Is this how will a person looks like if he spent to much time on pick up artist alpha male redpill high value RSD/Owen cook abundance videos?

2021.10.22 03:05 cR1Epy Is this how will a person looks like if he spent to much time on pick up artist alpha male redpill high value RSD/Owen cook abundance videos?

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2021.10.22 03:05 tatamagoo299393 Can families who adopted children just send them away to a relatives house to live indefinitely?

I know someone who fostered a child and I believe adopted her as she was living with them for years. She was never treated the same way as the bio kids but I don’t think there was abuse. However due to her “being bad” when she turned 14-15 she has been sent away to a relative’s house (two very old people) indefinitely.
I feel really bad for this child but if this is legal or acceptable I don’t want to report this if its not a big deal.
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2021.10.22 03:05 CaptBailey Buying used iphone on carousell, what to check/look out for?

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2021.10.22 03:05 THEZUKUS Annet Negesa and Maximila Imali, the elite athletes fighting for acceptance

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2021.10.22 03:05 Dr_GIR Backup QB, 3rd-string running back lead Browns past Broncos

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2021.10.22 03:05 Ceo_of_pacman Some various joints I rolled

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2021.10.22 03:05 tattootia So I went blue

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2021.10.22 03:05 Izzy_Game I beat the game! ?! ?!

Thanks to u/Nylon_Music for tips and u/ZywrohWWK for helping me acquire glavenus I did‏‏‎‏‏‎‏‏‎‏‏‎­it but I need post game content what do I do
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2021.10.22 03:05 Loquacious-lad Herbalife weekend from hell

I became anti-mlm after seeing Avon ruin my mom’s life. I’m usually fairly intuitive and can spot a hun’s intentions, but these folks are getting trickier!
It all started when my husband’s old friend, let’s call him Richard, reached out to tell him about an opportunity to open a health club. We already own a small business and don’t need more on our plate so we turned down the opportunity without getting any of the details. It was a weird situation but the two rekindled their friendship and continued to talk weekly.
— fast forward a few weeks —
I awake from a nap to discover a series of texts from my husband asking me to take off work so we can attend a weight loss meeting to support his friend Richard, who has been booked as a keynote speakers. At this point I’m excited to get away for weekend trip, even if it was to Little Rock, Arkansas.
The weekend of our trip has come, we drive 6 hours and meet up with his friend at a luxury hotel spa. As we try to check in Richard’s card gets declined, we pay for his room and agree that he will pay us after we visit an ATM.
After a night of wine and conversation we retire to our rooms. Little did I know, instead of sleeping Richard was binge eating and charging room service to my card.
Richard and all his friends wake us up at 6 AM and demand we drive them to the venue as their car won’t make it through the rugged terrain. RUGGED TERRAIN? I’m shocked, but agree to be the chauffeur. After an hour long car ride we arrive at a barn that had been turned into a convention center. Weird choice of venue, but I roll with it. At the door we’re charged $30 to enter… this is where the fun begins.
I immediately knew we’d been duped, this was an Herbalife convention. Richard waddles up to the front and starts his speech by calling my husband and I out by name, telling the group we are his new business partners. At this point I’m stunned. The crowd goes WILD for us as I hold back tears, I know we’ve been duped.
My husband and I are blindsided, but that doesn’t matter to the folks around us. Richard’s friend angrily whispers to me “you need to show some excitement, you’re being very disrespectful.” I fake a smile and small clap. The huns begin getting down to business, calling out everyone’s ranks and accomplishments. As the excitement grows, the temperature begins to rise. The venue has no A/C and it’s damn near 100 degrees outside.
I grew up going to southern revivals, this was the ultimate MLM revival. People are praising god for their income, sharing how God and Herbalife have changed their lives, and praising God for this opportunity. I couldn’t take it anymore, I took my sweaty self to the bathroom.
— 3 hours later —
I’m vomiting in the bathroom, the heat and last night’s wine had me feeling very ill. I’d been camped out by the toilet for hours. I finally hear the meeting end and am thankful my nightmare is over, oh how I wish it was all over. Richard walks into the bathroom and confronts me as I attempt to walk out. He begins to berate me for embarrassing him in front of his peers, “I had to pull so many strings for you to attend this event!” I storm out of the bathroom to wait in the car.
I’m done at this point, but my very passive husband wants to avoid disappointing Richard. I agree to drive them all back to the hotel. We sit in silence for 30 minutes before Richard’s friends start asking us when we will open our business. I snapped, “I AM NOT JOINING YOUR PYRAMID SCHEME.”
This set off the huns, their defenses go up and an argument ensues. My husband, feeling bad for my words, offers to discuss our disagreement over lunch. My blood is boiling, but I comply to keep the peace as Richard owes me money.
Over dinner we are given the pitch a million times, neither of us bite. As the meal ends we begin to split the check. SURPRISE! No one has their wallet. My husband pays for dinner and the group agrees to Venmo us.
When we get back the hotel I rush to the room, pack our bags, and we leave without saying goodbye to anyone. To this day we still haven’t been paid back for the rooms and food, this all totaled upwards of $600. The huns got us good, we still get social media messages and emails asking us about when we will open our health club.
That’s all folks! If you’ve read this far, thank you. I needed to get this off my chest. I can’t believe we were scammed without even signing up for the MLM.
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2021.10.22 03:05 The_Golden_Alchemist Hear ye, Hear ye!

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2021.10.22 03:05 Knottedmidna How can I better explain the concepts of heat and payoff to my (boomer) mother?

So, I've spent at least the past couple years helping my 64 year old mother understand the nuances of kayfabe. However the thing she seems to be struggling with the most, is understanding why some things have to be predictable, and she's especially not coming to terms with the idea that the joy of a babyface overcoming a heel can only be appreciated if the heel consistently infuriates the fans.
The finish to Reigns v Lesnar at Crown Jewel has been her hardest marking yet, out of 10 years of following the WWE. I tried explaining again, in these exact words, "the more you hate the heel, the better it feels when they finally lose", but she's just, so fucking dense at her age. Now I get where "teaching an old dog new tricks" comes from.
She's at such a level of ignorance that I'm honestly afraid that the euphoria of Roman finally dropping the title will unironically make her bust a.. "G"..? What's the equivalent to a nut in the female busting context? ...And I don't wanna be in town when that happens if that's the case.
Anyway, she's made like the third threat since we returned to watching, to stop watching. Which, I don't really care if I end up watching it alone or not, I just don't want her departure from the product to be her own fault.
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2021.10.22 03:05 Slemnem After you “finish the game“ and Castillo is dead what is this with the red areas? I finished everything inside it what am I supposed to do?

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2021.10.22 03:05 ThrowawayLawAllOfIt Anyone have a guesstimate of the average time it takes admissions to go over an application? For Stanford’s soundtrack question lol

Applying to Stanford. It’s a long shot so figured might as well have fun with this app. I’m doing the prompt that asks for 3 musical works they should listen to while reviewing my app, and am trying to figure out how to split up the time.
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2021.10.22 03:05 Thomas_teh_tank What is the best driving home at night song?

And why is it Untitled by Knuckle Puck? As soon as that instrumental part kicks in at like 3:30 minutes in chefs kiss
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2021.10.22 03:05 LordAdrianRichter [DCEU] Arthur and Mera retrieve the Trident of Atlan before meeting with Orm. What changes?

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2021.10.22 03:05 Bananorpion Spartan rage be like

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2021.10.22 03:05 Timely_Banana_8330 Selling Hisense a7cc in brazil

I am selling a Hisense a7CC. I have used it for less than 2 months, it's almost new. With that I am also sending some screen protectors and cover. It works perfectly fine, I'm selling it because I got tired of the ink screen.
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2021.10.22 03:05 ThatMadMan68 The Wedding - By アメシスト @ Pixiv

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2021.10.22 03:05 kokoromi A Friendly Reminder: Polkadot has been range bound for close to 10 days now. The Parachain Auction will start on Novermber 11, don't forget to get MOAR DOTS.

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2021.10.22 03:05 uanninvests so i made a team spirit ti-winning poster

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2021.10.22 03:05 ChildishMufasa 'House of Blues' set is back up

I vaguely remember this disappearing for a while but whilst stumbling through my bookmarks the link now seems to be working again....
Thought it might be of use to some.
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2021.10.22 03:05 Spetxo Cuddle with me ?

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2021.10.22 03:05 TheWhackBateman Ampleforth - GME 2.0 - MOASS incoming?

Ampleforth - GME 2.0 - MOASS incoming? Wagwan my dudes.
I'm here today to present to you what's almost literally GME 2.0 in crypto form. Disclaimer: Not financial advise. I'm not a financial adviser, just a dude that believes in crypto
Ampleforth is rebasing token. Put simply, when the price is above it's target - the supply increases. When it's below, supply decreases. So while the price looks like it's pretty stable, the market cap can actually go parabolic, because the changing supply numbers. In fact, that's what happened when they kicked off DeFi summer with a liquidity providing incentives program.

Price Chart

MarketCap Chart
PART 2 - Why has it been trash since?
Well if we look at our marketcap chart, it wasn't doing too bad, until about May of this year. There's been a few reasons why it's been underperforming the rest of the crypto market to date:
  1. They launched on Aave - (but ONLY as a borrowing pool, i.e. you can't use AMPL as collateral yet). What this means it it's been easier to profit by shorting Ampl. How?
  • Borrow AMPL and sell for USDC
  • Deposit USDC as collateral
  • Borrow more Ampl and short again
  • Run it back, rinse and repeat
  1. Aave has had UI problems that's been displaying incorrect interest rates… until today. This is actually across all markets, not just AMPL. For AMPL, it's been showing interest rates of ~500% APY, when it reality it was in the 1000s%. In fact, at the time of writing this, the current APY on AMPL is 100,000%. That's not a typo. I may not know how to read, but I do write.
Shorties have been borrowing and shorting with the upper hand, but it's possible some of them haven't even known how much interest they've been accruing.
PART 3 - Short Whales
Our buddy over here shorted 600k AMPL at $1.15, and now AMPL is finally above it's price target so it's drawing some attention (along with cross chain initiatives). As a result, people have also been withdrawing their AMPL from the liquidity pool so that they can keep the supply growth. This has effectively made it so that our shorty whale buddy can't borrow any more. And he's paying an interest rate of 112,000% at the time of writing to keep it going.

Oh. Have I got your attention now?
Oh. Have I got your attention now?
As long as AMPL is above it's price target, this shit will literally go parabolic… again. If you really want, you can also deposit you AMPL, collect some of that sweet interest while depositing the liquidity tokens into their vault at to collect EVEN MORE AMPL.
Meanwhile- our whale buddy keeps accruing interest owed - he'll eventually NEED to buy back 800k. If everyone holds to keep their supply increases, price only go up. Leading to more supply increases. Literally cannot go tits up unless EVERYONE sells.
FAQ-2: But TheWhackBateman, what about the fundamentals?
Fundamentals? Bruh, the fundamentals on AMPL have never been stronger.
  1. Ampl is the original non-collateralized rebasing token, and it's the only one to have survived this long (since 2019). There's been at least 40 hard forks of AMPL, all have failed. (*cough* YAM *cough*)
  2. The foundation has burned the admin keys earlier this year, making it fully decentralized along with a separate governance token.
  3. AMPL has began entering it's application phase. Up until now, AMPL has just been an experiment on the market with smooth-brains alike. It's shown that it can stand the test of time, and now it's starting to be used in actual DeFi applications. More on that below.
FAQ-3 How do I know this ain't a scam token?
Bruh. The investors in the foundation include VC's like Huobi and Pantera. Oh and did I mention, BRIAN ARMSTRONG. Yes, THE BRIAN ARMSTRONG that's CEO of Coinbase. And he invested in AMPL out of his personal pocket too. Oh. And did I mention that he went to Yale with Brandon Iles who co-founded AMPL with Evan Kuo? Our boi's were literally coding with each other back in the day. These names are too legit.
FAQ-4 I don't like ERC-20's. Gas be high.
AMPL is chain-agnostic. They've been working on getting onto all the hot chains. They're already on BSC. They're technically already on Matic- but are waiting on UI updates. And recently, they just got onto AVAX. They haven't even announced AVAX yet because it sounds like there's some juicy stuff coming up. The team has also mentioned L2s like Arbitrum and Optimism in the discord server.
FAQ-5 Wtf are the applications about?
One of the applications on testnet is called Mooncake. The group working on it is called PRL which is being led by ja boi Manny Rincon-Cruz from Stanford (also an AMPL advisor), who's basically been studying money & finance his whole life. Basically it's a lending app that will make it so that you can:
  • Deposit your AMPL as collateral to borrow up to 50% of it in USDx
  • NO LIQUIDATIONS, and you technically don't even need to pay it back
  • This mean you can get TFT (Tax Free Tendies)
    • When you want to sell just deposit into Mooncake and get 50% as USDx
    • At the end of your loan you get 50% of your original AMPL back.
    • Deposit into mooncake again.
    • Run it back.
You aren't selling if it's a loan. 🧠🧠🧠
Basically the way this works is it takes your AMPL and slices it up so that when the supply expands or shrinks, half of it gets reserved for b00mers that want steady value, and the other half goes to degens like me who are trying to get leveraged to the tits. If you didn't know already, this is basically how Wall Street makes MBS's. Our modern economy runs off of shit like this. And this is just the beginning, you make a whole stew of different slices for different products. Just like WallStreet. Except it's the free market.
Oh. Also, they're doing a workshop with AMPL as a part of ChainLink Hackathon next week.
Did I also mention wAMPL? Wtf is wAMPL you ask?
Well turns out, the crypto-space is soooo smooth that the supply fluctuations got us moon-bois shook when the balance in our wallet changes. So they made this wrapped version of AMPL, that represents a fixed portion of the supply so us degens don't need to worry about the balance changing - but still keeping the base underlying tokenomics to be the same.
JK JK - although that probably played a role in this token's creation - the bigger reasons are:
  1. Makes AMPL easier to integrate with other projects since supply won't be changing. Imagine a DAI collateralized by AMPL.
  2. Makes it easier to list AMPL on CEX's. One of the major reasons AMPL has struggled to get onto CEX's is because of the moon-boi failure mode I described. wAMPL will fix this. Not to mention, our boi Brian Armstrong listed the AMPL governance token (FORTH) at the drop of hat, making it one of the fastest tokens to ever get listed on CB. Oh. And CB institutional tweeted about AMPL a while back. Maybe so it can give their WallStreet buddies a heads up that there's another space they can do their slicing and dicing. I'll let you decide. Ok ok one more. Richy, who used to be part of the AMPL team (and is still an advisor) recently changed roles to work for CB...
  • Whales shorted AMPL well below it's fair value, because you can't use it as collateral anywhere yet.
  • Now they're trapped paying up to 181,752% until someone sells. Whales possibly haven't been aware of interest accruing until today, when Aave fixed their UI.
  • If AMPL stays above it's price target, shit will literally go exponentially to the moon
  • Even if it doesn't the long term fundamentals on AMPL are so strong, that it's arguably the best buy for MC < 300M
  • PRL is going to launch a lending app that will let you sell 50% of your AMPL tax-free, and/or get leveraged to the tits with the remaining 50%
  • AMPL is going cross chain onto Matic, already on BSC, AVAX and talks of Arbitrum and Optimism too
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2021.10.22 03:05 guccitaint Probably staged… but I’m all in

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2021.10.22 03:05 Reigand Genre or game mechanics that you'd like to see more in future gacha games?

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