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2021.10.22 03:48 Massive_Dinner 🥷 Ninja Floki Inu 🥷 | Stealth Launched 10 Minute | Join our telegram, don't miss this opportunity | Easy x10 - x50 GEM

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2021.10.22 03:48 ZoeyWillliams_ Looking for a lost boyfriend.

Hello, my name is Zoey. About 4 months ago my boyfriend, Zack, went missing. The last time I remember talking to him was over discord. I was talking with him while he was trolling somebody named Unnamed. Then I herd his voice cut out like someone had entered the room and that was the last I herd of him.
If you have any information concerning Zack please contact me.
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2021.10.22 03:48 hematicfood Clove tea health benefits

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2021.10.22 03:48 Poppythelab Could this be dyshidrosis? My skin stays very dry and am very stressed recently. A little itchy and painful

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2021.10.22 03:48 kcasusi Feeling Blue

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2021.10.22 03:48 GypsyRoadHGHWy Breaking News! Screaming Sasquatch - Dogman Or Werewolf? - Paranormal Meets Bigfoot - UFO Sightings - Are We Living in a Matrix - Salem Witches a Mandela Effect

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2021.10.22 03:48 Top-Inspector-792 Uhm, wtf?

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2021.10.22 03:48 someonerezcody My coloring book finally passed its publication review! Yay! :D

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2021.10.22 03:48 SpideyMan1965 Doc Ock In Spider-Man 2?

so, i had this thought awhile back and anyone else think it would be cool for otto to come back in the second game? i already have an idea on how he can come back with maybe norman as the green goblin assembling a sinister six of his own so peter and miles break otto out of the raft, but then in the end of the game otto betrays them and merges with venom to become a mix between otto and venom and that could be the final boss of the game.
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2021.10.22 03:48 Anime__GPT2 My friend's favorite anime character is [Makusoku no Rettousei](https://i.imgur.com/9mD7FmN.jpg)

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2021.10.22 03:48 _Levitated_Shield_ RIP Carrie Fisher❤️

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2021.10.22 03:48 Housedecoration Travertine Floors: Why You Must Have it!!

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2021.10.22 03:48 Mako_25 Schlatt’s got a new friend… (hope he doesn’t call it Philip)

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2021.10.22 03:48 maxvideo127 Descubren que vikingos llegaron a América antes que Colón, hace mil años - En Punto

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2021.10.22 03:48 wefreekings My Anti-Work Journey/Resume

Intro: Ancient lurker here, but I am compelled to share my terrible work experiences. It seems like every post here has some element that I also experienced in my personal journey towards anti-work. I will try to capture about 15 years worth of slimy bosses, corporate malfeasance, and sub par wages into a concise post, organized chronologically starting at the age of 16.
Petsmart-$8.00/hr, w/ a raise of 15 cents after 1.5 years, ending at $8.15/hr. Part time. Me, a naive little lamb, starts a job as a cashier at Petsmart. Training is fine, days drag on, eventually I get into the pet care department about a month later. Animal shipments are half dead or diseased a significant amount of time. The birds at one point were suspected of having Psittacosis (this bacteria is the same one that causes chlamydia in humans) and we couldn't sell them for some time.
Management grew worse and worse. The worst was the beer belly ex-marine who came to "fix" our store's high-shrink rate. The guy was a complete tool who likened our work to some kind of charity, complete with an awful VHS training tape. (This is 2007.) The other manager was your typical callous, micromanaging type. I accidentally gave a customer 10 extra live crickets (12 cents each), which are fucking impossible to count anyways, let alone with a line of six people who also want crickets or live fish. This manager then rings up the extra cricket customer, looks at the bag, walks back to my station, takes 10 min. to count them, then later that day solemnly summons me to the office. All while it was ridiculously busy. "Did you know that guy? I counted 10 extra crickets." "No, but I was super busy and used the estimate method the pet care manager taught me." "So tell me, how is what you did any different than stealing?" I was shocked and pissed. A $1.20's worth of crickets. (Btw, we had a high death rate on crickets as well, and ALWAYS operated on a loss for them.) Amazingly, through the adrenaline, I told him that I quit. He looked kinda shocked, tried to get me to sign something, but I just tossed my name badge on the desk and walked out. Lasted two years there. Also, the customers were crazy. One guy literally scooped a live fish out of the tank and ate it in front of me. And much more. Corporate actually knew this, as according to their research, animal people can be lonely people that only have their pet as a friend, ergo, they will spend more money and are easier to maipula...I mean "upsell" to.
Safeway- $8.00/hr? Part time. I was a bagboy here immediately after Petsmart. I lasted three months. Most managers treated you like cattle, the scheduling was awful, like a 5.5 hr shift. (Only one break, no lunch.) Different schedule every week with one days notice. Interestingly, there was a union, but it was basically toothless and offered nothing to workers...but still required you to join and pay dues. Since I quit in three months, they didn't get a cent. I also just waltzed in one day and told them I quit with no notice, as I wanted to enjoy my summer before I went to college. My mom was PISSED and said I should've been grateful to have a job. Oh well.
Army/Navy Surplus Store-$8.00/hr? Part time. A weird reversal here, management here were actually pretty friendly. I lasted three months. Small, family owned, but I didn't see or interact with them much. The people I worked with, however, were the most toxic and miserable people I've ever been around. A lot of them were ex-military and didn't like me. (I was not in the military.) Training one day, one worker is showing me how to fold up a tent and put into a bag. I wasn't getting it and he just looks at me with a cold, blank stare and says, "You wouldn't last one day in the jungle." and walks away. Yikes. Another employee, who tolerated me more, talked about his personal life, such as huffing ether at work, or getting arrested walking home on a freeway at 2am. Yikes. A couple of guys were nice to me, but the other employees hated them as well. Work is boring, I'm not sure what to do a lot of time, only one person got to use the register. No organization of any kind, stocking shelves with no labels or plans. All the employees smoked and took frequent smoke breaks (I did not) which is relevant here in a sec. I took no additional breaks like they did, so one day, I decided to take an extra five minutes at lunch. As soon as I walked through the front door, every single one of those fuckers chastised me for being late, that one singular time. Even the new guy, at three weeks, told me Oh boo-hoo you can't be late, its unprofessional, blah blah. The store was empty with nothing to do. I fumed in the break room for a bit, then tossed my name tag and told the manager I quit, without finishing my shift. The owner called me the next day, but I never bothered to call back.
Vector Marketing, aka Cutco Knives- No $. I realized three days into the unpaid training how much of a scam this company was. All 15 people there who were also interviewing all got the job! First red flag. I was stupid enough to give a deposit for a set of seven "luxurious" knifes, which I luckily got back after returning the knives. When I realized that this was an MLM, I called the "manager" up to quit. Me: "Hey, so I just got another gig in construction. I'm going to do that instead of Cutco. When can I bring the knives so I can get my deposit?" Asshole: "So you think this gig is worthwhile? Why not stay and make real money?" Me: "Yes I do, when can I bring the knives back?" He then gets mad and tries to bully me into staying, to which my reply was to hang up. I text him saying, "I will be in tomorrow at 1pm to return the knives." Asshole: "Well, you can't just show up when you want!" Me: "Ok, how about noon then?" He agrees. I laugh about it with my roommate, who graciously agrees to give me a ride to the office to return the knives. We stop by the lake first to enjoy a nice joint. So I waltz into the office, cheery and bleary-eyed to get my deposit. The manager looks mad, but gives me my deposit without a word. But I did learn a valuable skill: turning a penny into a corkscrew!!! Who knew steel can cut through a penny made mostly of zinc?? Wow, such quality knives/shears! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LjH31-b0UiU
Convenience Store- Whatever cash he gave me from time to time. Very part time. Cash under the table, because the guy wanted to watch soccer on Sundays or other random days off. Basically, just sit there and ring people up for cigarettes and beer. (I lived a block away.) I never met the guys actual boss. Job is ok, so I ask for more hours. Even though I'm less than minimum wage (it was just some side money for weed) and did it as a favor, suddenly the work expectation goes through the roof. Like, deep cleaning shelves everyday and stocking merchandise. Without the pay. The job was ok when I just sat on my ass, but not anymore. Plus, his friends would come in just to use the toilet, clog it up, piss on the floor, etc. It was a private restroom but they got a pass. I just didn't show up anymore.
Comfort Inn/Four Seasons - $11/hr, part time. Got a job as a night audit by lying on my resume. Worked about a year. Actually one of the most naturally anti-work jobs I've ever had. The first night, the guy training me rolled a joint in the office and said there's no cameras here, here, and here. He said once the paperwork is done, (about two-three hours worth) you can do whatever the fuck you want until morning. Guests might check in late or call about something, but that was rare. I played a lot of Minecraft waiting for stuff to happen. But, the pay was the best I had in a while and I did my duties well. I actually made them a decent amount of reservations/money and the manager was nice and thought I did a good job. She asked if I could work more hours. I was enrolled in school full-time and could not. (Staying up all night on the weekend and adjusting to normal hours on Monday was bad enough for studying.) Later, we remodel into a different hotel chain and start training in a new system. My last week consisted of working on Fri, Sat, with the training Sunday morning. I stay up all night Sat on my shift and did the training Sun. I was exhausted and went home. On Mon, I check the schedule for the week. My name is not on the schedule. I ask the manager what's up, to which she replied that they hired someone who could work more night audit hours. So they let me go to that training even though I was being let go? WTF. Also, this happened a week before Christmas...like really? No presents this year I guess. I was honestly sad about losing a job that I liked and was good at.
Petco-$9.00/hr with a dollar raise to $10 after two months! (Because of a law.) Part time. This job started out great. The manager was pretty chill in the interview and I asked about scheduling, because I needed another job so I could afford an apartment. (I lived in a shithole at the time.) She assured me that was no problem, in fact, several other employees here do that as well. I was planning on taking a caregiver job at $15/hr, but had to wait for background clearance, which took almost three months. (No idea why, I've had three recent jobs that required it with no problems.) Because of my knowledge of aquariums (hobbyist for 7 years at that point), I was promoted to aquatic specialist, a title which paid an extra dollar an hour. I really enjoyed taking care of the fresh and salt water fish and I started to build a report with several regular customers. These customers valued my expertise and candor, I told them exactly what they needed for their fish because I really wanted the fish to be happy and healthy. I knew at this point that the pet industry isn't great for animals and the environment, but I was hopeful that by being knowledgeable and compassionate, I could at least give these animals a decent chance at a good home. The store reports showed it. The pet manager directly attributed my work with a decrease in fish shrink, or death. Fresh water shrink went from 60% to 25%, salt water went from 90% to 40%! (It's not acceptable by my personal standards, but I only had so much control. The fish were shipped in bags from far away and the trip puts so much stress on them. One day, the store manager decided to feed the fish before I got there. Dumped about half a containers worth of flakes in the tank. Too much food is deadly to fish, because the proteins break down into ammonia and nitrates, which are lethal to fish, and the bacteria present can't handle a sudden influx of food like that. Fish keeping 101 here.)
Baring the fact that less animals were dying, the store saw an increase in profit. How was I rewarded? One, the states minimum wage went into effect, which meant my dollar raise to aquatic specialist was essentially null. Basically, I went from $9->$10/hr after one month because of my promotion, but then the minimum wage went up. I asked my manager that since I had more specialized duties, that my pay actually be $11/hr, since that would be one dollar above minimum, like before. She laughed in my face and said nice try. (It's interesting to note that our stock room guy, who moved from a San Francisco Petco store, got to retain his $15/hr rate! He was cool and deserved it, but means it was bullshit they couldn't pay me more.) Then, when I got my background check cleared to be a caregiver, I asked the manager about taking the other job, to which I would need three days of the week off guaranteed from her store. She got mad and said that she expects open availability for all her part time associates. Even after I worked so hard to take care of the animals, improving both morality and profit! So, she lied to me in the interview. I ask fellow employees, to which they reply, Oh she told you that too? So, on the day I was scheduled to start my caregiver job, I sent her a text saying I quit, even though I had a full schedule at her store that week. FUCK YOU, YOU CUNT.
Anonymous Hotel- $9.00/hr, with "commission." (Was before Petco, but this one is juicy, i.e, save the best for last.) Good lord, where do I start with this one? Lasted three months. Let's start with the owner: he inherited two hotels from his wife's father and is possibly the most corrupt and slimy person I have met in my life. He hires almost all of his staff from local drug rehab centers, they were kinda surprised when I applied there. (I desperately needed a job.) He also owned a sizable amount of apartments across the street. Now, I'm not digging at people in drug rehab, the owner had a specific motivation for it. In my interview, he offered me an apartment and said he could conveniently deduct rent from my paycheck. It was weird and I quickly declined. He deliberately hired from these rehab centers: most of these people were previously incarcerated and/or lost everything due to addiction and had absolutely nothing to their name. So he traps these people into run-down, slummy apartments that they can't escape from. The hotel's awful restaurant couldn't cover up the smell of desperation that emanated from these people, which led to all kinds of ridiculous encounters I can't fit in one post. (Even with garlic and salmonella infested chicken marsala.) One guy got fired because he stole ketchup packets...so he could mix them with water and crackers, because the owner jacked up his rent and he got paychecks for less than $5. If the apartments had maintenance issues, they would call me, at THE FRONT DESK. I would then call the maintenance guy, you know, who covers two hotels and multiple apartments at the same time. WTF. Super shady business practices.
How did/does the owner get away with this? I got a letter from the labor board my second week into the job, asking if there was anything suspicious, etc. I wasn't aware of the owner's misdeeds yet and didn't reply. The owner would host events for the town mayor and other local celebrity nobodys, so I think the city just looked the other way. Why did I get that letter? He would have people work an 8 hr. shift at one hotel, clock out, then walk across the street to work another 8 hrs. at the other hotel, without overtime pay. One of the employees reported him for that specific reason. Also, the owner was a sleaze and would regularly cheat on his wife with my managesecretary!!! Like I caught them making out in his office by accident, messy hair and all. That was after I found out about their weird secretary/IT guy/owner bizarre love triangle, because I tried to make a reservation in one of the villas (random houses across the street to rent) but was told the owner was occupying one of the villas. My coworker informs me of the love triangle. WTF.
The owner would regularly call in at about 8pm, after he had a few too many. Slurring his words, he would demand occupancy numbers and such. Sometimes, I got to enjoy weird little tirades, such as how all the hotel keys were cheap and made of "ching chong crap." Which by the way, were not secure at all and often failed, sometimes with guests coming to the desk 4 TIMES in a row, because the keys still don't work. To recap, the owner is a drunk, sleazy, racist, criminal slum lord. Now for my coworkers/managers. One was pretty cool, an older man who gave lots of sage, fatherly advice. He asked me, jokingly, one time, "What are you doing here? Are you on the run from some other country?" He was one of the few people who kept that place running. The secretary, who I mentioned was fucking the owner and the IT guy, was like an alien who just landed here and tried to blend in. No sense of humor. I never knew what she actually did there. (Except the owner of course.) She did try to be helpful though.
My front desk manager, the worst old bitch thief you'll ever meet. She routinely stole my commissions, by claiming I made a mistake in the reservation. Commissions were tracked via initials on the reservation, so I could see every time she changed a reservation to her initials, "B.B". I only checked when I got my second paycheck, with a commission of $14. Keep in mind, it was prime tourist season and I made tons of reservations and calculated my commission closer to $200. If I hadn't asked her, she would of never told me. When I pressed for what my mistake was, it was because I used the wrong reason code. (A totally pointless metric which the owner ignored.) So, she goes in to my reservation and changes the reason code, BUT ALSO THE INITIALS OF WHO RESERVED it. She sat there with a smug little face, telling me I need to make the reservations perfectly. She sits in the back office all day and never comes out, never makes a single reservation, but collects on my reservations. One of the other "mistakes" was because I only rented out a room for Fri and Sat, and not Sun. That's what the customer wanted, I can't make them stay! There was no pricing incentive to sell it for all those days! I actually hated her more than the owner, at the least the owner didn't steal my wages. (Directly that is.)
I could have an entire post about that hotel, but I digress.
End: Have I had good jobs? Yes! But never with enough money or hours. Construction was decent, but the work destroys your body and energy, and was not for me. Once I went to community college, I had many good, albeit low paying, jobs. Tutoring, front office work, etc. At least the people I worked with were kind and supportive, and the work was easy. If it paid a living wage I would be pursing that instead of something in chemistry, which turns out doesn't pay much for just a bachelors. (A quality control tech, that assures a product's quality and safety, is obviously valuable and important. I've seen job postings on Indeed for $17/hr for this job in major CA cities!) So, now I'm stuck at my parents house until I take the plunge into either a masters or PhD, which maybe would guarantee a living wage in some places.
But for now, I have a really great job teaching STEM to after school high school students. $19.50/hr, but restricted to part time, at 20 hours a week. At this point in my life, it's the best I can hope for. I am very candid with my students about career prospects, like going to community college vs a four year, realistic expectations, etc. Plus, we get a budget to spend on gadgets like 3D printers, VR headsets, and my personal favorite, flammable chemistry supplies. (Chemistry is my major.) Our students are a poorer, disadvantaged demographic and we hook them up with computers and all kinds of technology, because sometimes its just about having some fun, without studying endlessly for a potential career that may not exist by the time you're done training, due to market saturation, inflation, stagnant wages, etc.
It's important to note that I have my parents who let me live with them, which wasn't always the case. My mother is a hardcore boomer who has said so many times about how I need to live on my own, start a family, etc. But over the years, even though she's still an avid Fox News consumer, she has softened that viewpoint, almost dissolved it. I've worked so hard to try and be a college graduate, first generation in my family, so that I could have a good wage and have a sense of freedom one day. I was even lucky/ hard working enough to pay for my bachelor's completely with grants and scholarships. I had to wait until I was 26 to go back to college though, because my parents refused to fill out the FAFSA. Essentially, they made good money, but didn't believe they were obligated to help at all with my college education. So I had to wait until I could be a legally taxable independent because of the affordable care act enabling children to remain on their parents insurance, which translated to the FAFSA claiming you are your parent's dependent until you're at least 24. So I have a middle class background, but faced homelessness and desperation way too often, sometimes for trivial, brainwashed ideas about how someone in my generation "ought" to be living their life. My parents loved me and wanted to take care of me. But this toxic, awful "hard work" mentality robbed me of so much time with my mother and father growing up, who were just always working. They didn't believe me when I said living is unaffordable: inflation is a concept they refuse to understand or care about, until it affects them directly, such as the rising cost of their favorite bag of chips. So the hope was that I could start my own family, in my own house, where I could give them all the love and learning they needed. But at 31 years old, it's becoming impossible for even that.
This sub gives me hope for the future, however. More people are realizing how little their bosses actually control them and how fucked any kind of life is becoming if you're not rich and successful. Because nowadays, you can be successful but not have any control over how your life turns out. Hard work doesn't mean shit if you can't live or have a family.
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2021.10.22 03:48 5_Js It says I’m banned from creating a clan how do I get it fixed? The last time I created a clan was 3 years ago and ik I didn’t say anything inappropriate bc I’m not like that so I wanna know if there’s any way to fix it

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2021.10.22 03:48 gainzz777 No words lmfaooooooo

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2021.10.22 03:48 ExperienceOk416 Wie rukken? Kan alles doen ben alleen thuis

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2021.10.22 03:48 c_note760 Anyone want to trade my black 50zm Sonnar 1.5 For their silver one? Mine has very minor paint wear but overall in great condition and the glass is perfect (I’ll send pics if interested) 🤙🏽

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2021.10.22 03:48 Brilliant_Ratio3173 Didn't know khaki field automatic came in 42mm

I had a 38mn on leather that I gave to my son. My wrist is 7.5 inches. I really loved the hammy but was a tad small for me. I didn't know they made a 42mm until recently. Always missed the hamilton. I tried another field watch (vaer) and discovered I HATE cathedral hands. So I got a 42mm on bracelet and it's my everyday work watch. It's perfect imo. Has date, and 24 hour ring on dial, it's thin and has a sexy slightly domed sapphire crystal, 100 meter water resist. All my boxes are checked. Love it. Way to go hamilton.
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2021.10.22 03:48 Queasy-Character7034 Help with that one guys

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2021.10.22 03:48 Art_Vand3lay_ The ultimate Travincal farming Mercenary armor.

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