just friends. But, where did you get the materials to build this stuff?
Sweet: Well, y’know those sticks Guet gave us for today’s challenge? Well, we don’t have them anymore, I had to use them to make the chairs.
Petunia: You did what?
Sweet: Sure, we could have used those to build something else but that’s boring, so I decided to ignite the fire between you two!
Petunia: I swear Sweet has something wrong on his brain, why else would he do this? Now we’re definitely going to lose the challenge! I thought that after Hank left things would go back to normal, but apparently there are more crazy people than there are sane people!

[The immunity challenge came down to the Koror coming up without materials but Kyoko stops the challenge to bring in Jeff 3043. Guet looks at her to see if she was serious, which she was. In anger, Guet called off the challenge prematurely, sending the Nai Tribe to Tribal Council, shocked at the sudden turn of events.]

Nai Day 15

[The tribe returns to camp, everybody is keeping a close eye on Rick, Spirit, and Kyoko, to make sure nothing happens.]

-Spirit: Tonight I'm gonna use Jeff to save Rick, our plan is to take out Kyoko (obviously), and then weed out the weak, like Lady and Henry. But if I do it straight away, people are going to get suspicious, maybe if I vote against someone nobody cares about, I’ll have a better reputation. Someone weak like Noelle would be ideal.-

[Noelle and Skitter (as always) discuss who to vote.]

Noelle: Who do we vote for tonight, Rick?
Skitter: No, even if his invention made us lose and he cheated, he’ll still be useful.
Noeel: Shall we vote on somebody else? Maybe one of the new guys?
Skitter: That seems reasonable, but we barely know anything about them, so choosing one or the other is going to be hard.
Noelle: How about we vote individually, I vote for Lady and you vote for Henry. That way we don’t have to argue.

-Noelle: I feel safer tonight, I think one of the new guys are going to leave, which is a shame as they only just got here. But, strategically, it makes the most sense.-
-Skitter: It doesn’t matter who’s voting, Kyoko has definitely opened a can of worms, and Rick will certainly have the most votes, but for who’s going alongside him, that’s a hard one to say.-

[Rick walks up to Henry and Lady.]

Rick: Hey you two!
Henry: Yes?
Rick: Are you in an alliance together?
Lady: Yes, in a way.
Rick: So both of you will know that you’re in danger tonight.
Henry: Yeah, that’s hardly shocking.
Rick: Well, I have a plan to make sure us 3 work together as a team, you get me?
Lady: We’re listening...
Rick: You know about the fake vote thing that cost us the challenge?
Henry: Yeah, what about it?
Rick: Well, I think I may know who used it!
Lady: Wow really? So who was it? Kyoko?
Rick: No Lady think! If she brought the extra vote to Guet, why would she put herself in immediate danger? The cheater has to be someone else aside from us and Kyoko.
Henry: Can’t people just play fair in this game?
Lady: I am shocked to learn that there is a cheater among us. They have to be taken out at once.
Henry: Well, spill the beans. Who is it?

[Rick pauses for a moment, thinking, and finally says the name to Lady and Henry.]

Rick: Spirit...

-Rick: It was quite easy to blame Spirit, after all the guy’s near Jeff 24/7, along with me. Now, I just have to rest easy knowing that I won’t get voted out tonight…-


[After a premature end to the challenge, the Nai Tribe face Tribal Council. The new Henry and Lady, considered weak on the challenges, are now in danger, but so are Noelle and Rick, who may have more experience but are also considered weak among their peers. However, in the last few hours, Spirit's name has been circulating because of the extra votes. This will be the last Tribal Council before the merge, and the votes will not be pretty. It's time to reveal them.]

The first vote goes to… Henry.
The second vote goes to… Lady.
The third vote goes to… Noelle.
The fourth vote goes to… Rick.
The fifth vote goes to… Spirit.
The sixth vote goes to… Noelle.
The seven vote goes to… Spirit.
The Final votes goes to ... Spirit

[Everyone looks at each other in shock, especially Spirit who looks at Rick.]

[Noelle, Spirit, the tribe has spoken. Now your fate rests in the hands of the public. May luck be on your side.]


Who will Be Save?
Koror Ambassador
Nai tribe

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18+ 2 spots open PS4/PS5, MUST HAVE MICS pls.
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I am trying to emulate skylanders giants wii verison on pc and i have 4 wii u portals the 2 i dont own are giants and ssa could they work?
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I met my ex on a dating app and we hit it off instantly. It was mostly me wooing her. I knew she wasn't fitting in the criteria of what I was looking for, but I fell pretty hard for her. It was me putting in the efforts for both of us. It was all going great until one day she decided to be a bit distant and we had this huge argument a week before our breakup. I told her at the beginning of "us", I will have to move to a different city for my work and she was okay with it at that time and when I broke this news of shifting, she simply said we should not be dating anymore and then she said that we can do a Long Distance Relationship. She had her insecurities, which I told her and time and again tried to assure that I will not go hunting for my sidechick(she was cheated upon, in her last relationship). She then a day before I was supposed to shift, told me that this is it. We're done. The duration between the first time she tried to breakup and the final blow was 6 weeks. Now suddenly, after three months she's trying to creep back in my life. I told her that I'm dating a new girl here and she said that she is down for open relationship but I am not at all comfortable to be dating two different girls in two different cities. I know I can get away with it but I believe in Monogamy. She when we were dating, told me the same thing. Plus, after the breakup and getting busy with the work and shifting I realized that I don't like her traits of being lazy, not taking care of oneself, living like a snob or ordering in instead of cooking, not at all exercising and then complaining about the weight and the backpains. Red flags seemed blind, infatuation made me colorblind. The new girl is really good at taking care of herself and she's highly motivated to do things instead of being a lazy snob and doesn't bicker all the time about her work whereas the old one used to and still bicker about her. Please help.
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