haha yes

2021.10.22 02:45 PM_ME_SSTEAM_KEYS haha yes

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2021.10.22 02:45 emp_emp did a drawing of buddha :D

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2021.10.22 02:45 SOLOSELFound Cows with Javazon and less than 150% MF. Bad idea?

I been putting my sorc on the shelves hoping to be efficient running non stop cows to hunt High runes and some uniques on the side with this javazon. Runs are fast but drops seem bad thus far.
Did i take a bad decision?
So far in 150 runs, nothing good dropped.
I don't have an infinity so i felt my sorc wasn't that efficient.
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2021.10.22 02:45 qwenmn GRABFOOD RIDER CRASHED INTO MAN ON PAVEMENT, BOTH K.O ON THE GROUND A video emerged online showing a ma...

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2021.10.22 02:45 FrontpageWatch2020 [#264|+1963|67] A little warden drawing [r/Minecraft]

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2021.10.22 02:45 peruanToph No mythic build?

Coming preseason, I think a no mythic build is possible now, we have other sources of magic pen, mana and cdr that aren’t coming from mythics.
Example, Seraphs (giving what every mythic gives: ah, ap and mana) plus the new magic pen item, as an excuse to replace Luden’s
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2021.10.22 02:45 empowa_io Catalyst NFTs - Selection Process

To complete the distribution of our Founding Community NFTs (FC NFTs), 64 pre-reserved Project Catalyst versions will be airdropped at random to wallets that participated in the Catalyst Fund5 voting.

As we were unable to access the list of wallets that voted in only the "Grow Africa, Grow Cardano" challenge (as originally described in our Catalyst proposal), we have collected the staking keys for all 32,085 wallets that received Catalyst voting rewards on 21/08/2021. These staking keys have been saved to a randomised Wallet List, which has a SHA256 hash of de973c400f81e92ec777c67752b05a115d76cfa50dcdfe4e8743ddeffa4b5104.

The Wallet List hash has been written as metadata to the Cardano blockchain (https://cardanoscan.io/transaction/7c1336d7d2998bac38896c0c7c0090d95fbdec5a59ff4d5ab531d749f5ae992b?tab=metadata) as a proof of the list’s order prior to the wallet selection process commencing. We now call on existing Founding Community NFT holders to assist in selecting the wallets that should receive these last remaining FC NFTs. To participate in the selection process, please use the following instructions.

While ideally this selection process could have been done just using transaction metadata, as this feature is not yet readily available in popular Cardano wallets, a dust amount of ADA (a number of Lovelaces) will be used by FC NFT holders to nominate a number for selection.


  1. Select a number between 1 and 32,085. These numbers represent a position in the Wallet List.
  2. Prepare to use the wallet where your Founding Community NFT is stored to perform the next step. If you need to transfer some funds from a different wallet first then do so. You will need no more than 2 ADA to participate. Submissions from wallets that do not hold a FC NFT will not be included.
  3. Send a transaction to addr1q9g9pfafs9udrvwuftf7wc2sfqkvqc832mp0klwkhgf66ey9dsfjamdeftwp5qcsj708xwtyglz2znnwu5rpw008pq8qvkqtc5 for 1.xxxxxx ADA, where xxxxxx represents the number you selected in step 1 with leading zeros added where required. For example if you selected position number 1,307 in the Wallet List, the amount of ADA to send is 1.001307. Ignore the calculated fee for the transaction, as we will be able to determine your number selection separate from the fee.

When we have received transactions for 64 unique numbers, the corresponding wallets in the Wallet List will have a Project Catalyst version of the Empowa Founding Community NFT series sent to them. Following the Catalyst FC NFT distribution, we will publish the Wallet List so people can verify that its order has not been tampered with, by comparing its hash.

If you wish to participate in this selection process then please keep an eye out on our social media channels (Twitter and Telegram), as we will let people know when the selection process is complete, having received 64 unique numbers. A list of numbers already submitted will also be available at https://catalyst-nft.empowa.io/.

Thank you for your involvement in selecting the last 64 members to join the Empowa Founding Community.

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2021.10.22 02:45 JamesTGA7 Does the hyperx pulsefire haste double click?

If it doesn't i'm not buying it
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2021.10.22 02:45 halfwaysteamy95 Stages of moving on grief, pain and peace

I feel kinda alone because I finally moved on from the girl I use to talk to. I also feel stupid for not doing it sooner...
I've been trying to figure out why i took me so long and i think kind of realized what it was. I guess I had to see her move on first. She's got a boyfriend now, was mad because of the full outcome but at the end of the day I think I'm finally at peace. Maturity, I've finally grew a little :)
I think I should feel better about the situation but i just want it to be in the past go our separate ways learn from mistakes.
A silver lining in this for me was finally understanding my emotions...now i can restart fresh, build from everything and hope for the best
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2021.10.22 02:45 FrontpageWatch2020 [#236|+2632|254] LPT: Train your kids to prefer the popsicle flavors that you personally like the least. [r/LifeProTips]

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2021.10.22 02:45 thegeneralg My Creepiest Cases as a Private Investigator: Lorraine Brooks

September is always a bit melancholy. The weather is superb, all turquoise blue skies and warm days, but it's more mellow and subdued than before. The sun isn't as intense and there's some tiny, almost silent change in the air. It's the sound of summer slowly fading away for another year. While I love fall and my birthday is in October, the arrival of the season is quite bittersweet at times. Part of that is because September not only brought fall, it also usually brought the return to school. Or at least it did for most people. I think the idea of back to school happening in August is ridiculous. For starters, it's the hottest part of the year and most schools don't have air conditioning, except for the administrative offices and the teacher's lounge. Say what you will about growing up back in the day, there is no question we had the better deal because we didn't go back until AFTER Labor Day, which is how it should be for everyone. Me, everyone before me, and even some after me, started school in September and ended in June. There's a reason Labor Day has always been the psychological end of summer.
On top of that, stores didn't push back to school shopping down our throats obscenely early like they do now. Stores didn't push anything obscenely early like they do now. Fortunately, whenever I walk past back to school displays in a store, all I feel is relief. Relief at the fact that chapter of my life is over. But as a kid, seeing back to school shopping in stores was beyond depressing. It was the reminder that I would have to endure the drudgery of school and all the indignities it entailed again soon. Don't get me wrong, I have and have always loved books and learning. But there is a huge difference between loving books and loving school. I can easily recall the best day of school I ever had. It was the very last day. And I hated school back in the 1990s and early 2000s. I can't even imagine how much I'd despise it now. Honestly if I was faced with the prospect of going to school in this era, I would probably refuse to go.
But back to school isn't limited to shopping for pencils, pens, and notebooks at the tail end of August. It can be anything that takes you right back to school. A song. A movie. Anything that brings you right back to those days. Most people grow and change in the years after they leave school, and it takes something or someone to take them back in time. But some people don't need anything to take them back to school because they're already there and living the glory days on an infinite loop inside their head. They've never left the playground and it shows. That’s why if you go to a high school reunion, you can practically see what things were like 20 or 30 years ago because they sit with the same people and have the same conversations about the big game or the time they went up to wherever and got in so much trouble and blah blah blah.
Back to school was on my mind this September more than usual because Jim Brooks, a highly regarded school superintendent, had made an appointment and requested that I look into the disappearance of his sister Lorraine. A prominent local philanthropist, she was well known in the community for making the rounds on the social circuit to fundraise for a charity here or a foundation there.
"Are you familiar with the case?" He asked while peering at me through his tortoiseshell glasses. A tall, thin man with a shaved head and beetle black eyes that seemed to loom out of his head, he was dressed in an impeccable grey three-piece suit with a red tie and a matching pocket square.
"Vaguely. Just what I've seen in the paper."
"My family isn't satisfied with what's being done. The case is cold."
"If you know that, then you must know the odds of me finding anything new aren’t good."
"We're aware of that. I’m also aware of your success rate. One of the best around. That's why you are our first choice."
"Thank you. So what did you teach before you were a superintendent?"
"Math. Geometry specifically at one point."
"You don't sound very enthused."
"Because I'm not. I hated the subject. I swear, I could've left my final exam blank and probably still have gotten the same score I wound up with."
He chuckled. "I understand."
"I'm sure."
"You don't like me, do you Will?"
"That's not true, why would you think that?"
"I've spent the majority of my professional life, which is several decades, listening to people and trying to figure out what they really mean, what they need, and what is or isn't working. And I can't help but think you might not like me."
"Well Dr. Brooks, that would be wrong. You seem like a nice enough guy. Plus you're a client. So long as you don't lie to me or try to shortchange me on my retainer and payment, I'll be happy as a clam."
"Understood," he nodded. "I just got that impression."
"I see. That’s probably because I didn't particularly like school in general. At all."
"Were you a poor student?" He crossed one leg over the other and cocked his head to the side.
"Not at all. I did well in school. Doesn't mean I liked it."
"I'm sorry to hear that."
"Why are you sorry? Wasn't your fault."
"I know, but I feel bad that any student would have an unhappy time at school."
"I’m pretty sure you've learned to live with it. Otherwise there is no way you would dare become a teacher, much less a superintendent."
"Would you like to talk about it?"
"Not really."
"Well, for what it's worth Will, I've heard stories about your intelligence and effectiveness. That's why my family and I decided to come straight to you. And from what I've read about detective work, certain people excel in it. Usually the type of person who was a quiet kid growing up. Bookish and observant. The kind who was almost guaranteed to not be one of the popular kids. So if you had a bad time in school, I am truly sorry for that."
"Thank you."
"Just know that school is much different now in a lot of ways."
I laughed. I couldn't help myself. "Yeah. Right. The only difference between when I was a kid and now is people were able to hide the bullshit that goes on. Now it's all out in the open with no cover. You want to know what I think? Ok, here goes. I have the utmost respect for teachers and the work they do. Being a teacher these days is, to put it honestly, an impossible job. Especially in certain schools. There are countless teachers out there who are truly unsung heroes and deserve far better than what they get. But let's not kid ourselves Dr. Brooks. There are some teachers out there who should not be teaching. A teacher is like a significant other; great ones help you realize unfulfilled potential, make your life better, and can help you believe that anything is possible, and the bad ones make you anxious, depressed and generally seem to ruin anything and everything."
I paused, nothing that Dr. Brooks hadn't moved an inch.
"But aside from that, kids are kids. And kids are brutal. The movie Carrie should be reclassified as a documentary. And any human being who acts like kids aren't kids is either a liar or a moron."
I leaned back in my desk chair, feeling content with what I said. Most of us have wanted to speak our minds to an authority figure in school for a long time, and I was under no illusion that this guy had looked up my education history, the teachers I had, and if possible, asked around for their opinion of me. Did I care? Not particularly. What were they gonna say? That I was a terrible student in Mr. Connors’ geometry class or that my science homework was subpar?
Dr. Brooks sat there silently. I was waiting for his reaction. But I was surprised to see him smile.
"You're our best hope to find Lorraine. No question."
"Why's that?"
"You get to the fact, see what's there, and you don’t mess around at all. I'm the last person on this planet who will deny how ugly kids can be. The saddest part of all is that the meanness of kids doesn't just drop out of the sky. It's learned from somewhere. And I'm sure I don't need to tell you where it comes from."
"Mommy and daddy. The ones who think Mommy's Little Angel can do no wrong."
"Oh my God." He shook his head in disgust. "I can't even tell you the parents I've dealt with over the years."
"I can imagine."
"Back in my day, parents were different. Hell, parenting and life itself was different. If you pulled a stunt at school, you were more terrified of what your parents were going to do than what the school did. And the school was no slouch in the discipline department to begin with. But now? It's like a different planet. Like you said, telling these people that their little angel isn't perfect is like telling them the sky isn't blue. And while I take tremendous pride in how many teachers will go above and beyond, there are limits to what we can do. Especially when parents can't and won't do certain things."
"I know, I usually stumble upon their little angel in the course of an investigation."
"Speaking of that, will you accept the case?"
Yes, I happily accept."
"Thank you. Oh and by the way, Mean Girls is another movie that should be reclassified as a documentary."
I laughed. "You got that right."
We talked for a while longer as he filled me in on the details. There were no solid leads and nothing to indicate his sister didn’t just leave town of her own free will. But Dr. Brooks and his family weren't buying that. He swore that there is no way she would've ever left town without notifying anyone. Her ex-husband, a stockbroker named Charles Lindstrom whom Lorraine was amicably divorced from, had moved out of state after the divorce and had an ironclad alibi. Looking through the case files later that night, I had to agree with Dr Brooks. By all appearances, Lorraine was a happy woman who loved her life and there was no logical reason for her to take off and leave without saying a word.
Fortunately, Dr. Brooks and his family had a person of interest for me to investigate. The lead was promising. A love interest of Miss Brooks with no alibi. So eventually I set up shop outside his weekend house in the country for an evening stakeout. The person of interest lived on the outskirts of Chicago in an area that was sparsely populated, and the houses were extremely isolated from each other.
I was a few hours into the job when it happened. While there is no telling what you may experience or see on a case, sometimes you experience something so outlandish you can barely believe it.
When I first saw the clown step out of the shadows and approach a house down the street from where I was, I thought it was a hallucination. The fading September sunlight made his polka dotted suit shimmer and the frizzy red wig bobbed up and down in the humid night air. Despite the distance, I could see his white face paint was melting. But that didn't affect the bright red smile plastered on his face. It stretched from ear to ear in the usual absurd fashion that is anything but amusing.
I wasn't afraid of clowns, but that doesn't mean I like them. I've learned that deep down, no one likes clowns. And you certainly shouldn't be anything but wary the minute you see one in a place they shouldn't be. Which is anyplace besides a Halloween party or the Circus. I'd heard stories of clown sightings across the country, but to see it in person was beyond uncanny. In fact, my first thought was that this might all be some practical joke for a TV show or some stunt by a social media personality trying to scare up some fodder for their latest video. Like most people, I've seen video after video of scary clown pranks and countless other pranks like that. I looked around to see if I could spot a camera crew or anyone eagerly watching nearby, but if they were there, they were carefully out of sight. Or at least they were out of sight until their little prank backfired. Those are the best scary clown videos and I have no sympathy for anyone trying to pull a prank like that. You try to scare a total stranger these days, there's no telling how they'll react.
But even though I knew all that, I couldn't help but feel something was off. This wasn't a public parking garage or a park. This was a private area where people lived. So I took a deep breath and focused on the clown. There were no costume parties anywhere near here, so that meant he was here for some other reason. The tinted windows meant the clown had no clue I sat there and watched as he carefully walked up the driveway towards a small redbrick house. Despite the cheap costume, which clearly came off the rack at some store, I could tell the guy wearing it was fit. Well over 6 feet tall, he had an athletic stride and well-built arms. As he slowly strode up the driveway, I made sure to snap some photos in case something happened later. He walked straight up the driveway and went past the house without so much as a second glance as he approached the dense woods that surrounded the house. By now the sun was just starting to set and the clown was cast into shadow as he stepped into the trees and vanished from sight.
I watched and filmed the entire thing with a nagging bad feeling, as one doesn’t dress up like that just to take a pleasant evening stroll in the woods. But since the house was deserted, the clown didn’t do anything, and I had my present assignment, there wasn’t much else I could do right now besides keep an eye out in case he came back.
I spent a few minutes wrestling with myself. On a stakeout, one is supposed to keep an eye on the person of interest. But it's also important to look for anything out of the ordinary, and there was no doubt a guy in a cheap clown costume in this neighborhood fit that description.
The clown was up to something, that much was clear. It was just a question of what.
The next few minutes passed without incident and as darkness settled on the area, two very small security lights came on. There was no doubt this was no area you wanted to get stranded in. It was almost time for me to leave for the night, but I didn't want to go until I saw where the clown had gone and why.
My question was answered minutes later when a grey sedan pulled into the driveway and parked. In the faint light I saw a young blond woman get out of the car and head for the front door. She was alone, and once she unlocked the door, she headed inside and switched on a few lights. That was when I saw something out of the corner of my eye.
The clown from earlier had returned. But he wasn't alone. Joining him were a dozen or so other clowns in equally garish costumes. And just like him, they were all carrying various blunt objects, crowbars, axes, and sledgehammers. One even had a chainsaw.
That was enough for me. I quickly took a picture of them before dialing a law enforcement contact I had in the area. He told me to sit tight and keep an eye on things until he got there.
The words were barely out of his mouth when I heard noise coming from the house and saw some of the clowns attempting to break down the door. After a quick check to make sure my gun in its holster was ready should I need it, I grabbed the spare ammo in the glove compartment and tucked it into my coat pocket before I quietly stepped out of the car and headed for the trunk. I faintly heard a woman scream as I did, but the clowns were oblivious to my presence down the road as I opened the trunk and pulled out my shotgun. It was locked and loaded, so I headed down the street and once I was within comfortable distance of the three clowns trying to break down the front door, I fired the shotgun in the air.
The blast that shook the air made one of the clowns fall off the front porch in shock, while the other two jumped out of sheer surprise. It was hilarious to see them so startled, but that was nothing compared to their faces when they were staring down the barrel of my shotgun.
"Now that I have your attention, get away from the door."
They couldn't back away from the door fast enough.
"The rest of you lunatics, get out here too. Or do I need to come find you myself?" I yelled loud enough that the rest of the clowns came running out. One of them had even lost a wig in the process.
As the last clown was sprinting over, I saw the red and blue lights of my law enforcement associate speeding over to the house with some backup. They wasted no time in arresting every clown. When he had a spare minute, my associate told me that the group of clowns had been connected to numerous assaults and burglaries in the area. They had even assaulted one couple so bad they had almost died from blunt force trauma.
I was about to leave when I saw one of the clowns being taken away in cuffs. By now the clown's makeup had melted off and I got a good look at the guy. I was stunned to see he looked familiar. It had been a long time and he had gained weight and lost some hair, but there was no mistaking the face that bored me to tears in geometry class.
Mr. Connors.
I could see him studying me as well. His expression was puzzled, like he knew I looked familiar, but couldn't place me. I was more than happy to help him remember.
"Hi Mr. Connors, long time no see." I felt my face stretch into a grin while his jaw dropped. "Remember me?"
"I," he began before his voice seemed to fade away.
"It's Will. I was in your geometry class. I hated that class, and you were a shitty teacher, but you're an even shittier clown. But as you can see, I've become a very successful adult and highly accomplished in my chosen field."
My actual assignment for the evening turned out to be a dead end, but it was beyond worth it to see the look on Connors' face.
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2021.10.22 02:45 FrontpageWatch2020 [#29|+56231|7197] A literacy test given to black voters in the 1960s. [r/Damnthatsinteresting]

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2021.10.22 02:45 pedal_deals_bot Boss DF-2 Super Feedbacker and Distortion - CA$187 (CA$187 + Free S/H) 80%

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2021.10.22 02:45 Finger-Printer-Jam A video I made for one of my songs

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2021.10.22 02:45 HistAnsweredBot Is there an official consensus on what years the Sengoku period of Japan took place?

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2021.10.22 02:45 throwawayacct4991 Chinese/English Subbed or Dubbed Japanese Health-Variety show?

Recently watched some health shows from Japan on HongKong tv and really like them. They really go in depth and detailed, really informative unlike “health” crap on TV in the US. But I believe the ones I’m watching now and what the tv channels are airing now are not current (日语:林修の今でしょ!講座 ; 日语:主治医が見つかる診療所; 日语:名医のTHE太鼓判!)
Are they really common in Japan? Are there more shows like this that aren’t available where im at? Where can i watch more with translated subtitles , preferably in Chinese if possible ?
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2021.10.22 02:45 Silv_Kim Best essay writing platform

Try it out today, I used it, no regrets so far
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2021.10.22 02:45 HypnotizedNeverLie Giuliani associate ‘plotted to get Russian money into US election’

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2021.10.22 02:45 xxxlilvit Recommendation for pellet gun!

what pellet gun pistol do you recommend?
looking for the best
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2021.10.22 02:45 passepar2t How long does it take to find penicillin or dropship parts or whatever for the Cantina?

The game keeps going "well maybe if you're very very good, you'll find one in the next mission labeled with the little green rectangle thingie~"
And then I do mission after mission and don't find shit.
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2021.10.22 02:45 Known_Instruction_75 Sergo

Как дела- pronounce like cock dealer
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2021.10.22 02:45 btdbpro tier list

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2021.10.22 02:45 StZsoltertusz Influcancer xDDDDD

Sziamiasztok skacermacerek most egy történettel készülgettem nektek kis aranyos cukorbogárkáim. Képzeljétel vannak olyan embibembik akik nem pár spancimanciának készítik az online tartalmat. Állítólag nem is viccimiccik annyira mint mi, én ezt nem tudom, nem érthetek hozzá csak Puzsért követem 😐. De az lényegecskemecskebecskevértfosófüstifecske hogy, vannak ezek a nem túl vicci netes gecimecik akik más netes buzikat bíróságra ráncimáncigálnak el mert ők 600k és 200k és retkesmetksbetkes tévés celebként nem közszereplők. Annyiban meg kell védenimédeni ezeket a kedves cukorbogyócicamicákat hogy az egy millió plusz követővel rendelkező ribi atyához képest kajramajrvajrabajraszarjaharpjráarackafaszra kevésbé közcsimözcsi szereplők de kérdezem én, kiafaszcsimaszcsit érdekel az hogy te rólad valaki egy valós véleményt mondd ráadásul úgy hogy az ország legszarabb oldala az övé. De engedjük el nem lenyégményegbényeg egy online alteregót hogy a gecibe jelentesz fel? A mögötte álló természetes személyt annál könnyebb, főleg ha ő külön is közszereplő. Na de akkor most ribi atya lesz off vagy a hazugságot Móth Táténak, milyen hülye geci neve van mindig kacamacagok rajta hehe de legalább egyszer csinált egy kurvák földje fesztivál ahol olcsó volt a porcimorci😏. Igazából most kurvára nem is ez a lényeg hanem az baszdmeg hogy az a két influcancer úgy vélemény vezérként amibe benne van hogy egy tömeg véleményét irányítják mint a kormány a cigányok, rászorulók, nyugdíjasok véleményét egy kg krumplival na és itt még az az egy kg krumpli sincs. Terítéken van az életük és ezzel szopatják be az embiket. Mindenféle star vacak geci hirdetést elvállalnak ezzel nyomva be a tudatod 599 másik pont ugyanilyen poszttal egy terméket a fejdbe. Az úgy ott van, ott motoszkál tesz vesz pont addig amíg épp eleget nem láttál az adott cikkből amit eléd nyomnak hogy megszülessen benned az igény hogy azt a fos gecit megvedd. Na ezek embimembik nem közszereplők és ezt maga a független, igazságos, kedves, rendes, ha kell ad egy cigit is magyar FÜGGETLEN bíróság mondta ki. Szóval ezért nem neveztem meg ezeket a geciket nehogy véletlenül egy 7 memberes ssubreddit bánja már az Edinson Cavani tollvál Kulcsárakat amit Csutirtökön vésett az öreg papírra az Atalanta elleni győztes meccs előtt.
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2021.10.22 02:45 Season_Cookie What do you think about this? you can also see versions of the same skin in the styles also. ( this could be enabled by a button )

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2021.10.22 02:45 HrodnandB The realm of giants

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