didn't know I can do that!

2021.10.22 02:31 Training-Pick-1142 didn't know I can do that!

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2021.10.22 02:31 foxrever كود خصم امازون السعودية | عروض عربية مميزة من أمازون السعودية

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2021.10.22 02:31 joaopkk Men who take midodrine

How has it affected your sex life?
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2021.10.22 02:31 Littlexladybug Dm me

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2021.10.22 02:31 Desperate-Flatworm-1 Tales Of Mana

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2021.10.22 02:31 Granitsky Any other liquor stores closed down besides the one in pleasant grove for labor shortages (pissed off low wage workers I assume)?

Tonight the PG liquor store was closed and a nice lady in the parking lot was telling everyone that the springville one was closed too due to labor shortages according to a sign on the door. Anyone other stores affected by this?
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2021.10.22 02:31 yummybanchan Chaeyoung

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2021.10.22 02:31 Commercial-Ad5678 The Redragon Helion H710 Headset

We recently did a review of Redragon's new headset, and it's probably one of the best bang for buck headsets currently on the market.
You can check out our review here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RlDyCt_HM-8
I would also love to hear your thoughts and opinions on the best budget headset.
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2021.10.22 02:31 johnrock001 Yu Yu Hakusho Filler - Filler Guide for Yu Yu Hakusho

Yu Yu Hakusho Filler - Filler Guide for Yu Yu Hakusho - https://www.myanimeforlife.com/yu-yu-hakusho-fille
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2021.10.22 02:31 amoralducksauce i added throat goat to my resume and instantly got a lot more job offers

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2021.10.22 02:31 jarmas_1 Paradise Again - Release Date

The album CD ships on April 15, 2022. So when the album is going to be release?
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2021.10.22 02:31 zombiemuss106 What do I 18M do with my best friend 17M

I messaged my best friend last night, note we had a falling out due to me being gay and me having a crush on him. I messaged him and told him that I missed him, I was honestly expecting him to freak out and be mad but he said "I miss you too..." I dont know how to approach this now. It sucks too only reason I came out last year was because he said he thinks he is bisexual and I figured he would be able to support me. Nope he went back to being "straight" and then grew distant with me since.
Last time we really even talked and hung out was June and that was after he knew I liked him. It was for his graduation party and he wouldn't stop eye balling me. Everyone left and it was me and him and he just kept telling me that it ment a lot that I came. I really almost didn't go due to what had happened between us. We then got into a arguement a few weeks later and he said I can tell you still like me, I do but I was denying it. Just some sorta tension between me and him and honestly it feels sexual we are just afraid to admit it. We are both young he's 18 I'm 19 but I don't think if you're "straight" you tell you're gay best friend that you're into being tied up, how big your cock is, thinking that I want to blow you (I do but I never said it nor hinted at it), or even get mad when he doesn't tell you good morning one day then call it gay on valentine's day when I say afternoon.
I won't forgot that either he invited me over on valentine's day for dinner but when I mentioned what day it was he said never mind. It was just too suspicious for him to even say he forgot because I told him he just ignored it then the day of he said his parents reminded him what day it was even tho I messaged him the night before about it. That hurt a bit and I'm still mad about that. He changed the date and everything to valentine's day and I knew this and I know he knew it.
Its just don't know what to do with him, I dont want to move on because we've known eachother since 8th grade and he is the one person who is there for me through out high school. Hell he is still there for me regardless of how I feel for him and I'm there for him no matter how confused he makes me lol. I love the fucker god dammit. Just funny how he says he thinks he's bisexual then I come out and he goes back to being straight not even a few weeks later after I go over to his house and hang out.
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2021.10.22 02:31 itsvenous Can't combo with Rengoku? TRY THIS!

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2021.10.22 02:31 th3frozenpriest Tome of the Mind - Chapter 13

[first] [prev] [next]

The noise of the packed auditorium was all too familiar to Samuel. At Kiinor’s suggestion, he was outside the room, in a side chamber that wasn’t available to the students. This way, they could get everyone in order and make their announcements without any distractions. But despite nearly three feet of wall between himself and the crowd, Samuel could still feel the rumble of hundreds of feet, layered over the babble of bored students gathering for a tedious task.
It was only then that Samuel remembered that he hated being the center of attention. The thought would have occurred to him long before this had he not been distracted by the chaotic morning. Now that he had a chance to sit and prepare himself, however, he felt that uneasy surge of nerves at the thought of speaking to such a large group. How was it that one could forget something so important until it was right in front of them?
The sound of the footsteps and muttering died down, and Samuel only heard one voice. He didn’t recognize it, but he assumed it to be the Dean of the College. The last Dean had been a relative of Archmage Peran, though thankfully without his murderous, greedy nature. He hadn’t taken the time to learn much about Dean Peran at the time, and now that he tried to remember the woman, not much came to him.
“Welcome to a new year within the College,” the new Dean, a broad-chested man by the sound of his voice, said. “I know it has only been a week since classes began, but I hope you are learning a great deal.”
A quiet mutter from the students, though it was quickly silenced. No other response. This didn’t seem to bother the Dean, who continued in his address. He went through standard announcements and reminders, from announcing the changing times of practice fields to admonishing one group of students, who went unnamed, for dueling outside College grounds. Samuel tried to sit attentively and patiently, perspiring slightly despite the light robe.
“Now, as some of you may have heard through rumors among the campus today, we have a new addition to the administration of the College,” the new Dean said. “Not only that, but we welcome back a respected former student who has returned under the service of Arcana, God of Knowledge and Magic, Patron saint of our school.”
That was new, Samuel thought. From what he could remember, nearly every god had been named a Patron to the College. The Mage’s Guild had even gone so far as to name a representative for each deity so that their support and power could not go unnoticed. Samuel himself had stood in that line for his first gathering in the auditorium, in front of a banner bearing Arcana’s sigil. Perhaps the Dean was merely being flattering for the sake of impact, Samuel thought. He saw no reason the school would discard the support of the other gods.
“I am sure you have heard much about this man,” the Dean continued. “He is the oldest known follower of Arcana and his chosen Champion.”
More mutters from the crowd now, and, in his panicked state, Samuel could hear the murmurs of interest that rose to gleeful calls for him to show. Swallowing tensely, Samuel closed his eyes. He hoped with all his might that the Dean would not say the next few words, but to no avail.
“Yes indeed. Please give your applause and respect to the new Archmage of Knowledge, Samuel Bragg!”
It was almost as if a large explosion had taken place on the other side of the wall. Applause from what sounded like thousands of hands rang in his ears, with cheers and whistles that almost deafened him. He stood, trying to ignore the way his knees were shaking, and stepped into the circle inscribed on the chamber floor. This had been set up in advance by Kiinor, to ensure that Samuel did not have to walk through the crowd of students to reach the stage. He used his own mana to power the runes and closed his eyes against the bright flash of light they created.
When he opened his eyes, he found himself on the stage, staring out at a group of students more than twice the size of the old College’s population. His robe billowed impressively as he popped into place, and the applause redoubled, many of the students, particularly the apprentices, springing to their feet in a standing ovation. Samuel blinked in shock at the reception, unsure why so many would applaud a stranger they knew nothing about.
A strange thought struck him as he stood there, his mouth dry and his heart pounding. He’d expected to be too nervous to speak, and wouldn’t have been surprised if he fainted from the sudden stress. But as he looked out at the sea of colored robes, he couldn’t help but notice a faint light of eagerness in every student he studied, regardless of their rank. It was a look he knew all too well. It was the thirst for learning, the burning curiosity that led him to learn, to practice, and to master any new spell that had been placed in front of him. And quite suddenly, he didn’t feel as nervous.
“Would you like to say a few words, Archmage Bragg?” The Dean asked over the sound of the clapping. “The students are eager to meet you.”
Samuel spared half a glance at Kiinor, who gave him an almost imperceptible nod of encouragement. Suppressing the nervous grin that threatened to break out, Samuel nodded and took a step forward to stand behind the podium. The Dean, who did indeed have a broad chest, as well as a long black beard and a friendly grin, stepped gracefully to the side to give him space.
“Well,” Samuel said hesitantly, not sure where to begin. “I must admit, I did not expect to find myself an Archmage on my first day back to school.”
The students were silent now, each face turned to stare intently at him. He’d expected some kind of reaction and was taken aback at the austere, focused expressions. Clearing his throat, he cast his mind about for something to speak on. Anything would do, surely. But his mind was blank. Should he introduce himself? That was a good place to start.
“As the Dean mentioned, my name is Samuel Bragg,” he said, wincing internally as his voice echoed out into the empty air. “I attended this College myself, long ago, when I was a newcomer in the city. I had just left my village and taken over my father’s estate when I found my interest in and love for magic.”
Finally, many of the students rumbled in agreement with the sentiment, and Samuel felt his spirits lift a little. Some turned to their neighbors to whisper something, giving the illusion that a slight breeze was spinning through the hall. Bolstered, Samuel plowed on.
“I remember it as if it were yesterday. Every day was filled with more learning, and each night was chock-full of studying, finishing papers or demonstrations at the last minute so I could be ready for class the next day.”
Several members of the crowd, including the Adepts and Masters, laughed at this, and there were a few shouts of agreement. Samuel noticed that Kiinor’s name was mentioned loudly a few times, which spawned more laughter. It seemed that Kiinor was well-known for his tough lessons. That was to be expected, knowing his teacher.
“I had my fair share of troubles, of course,” he said with a slight grin. “I was an awkward fellow, trying my best to succeed, without a thought of how my distance affected those around me. Archmage Kiinor, in particular, I clashed with, on more than one occasion.”
Perhaps he shouldn’t have mentioned that, he thought. He glanced towards Kiinor to see the man shuffling his feet slightly, his gaze straight ahead and unblinking. He was doubtlessly remembering their fight as well, and it was all too clear that he did not enjoy the reminder. Samuel mentally kicked himself and made a note to apologize later. Time to move to a brighter topic, he told himself.
“But all that struggle and hard work was, and continues to be worth it,” he said, his voice more serious now. “Mastery of the arcane requires constant application and practice.”
“I am excited to return to these halls of learning and honored to serve as Archmage. I hope to contribute all that I can to our stores of knowledge, and that we can continue to learn from each other in this historic school, so that we may pursue mastery of magic. Apprentice, Acolyte, Adept, Master, it doesn’t matter. We are all called to study, and perfect our skills. May this new year provide you with that chance.”
Applause broke out again. Unsure if it was enough, Samuel stepped back. He couldn’t think of anything else to say in any event, but the students didn’t seem to mind. They clapped politely for several seconds, only quieting down when the Dean resumed the podium. Samuel returned to his place beside Kiinor, noting the nod of approval that the old Archmage gave him.
“Embarrassing story aside, well done,” Kiinor said. “You’re a much better speaker than you were before.”
“Just wait,” Samuel replied out of the corner of his mouth. “Once they see how weak I am, they’ll forget my speech.”
The Archmage of Destruction let out a short snort of laughter. “Better learn quick, then. They’ll expect you to be better than a Master.”
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2021.10.22 02:31 BicyclePositive2479 Caught members of the FED trading on inside information but please trust us to regulate ourselves...thanks

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2021.10.22 02:31 johnrock001 Anime Girl - Cute Anime Girl Characters - Kawaii Anime Girl

Anime Girl - Cute Anime Girl Characters - Kawaii Anime Girl - https://www.myanimeforlife.com/anime-girl/
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2021.10.22 02:31 PhiDX Korean Pros’ 1P Wavedash Technique

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2021.10.22 02:31 Nervous-Resident6283 long load time

i dont know if this is just someone disconnecting during loading but no joke this load screen has gone on for 7 minutes now, is anyone else suffering long load times?
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2021.10.22 02:31 another-stranger-2 each upvote = 1 practice exam

idk I just have no motivation so maybe this might help 💀
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2021.10.22 02:31 doodah221 Anyone else Buy Spell on Trader Joe, get the confirmation, but the Spell is nowhere to be found?

I noticed another person had this exact same issue as I did around the same time.
I added the contract address, refreshed the page, refreshed it on Trader Joe, but dang it if it simply won't refresh. Trader Joe shows that I have the balance, as well as on the blockchain. It's also showing on my MM mobile device. It just won't show on my browser. Weird no?
Anyone else have this problem? I emailed their support and it's been days now. Seriously how long does it usually take to get a response from them?
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2021.10.22 02:31 Sensitive-Sky-8279 Now the bot's just turning stupid

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2021.10.22 02:31 johnrock001 Anime Girl Names - Top Anime Girl Names With Meaning List

Anime Girl Names - Top Anime Girl Names With Meaning List - https://www.myanimeforlife.com/anime-girl-names/
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2021.10.22 02:31 Faceless132 Ok what if the earth is actually flat, why would NASA hide it?

What would be the reason of them hiding it, convincing people that it's a globe, and guard Antarctica if the earth is actually flat? Is it for Aliens? The Government?
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2021.10.22 02:31 DenizenEvil [Question] Shape Detection with Lots of Line Noise

I'm trying to detect shapes in an image that may overlap and has lines and colors for noise.
My goal is to count the circles and triangles in the image. In this case, 8. There can be as few as 1 and as many as 9.
What I've tried so far is to use canny edges, morphological gradients, Hough lines to try to remove noise (failed terribly), and Hough circles to try to find the circles. The best I can get is something that looks like this:
I'm really new to OpenCV, and I'm not familiar with how to move forward here. My code is below and made up of patchwork snippets from various other posts.

import cv2 import numpy as np def getContours(img, imgContour): contours, hierarchy = cv2.findContours(img, cv2.RETR_EXTERNAL, cv2.CHAIN_APPROX_TC89_L1) for contour in contours: area = cv2.contourArea(contour) if area > 1000: cv2.drawContours(imgContour, contour, -1, (255, 0, 255), 7) peri = cv2.arcLength(contour, True) approx = cv2.approxPolyDP(contour, 0.02 * peri, True) print(len(approx)) def empty(_): return def main(): cv2.namedWindow("Parameters") cv2.resizeWindow("Parameters", 640, 480) cv2.createTrackbar("Threshold 1", "Parameters", 116, 255, empty) cv2.createTrackbar("Threshold 2", "Parameters", 81, 255, empty) cv2.createTrackbar("Hough Threshold", "Parameters", 15, 300, empty) cv2.createTrackbar("Min Line Length", "Parameters", 10, 250, empty) cv2.createTrackbar("Max Line Gap", "Parameters", 10, 100, empty) cv2.createTrackbar("Param 1", "Parameters", 50, 100, empty) cv2.createTrackbar("Param 2", "Parameters", 15, 500, empty) cv2.createTrackbar("Min Dist", "Parameters", 50, 100, empty) cv2.createTrackbar("Min Radius", "Parameters", 5, 20, empty) cv2.createTrackbar("Max Radius", "Parameters", 0, 200, empty) while True: img = cv2.imread("input.jpg", cv2.IMREAD_COLOR) h, w = img.shape[:2] imgBlur = cv2.GaussianBlur(img, (7, 7), 100) kernel = cv2.getStructuringElement(cv2.MORPH_ELLIPSE, (7, 7)) imgGradient = cv2.morphologyEx(imgBlur, cv2.MORPH_GRADIENT, kernel) imgGray = cv2.cvtColor(imgGradient, cv2.COLOR_BGR2GRAY) threshold1 = cv2.getTrackbarPos("Threshold 1", "Parameters") threshold2 = cv2.getTrackbarPos("Threshold 2", "Parameters") imgCanny = cv2.Canny(imgGray, threshold1, threshold2, apertureSize=3) kernel = np.ones((5, 5)) imgDil = cv2.dilate(imgCanny, kernel, iterations=1) imgContour = img.copy() getContours(imgDil, imgContour) imgContourGray = cv2.cvtColor(imgContour, cv2.COLOR_BGR2GRAY) imgGradientGray = cv2.cvtColor(imgGradient, cv2.COLOR_BGR2GRAY) imgLines = np.copy(img) hThresh = cv2.getTrackbarPos("Hough Threshold", "Parameters") minLineLength = cv2.getTrackbarPos("Min Line Length", "Parameters") maxLineGap = cv2.getTrackbarPos("Max Line Gap", "Parameters") lines = cv2.HoughLinesP(imgGray, 1, np.pi/180, hThresh, minLineLength=minLineLength, maxLineGap=maxLineGap) if lines is not None: for line in lines: for x1, y1, x2, y2 in line: cv2.line(imgLines, (x1, y1), (x2, y2), (0, 0, 0), 2) param1 = cv2.getTrackbarPos("Param 1", "Parameters") param2 = cv2.getTrackbarPos("Param 2", "Parameters") minDist = cv2.getTrackbarPos("Min Dist", "Parameters") minRad = cv2.getTrackbarPos("Min Radius", "Parameters") maxRad = cv2.getTrackbarPos("Max Radius", "Parameters") circles = cv2.HoughCircles(imgGray, cv2.HOUGH_GRADIENT, 1, minDist, param1=param1, param2=param2, minRadius=minRad, maxRadius=maxRad) cv2.imshow("Frame", img) cv2.imshow("Blur", imgBlur) cv2.imshow("Gray", imgGray) cv2.imshow("Gradient", imgGradient) cv2.imshow("Dilation", imgDil) cv2.imshow("Contours", imgContour) cv2.imshow("Gray Contour", imgContourGray) cv2.imshow("Lines", imgLines) # cv2.imshow("Filled Binarized Gradient", binary) if circles is not None: circles = np.uint16(np.around(circles)) for i in circles[0,:]: cv2.circle(img,(i[0],i[1]),i[2],(0,255,0),2) cv2.circle(img,(i[0],i[1]),2,(0,0,255),3) cv2.imshow('circles', img) if cv2.waitKey(1) & 0xFF == ord('q'): break; cv2.destroyAllWindows() if __name__ == "__main__": main() 
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