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2021.10.22 03:54 Classic-Hope-7258 [Recruiting] Hey! I’m Avi, co-leader of BOinaoja unit€d (level 11) & Ex Sign.(level 7)

BOinaoja unit€d | Th10+ | Level 11 | War Clan
Ex Sign. Th9+ | Level 7 | War Clan
BOinaoja unit€d (B0inaoja unit€d https://link.clashofclans.com/en?action=OpenClanProfile&tag=QQGQ9RC2)
Ex Sign (Ex Sign. https://link.clashofclans.com/en?action=OpenClanProfile&tag=2L2PCGV2Q)
we accept th9 & above
CWL: Ex Sign. : Gold League II BOinaoja unit€d : Not yet Ranked
B2B WARS Get High level troops and siege machines to your hearts content in both the clans
War participation, unless heroes are upgrading or you opt out for whatever reason
No age requirement, but be mature!
Let me know if you would like to join or feel free to ask questions.
We are a group of players that played in an old clan together. For certain reasons we started a new clan but we are gaining experience quickly. We have won our first five classic wars as a clan. We will max clan games easily with 31 members. Join us for max clan game rewards, a consistent war schedule, friendly clanmates, and a good time in CWL. Search us by name or clan tag #2QPJPCGR99 to request to join.
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2021.10.22 03:54 jasmine7098 Lynn & Jennifer

When Lynn was telling Joan that she didn't want to marry Jennifer because she's not a lesbian, Joan says to Lynn "but you've been with women"and Lynn says something along the lines of "if I met her in a bar and I thought she was hot I would do it but I wouldn't marry her" why did she feel so repulsed everytime it was time for her to have sex with Jennifer? I understand not having any romantic feelings for her but it was just sex and if she had sex with women before, what was different about this time? Lynn was so scared Jennifer was going to kill herself she moved her into her home and faked a relationship with her but when it came time to do what Lynn's entire personality is based off of she didn't want to do it.
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2021.10.22 03:54 arz9278 What was the most “pissed on a bees nest” event that ever happened in your life?

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2021.10.22 03:54 AutoNewspaperAdmin [PH] - Angara urges gov’t to ramp up vaccination of senior citizens | Manila Bulletin

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2021.10.22 03:54 Buddles12 Any suggestions for bridal hair that comes to you in/near Fremont? Thank you!

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2021.10.22 03:54 frijolita_bonita Did you have a crush on a teacher in school and would you still be attracted had you met then now that you’re an adult?

If they hadn’t aged and still the same age they were when they were your teacher
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2021.10.22 03:54 BurnToCinder Patch Notes TLDR


For anyone not wanting to read the entire lengthy text update, here's a video getting straight to the point along with some terrible humor
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2021.10.22 03:54 AutoNewspaperAdmin [PH] - Las Pinas gov’t inoculates 200 minors with comorbidities | Manila Bulletin

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2021.10.22 03:54 6M66 I went shopping today, inflation is not joke, 50% price increases on some items, should people look for a new job now to keep up!?

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2021.10.22 03:54 Correct-Awareness-82 Handwerker macht gibt nach Beauftragung weiteres (30%) höheres Angebot und meldet sich nicht

Hallo liebe Reddit Gemeinde,
Ich habe vor knapp 10 Wochen einen Handwerker beauftragt die Fenster in meinem Haus gegen neue zu ersetzen. Damit es keine Missverständnisse gibt mit „beauftragen“ meine ich: Er kam, hat gemessen, ein Angebot gemacht und ich habe darauf hin gesagt, er möge die Fenster bestellen und mir sagen, wann sie eingebaut werden. Seine Antwort war, dass das jetzt alles seinen Gang geht und er sich bei mir meldet.
Seit dem passierte 4 Wochen nichts und ich rufte im Betrieb an um zu fragen, wie es so läuft, ob alles klar sei und sie noch etwas von mir benötigen. Bei dem Telefonat kam heraus, dass die Fenster noch nicht einmal bestellt seien. Sie meinten, dass der Auftrag irgendwie untergegangen sei. Etwas bestimmter sagte ich, dass sie das jetzt aber mit Nachdruck in Angriff nehmen sollen. Kurz darauf bekam ich per Post ein neues Angebot mit einem 30% höheren Preis, ohne jegliche Kommunikation dazu. Ich habe ja Verständnis dafür, dass die Liefersituation gerade schwierig sein kann, aber darüber kann man doch sprechen.
Jetzt meine Frage: Falls ich mich entscheide jemanden neues zu beauftragen. Was muss ich tun, damit der erst Betrieb nicht irgendwann mit den Fenstern vor der Tür steht und von mir erwartet, dass ich selbige bezahle?
Dank euch!
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2021.10.22 03:54 redDiamond2k Ny på jobbet sedan augusti - kontor efter hemarbete, vem ska hälsa?

Började nytt jobb i augusti och har enbart jobbat hemma fram tills nu när vi tvingas vara på kontoret två dagar i veckan. Jag vet inte vem någon är eller vad de heter, de flesta jag jobbar med dagligen sitter i utlandet och vi pratar via teams. Många här omkring (som tillhör samma avdelning) vet nog vem jag är då jag presenterat mig i Teams under ett antal större möten både regionalt och i större sammanhang. När det nu kommer till att gå omkring här på kontoret, stöta på folk vid kaffeautomaten, slå sig ner vid ett skrivbord några meter ifrån någon, möta någons blick, osv.. vem ansvarar för att ta initiativ till att hälsa? Det brukar bli jag som säger hej, och man kanske får ett hej tillbaka.. men sen - inget mer...??? Är inte detta tillfället då folk borde passa på att bryta isen genom att säga "jahaaa du är den nya killen namn??". Och åtminstone låtsas för 4 sekunder att vara intresserade? Det blir ju jätteobekvämt om jag ska tvinga på någon en presentation av mig själv, när de antagligen redan vet vem jag är (men jag inte vet vem de är).. är det fel på mig eller har jag rätt i att folk är socialt inkompetenta?
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2021.10.22 03:54 lifeisabigshit How many times it's ok to use the same clothes in a row?

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2021.10.22 03:54 P10_NG Why is My 1v1s ping so bad?

Why is My 1v1s ping so bad? I play in Asia, Philippine Servers and this is my internet speed. Why am i lagging?
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2021.10.22 03:54 W0rst_0ne 21 [M4F] Middle-East(GMT+3)/Anywhere - Awkward guy searching for love.

Hello :D thank you for clicking on my post. I am a 21 year old guy who has is really bad at texting, and to avoid that I would definitely prefer to have a voice calls instead although they are going to be awkward but I have nothing to lose here. :D
What am I looking for? welp honestly a long term monogamous relationship that WILL end up in marriage in the future.
I'm not going to lie I'm not the most interesting person I'm kind of a plain guy who loves to talk. UwU
I prefer to do that over discord (another reminder: doing that will end up in you feeling immeasurable levels of cringe).
Finally here are some short points about my hobbies looks and the thing I'm looking for which is you. UwU



and lastly YOU
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2021.10.22 03:54 AnOppositeReflection How I Would Improve Godot, Our Favorite Coffee-Loving Prosecutor (Ace Attorney Trilogy Spoilers)

Introduction “I am Godot. Legendary prosecutor. I've never lost a case.”
Nowadays, Godot tends to be a quite divisive character, with many fans loving him to many fans not liking him so much. Nonetheless, there's no doubt that Godot is a complex character and even today, fans continue to have a variety of interpretations of his character.
As you may know, my interpretation of Godot isn't a very positive one.
I find him intriguing, I'll give you that. He's one of the most memorable characters from Ace Attorney and I have spent a lot of time and effort attempting to dissect his character and understand who exactly Godot is. It's really because of this that I am quite fascinated with his character.
But that doesn't really change that I don't really like him all that much. I find him to be portrayed in a much more sympathetic light than he should be, and his backstory didn't connect to me in the same way it did with characters such as Miles Edgeworth. I find his usage in the game to be a bit weak at times, particularly during the final confrontation, where Phoenix is meant to prove his worth by pointing out that Godot hid his wound behind his mask, which was way too simple. While I don't hold this specific issue against Godot as a character, I cannot deny that it's an issue that is related to Godot.
This isn't meant to be a criticism of Godot. I want to like Godot. I think his character has a fantastic premise. In fact, that's the very reason I'm writing this post, to offer a couple of solutions to problems that I find within Godot's character.
Before I delve into my solutions, I should state that I will attempt to make minimal changes within Godot so that his rewritten character stays true to the one that the writers intended. Therefore, I won't be adjusting his character in any major way or form, and his role in Trials and Tribulations will for the most part, remain the same.
The Motive: Vengeance of a Prosecuting Enigma “I've returned from the depths of Hell... To do battle with you.”
In The Lost Turnabout, we are introduced to a mysterious white haired man with a mask at the prosecutor's bench. He refers to himself as "Godot". He's in the courtroom with only one goal in mind — to defeat Phoenix Wright.
Godot is angry at Phoenix Wright. Upon his awakening, he was hit with a shocking revelation; the woman he loved, Mia Fey, was no longer amongst the living. This shattered him. And in his grief, he turned his eyes towards one man: Phoenix Wright. If only Phoenix Wright was there to protect Mia, if only he had been the knight in shining armor like he was supposed to be, then Mia Fey would still be alive.
This is probably the first issue that I have with Godot. His motive kinda sucks. The reason that he bears such enmity towards Wright is because of his deluded belief that it's a man's job to protect a woman from all danger and harm, no matter what the circumstances are. And so, he blamed Phoenix, a greenhorn who was still adjusting to his newfound career while also being completely unaware in Mia's personal missions to take down Redd White. Now, I get that Godot's reasoning behind his loathing towards Phoenix is supposed to be irrational, but it's not only irrational, it's completely nonsensical! In the simplest of terms, Godot is blaming a novice co-worker for not being involved enough in Mia's personal work to be able to stop her death.
This motive doesn't make him a bad character. But since his reasoning behind it is completely bizarre, it does make it hard to relate to him, and even more so when you consider that it stems from a misogynistic worldview. Furthermore, it doesn't make a whole lot of sense that he specifically blamed Phoenix Wright for Mia's death, when there were individuals who actually played a role in the events that led to Mia's demise (ahem, Marvin Grossberg). So, right now, the issue is that Godot blames Phoenix for a reason that probably applies more to other characters, and for a reason that's very difficult to relate to. Repairing this motivation is going to be important, as the game tries to take Godot in a sympathetic direction.
I should again say that none of this is inherently bad writing, but it could definitely be better. And that's what I'm here to offer: a better alternative.
In a rewrite of Trials & Tribulations, we are going to adjust Godot's motive a bit. Rather than Godot blaming Phoenix for Mia's death since he wasn't being the bodyguard that he was "supposed to be", we will have Godot blame Phoenix for Mia's death because Godot believes that Phoenix allowed Mia to walk into a dangerous situation as an outcome such as Mia's death would be favorable to Phoenix. Instead of Godot musing about how Phoenix "failed to protect Mia Fey", we will have Godot accuse Phoenix of using Mia and Maya as pawns for his own self-gain.
After Mia's death, Phoenix took over Mia's renowned law agency, then proceeded to use Maya (and her spirit channeling abilities) to take down three undefeated prosecutors, all to build a name for himself. From Godot's perspective in our alternate universe, Phoenix used Maya and Mia (and Mia's death) to take over Mia's office, proceeding to use Maya's spirit channeling abilities to help him win cases, and then take all the credit for himself. And to some degree, there is a hint of truth in that most people will end up crediting Phoenix Wright for his phenomenal turnabouts during these predicaments seemingly devoid of any hope!
In this version, Godot will believe that Phoenix betrayed Mia, and because of that, Mia died. Because for all he can see, after Mia's death, Phoenix obtained a formidable record of success. Godot cannot fathom the idea that someone is shamelessly benefitting so much because Mia Fey was taken out of the picture. Henceforth, Godot's hatred of Phoenix Wright is born. Godot wants to avenge Mia Fey, and he hopes to do so by defeating Phoenix Wright in court.
I believe this connects with Godot's decisions throughout Trials & Tribulations a lot better. He wants to defeat Phoenix Wright, because he wants to prove that Phoenix, the one who stole Mia's office for himself, is an ill worthy successor to Mia and doesn't deserve to be Mia's successor. When he sees the channeled Mia Fey standing right next to Phoenix helping him out, Godot only becomes more convinced that Phoenix is using Mia to help him win cases. His conflict between wanting to defeat Phoenix Wright while not obstructing the truth fits just as well in this narrative. Godot's plan in Bridge of the Turnabout specifically excludes Phoenix, as Godot fears that Phoenix's inclusion could compromise his efforts to save the Fey family or that Phoenix's potential role in saving the Feys could only make the Feys trust a dangerous man even more. Godot's plan also excludes Maya, because Godot feels that Maya has placed too much trust in Phoenix and he cannot afford any leaks of his plan to Phoenix.
This insistence of Godot's skepticism of Phoenix is still irrational and stubborn, but it actually flows from a string of logic that doesn't require too much of a suspension of disbelief to see. It actually feels relatable. We can see why Godot would think that Phoenix is a manipulative person who uses other people, and we can see why Godot does what he does. Honestly, this motivation just feels a whole lot better. We can even have instances of where Godot tries to gaslight Phoenix into thinking that he doesn't care about the Feys, which would make for some interesting internal conflict, because as it stands, Phoenix knows that "you should have been the bodyguard" is a completely illogical conclusion to come to.
Diego and Mia: Lovers Forever “... Mia… Don't you get it? You can't cry yet. The only time a lawyer can cry is when it's all over.”
Turnabout Beginnings features the first encounter between Diego and Mia where they begin to become a little more than just acquaintances in the same work setting. After the conclusion of Turnabout Beginnings, Diego was enamoured by Mia's dedication to her work and her desire to save others, and they began dating shortly afterwards, which happens off-screen. There's nothing wrong with this, but it is a missed opportunity to show a bit more.
Diego's love for Mia is one of the driving forces behind the narrative of Trials & Tribulations. Thus, it is imperative that we see some depth into the romantic bond between Diego and Mia. You can already see the problem. While it makes sense that Diego and Mia would bond together after a trial with a devastating outcome, the structure of Ace Attorney games does not allow for too many moments to be shown outside investigations and trials. Thus, it makes a lot more sense for Mia to be dating Armando during the events of Turnabout Beginnings, as then we would be able to see how much the two care for each other. It would also make some of Diego's behavior in 3-4 feel a bit less strange, like Diego referring to Mia as "kitten". Yes, I get that it's a reference to a "kitten in the lion's den", but this is not something you would refer to your female protege as whom you are only an acquaintance with. All you really have to do is picture this in real life, and I'm nearly certain that almost any woman would feel uncomfortable if they were placed in a similar situation with a male senior referring to them as a "kitten". Hence, not only would having both Diego and Mia be already lovers add more depth into their relationship, but it would also make the "kitten" analogy feel much more natural.
Godot (Tries To) Save The Day “I think I was just trying to salvage what's left of my own broken soul... I was trying to make up for the fact that I couldn't save Mia. Nothing more.”
And here we come to the nitty-gritty: Godot’s brilliant plan in Bridge to the Turnabout.
Before we do that though, I want to talk about some archetypes of villains, as that will be important later on. Godot’s character is clearly meant to draw some sympathy from the audience, and there’s basically two main archetypes of antagonists which will do this.
The first type would be the tragic villain. Tragic villains are exactly what they sound like; they are a character whose villainy was born out of a series of unfortunate (tragic) events, often out of the control of said character. After that, they are driven mad, losing their own sense of morality as they set out to do evil things. Tragic villains don’t necessarily need to have redeemable qualities, but any sympathy that the audience may have for this character is one of their backstory, not of their actions. An example of a tragic villain in Ace Attorney would be Yanni Yogi.
The second type would be the sympathetic villain. This character does evil things, although for potentially justifiable or sympathetic reasons. A sub-archetype of this would be an anti-villain, someone with noble motives, but with questionable actions. The key difference between a sympathetic villain and a tragic villain is that with the former, we sympathize with their actions, whereas with the latter, we sympathize with their backstory. An example of a sympathetic villain would be Mimi Miney.
The writers attempt to allow Godot to fall into both categories, meaning he needs to fill the requirements of both a tragic villain and a sympathetic villain. While the requirements of a tragic villain are easy enough, I find that Godot struggles to be a sympathetic villain. I will attempt to fix this momentarily.
With that aside, let’s go over Godot’s role in Bridge to the Turnabout, shall we?Morgan Fey is planning something devious, aiming to get her daughter, Pearl Fey, the prestige of the title of Master. More specifically, Morgan plans to have Pearl channel Dahlia’s spirit after her execution as a way of eliminating Maya Fey, leaving Pearl as the sole heir to the title. However, Godot has his eye on Morgan, knowing that she will attempt to do something, and from there on out, he learns that Morgan had written a letter for Pearl with instructions for how to carry out her plan. Godot overhears this, and he gets to the letter first. He reads it and puts it back where he found it, instead of burning it. From there on out, Godot works with Sister Iris and Misty Fey to protect Maya Fey from Morgan’s scheme, which involves Godot acting as Maya’s bodyguard should the trio be unable to contain Dahlia, Misty distracts Pearl so she cannot channel Dahlia’s spirit, and Iris being the backup.However, the plan goes awry, as Misty fails to distract Pearl and Pearl moves to channel Dahlia. Misty, realizing the peril of the situation, channels Dahlia herself so that Pearl is unable to. Dahlia, now being channeled by Misty, finds Maya and tries to kill her. But Godot fights her off, fatally wounding Misty Fey, forcing Dahlia’s spirit out once she dies. Godot then prepares for the cover-up. He shovels all the snow around in hopes of removing any trace of blood, with the goal of hiding the true scene of the crime so that Maya is not suspected. Afterwards, Godot’s transports Misty’s corpse over the burned bridge to Iris, who then goes to the Hazakura Temple courtyard, stabbing Misty with the Shichishito. Sister Bikini witnesses this, and Iris is shortly arrested afterwards.
When Godot is able to act as the prosecutor again, he calls the defendant Iris (who is actually Dahlia channeled by Maya) to the stand, the reason being is that she has a confession to make. Iris implicates Maya as Misty’s murderer. Dahlia gets rekt by Phoenix Wright and Mia Fey, and then just as the judge is about to announce the verdict, Godot objects, tells Wright that he still needs to find the killer, and summons Maya to the stand. It’s then where Wright finally proves that Godot is the killer, and after seeing Mia’s spirit in Phoenix, realizes his folly.
I wrote all this down because there’s often a lot of confusion as to the events that occurred during Bridge to the Turnabout, so I read the wiki and transcripts to ensure that I laid all the facts down. Right away, I can immediately see a couple of issues.
The first issue is, of course, the infamous moment where Godot does not burn the letter. From how much the game glosses over this and attempts to frame Godot sympathetically, I can only assume it was a writing oversight by Takumi, but it definitely isn’t one that I can ignore. From this oversight, was the idea of Godot letting the plan play out to make himself feel like a hero. You can already see why this leads to Godot being an unsympathetic character. For selfish reasons, Godot allowed Morgan’s plan to play out, while he knew the dangers that the plan could pose should something go wrong. As it happens, something did go wrong and someone died because of it. One of Maya’s family members, I might add.
Obviously, I don’t intend to allow this lapse in writing to slip by in my rewriting. Now, there are three things that I need to keep in mind when making this rewrite. First, Pearl needs to be able to read the letter, in order to carry out Morgan’s plan. Second, Godot needs to be able to read the letter, in order to carry out his own plan. Third, Phoenix needs to be able to recover the remnants of the letter, which he will need as a clue.
In our rewrite, events will occur nearly the same, but instead, Pearl will read the letter before Godot does. Once Pearl reads the letter, she will go back and visit Morgan, telling Morgan that she read the letter, to which Morgan will tell her when to execute the plan. Godot overhears this conversation, and immediately sets off to Hazakura Temple to find the letter. He finds the letter and burns it so that Pearl can’t use it as a reference should she forget any details of Morgan’s evil plan, which leaves the piece of the burned letter behind. Furthermore, the game will also specify that Godot did not go to the police because he knows that they don’t believe in spirit channeling. Godot then contacts Misty and Iris to participate in his plan.. From this, we have solved the narrative oversight made by the writing team.
The second issue is Godot’s coverup. A lot of his actions make sense given that he didn’t want the crime scene to implicate Maya as the killer, but this could have easily been done if he himself planned to confess to HIS crime (which he did not). Instead, he went through the effort of transporting the body over Hazakura Bridge to Iris, which led to Iris being implicated instead. I shouldn’t have to spell it out to you that these are the actions of a criminal who doesn’t want to be caught.
Of course, the plot of Bridge to the Turnabout relies on Godot doing these things, so we can’t just remove them, or else there’s no mystery. What is going to change is not what Godot does, but why he does it. In our rewrite, Godot will take these actions of a criminal because he does not want to go to prison. Sounds pretty typical, right? But remember our rewrite earlier, where Godot hates Phoenix because he thinks that he is using the Fey sisters? Well, in this case, Godot fears going to prison specifically because he believes that if he does, Phoenix would remain a dangerous influence to Maya (just as he believes Phoenix was with Mia) without anyone there to keep an eye on him. Since Maya is the raison d’être of the reborn Godot, Godot absolutely cannot allow Phoenix to be unchecked. Godot needs to be out there, not inside a jail cell, to ensure that nothing bad happens to Maya. It’s this desire to protect Maya which encourages Godot to try and evade the punishment of his crime.
The final issue with Godot’s actions isn’t too much of an issue at all, but it definitely raised my eyebrow, so I should go over it. When Godot called Dahlia Hawthorne to the stand with the intention of hearing her confession, Dahlia pointed the finger at Maya. Godot knew that this was exactly what she would say. In fact, looking through the transcript, it’s implied subtly throughout Godot’s lines that he is aware that Sister Iris is actually Dahlia Hawthorne. There several instances of this, but here’s one specific example that happens pretty early on:

GODOT: You moved the victim's body to the temple so that Maya wouldn't be suspected... Isn't that right? Not bad... You've got the instincts of a true criminal.
There’s actually nothing we really have to change here, since this scenario actually gets fixed when we rewrote Godot’s entire motive for hating Phoenix Wright. The reason why Godot summons Dahlia to the stand is that he wants to test Phoenix Wright. More specifically, he wants to see whether Phoenix Wright will take the easy way out by accepting Iris’ testimony to quickly obtain a Not Guilty verdict, or whether Phoenix Wright will fight for Maya Fey’s innocence at the risk of tearing down the credibility of his own client. We will also make it clear if Phoenix decides to gun for the Not Guilty verdict, then Godot is ready to interject to ensure that Maya does not take the fall. Of course, Phoenix Wright would not sacrifice Maya to win a case. It is worth mentioning that even after Dahlia’s breakdown, Godot will still refuse to believe that Phoenix cares about Maya, as he is still in a stage of irrational grief. It’s only when Phoenix actually fights for the truth without the aid of Maya or Mia, does Godot realize that Phoenix is a lawyer that not only genuinely cares about Maya outside of her value as a spirit medium, but also fights for what is right. When the spirit of Mia and Phoenix Wright do their final objection together, Godot will see the same selfless version of Mia in Phoenix Wright. Knowing that Phoenix is a true successor to Mia Fey and genuinely does love Maya, Godot will spend the rest of his days in peace.
Infamy of Misogyny “Ha...! Well, I guess I owe you one then. But you can go now, princess. It's time for the big boys to take the reins.”
“Hey, Filly. Know your role, and shut your mouth. I can't stand women like you. I'm only going to say this once, Lady von Whippingberg. Go home!”
Ah yes, you’ve probably heard of these lines. I’d be remiss if I didn’t bring them up. However, the reason I bring these lines up isn’t to add more discussion on whether they were sexist or not (while I tend to lean to the former). It’s simply that I feel that regardless of how one views these lines, I don’t think anyone can really disagree that in hindsight, they didn’t age very well. Regardless of how one views these lines, it’s probably better if we changed them then just let them be. In our rewritten version, these lines will be changed to remove the sexist wordings in them, while still retaining the condescending tone that Godot uses against Franziska. We want to make Godot a jerk, but not a misogynist jerk. >:(
Conclusion “For some reason, I'm starting to get really thirsty…”
If you’re wondering why I chose this Godot quote, it was meant to symbolize how after talking this much, I am now thirsty. Just pretend it makes sense. I actually chose it because it’s funny to use.
I don’t want to pad out this conclusion, as I don’t really have much to write. I’ll keep it short and simple.
With a few tweaks, I believe that most of the major problems that I have with Godot’s character can easily be solved. In fact, most of the plot in Trials and Tribulations, with my rewritings, will remain the same, as pretty much all the changes I’ve suggested can be implemented with a few changes in dialogue.
To those who like Godot, do you believe that my changes enhance his character, or is he better left untouched? And to those who dislike Godot, do you feel as if I've addressed most of the major concerns you have with Godot's character? I'd be more than interested to hear your opinions, and I look forward to them in the comments.
Thank you for reading!
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2021.10.22 03:54 SatyamRajput004 How to carry a child

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