Examining the John Hogue prophecies - The 90's edition - A look at what he got right and wrong

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2021.10.19 04:21 Never_The_Hero Examining the John Hogue prophecies - The 90's edition - A look at what he got right and wrong

So awhile back I decided to look at all of the predictions that John Hogue has made since he's been appearing on Coast to Coast. This is why I asked for the link to the archive a week or so ago.
I am not doing this out of dislike of John. I actually like him. He's one of the better guests that appears regularly. I thought it might be neat to just kinda examine how right or wrong he has been.
Note 1 - John always says his predictions could be prevented if mankind makes the right steps to avoid the oncoming disasters. This is an old charlatan trick that allows him to get out of incorrect predictions. By saying man was able to avert danger...maybe even by listening to him!
Note 2 - Interestingly, John was completely wrong on Nostradamus's most famous prophecy. The one about "New City at 45 degrees latitude burning". John claims on one episode this is not about New York. But possibly New Jersey. But more likely Belgrade. It's just interesting that he missed the one that everyone holds up as the 9/11 attacks in New York.
Now for the predictions
11-15-1994 -
John predicts World War 3 between US/Russia vs. China and the Middle east. False
11-15-1994 -
John says if World War 3 doesn't happen, climate change will lead to World War 3 in the 2020's. *Undetermined
11-15-1994 -
China will become a superpower by 2004. False When this interview was recorded, China was already considered a “Great Power”. But superpower even now is a stretch. Although they're on their way.
Mabus is the third antichrist to start a world war between 1994-2004 - True I'm gonna give him this one and I'll tell you why. He says it will not be a powerful world leader like Napoleon or Hitler that will start the new world war. Instead it will be a terrorist group. Or it will be a lone terrorist. Someone who doesn't lead a big army, and may even perish in the attack. And since the War on Terror is considered a global conflict; I'll give him a pass.
China will have to import food from every country in the world to feed their population by 2030. Undetermined
China will become the other superpower replacing Russia by the 2020's. Mostly True China is still not a superpower but pretty close. Russia is still a very dangerous threat but they have taken a backseat to China at least from DC's perspective.
China will ally with Middle Eastern countries against the US in the 2020's. True
US will withhold wheat from a starving China in the 2020's. Undetermined
Terrorist attack on the US in 2008. False
7-3-2004 War on Terror will last for 27 years. That spans 2001-2028. Undetermined
"Major events in 2009 will cause huge changes for the next 36 years". This is of course left open to interpretation on purpose. I did look at 2009 and the 2 biggest things was Obama being sworn as president and North Koreas 2nd successful nuclear test. Too early to tell. Undetermined
A push from citizens to stop meddling with other countries in 2009. 50/50. Citizens have been pushing for it for years but it certainly got louder in 2010
America will lose the ability to influence other countries by 2009. False. Power did start weaning a little bit within the last year, but still very powerful.
Bush will win second term. True
Massive earthquakes in the spring 2010. Major being 7.0-7.9. Not applicable. This is another huckster trick. Although John was right, I checked. But I also googled how many major earthquakes in a given year. The average comes out to about 20-25 in a year. Or about 5 per season...so of course there will be some in the spring. John is using little known trivia that is really not a prediction at all.
Hurricanes will get stronger along the southeast coast. True I googled and sure enough, hurricanes have gotten stronger according to various studies.
For those not keeping count, thats 4 Trues 4 falses 3 undetermineds 3 50/50's ...So we would probably have the same rate of success.
Hope you all enjoy. I will continue on to the 2000's if you like.
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Do I have to delete and re-add then?
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First anni 1m! 22nd 1m!
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I’ve got them before. I went to the doctor and she said it was nothing. Gave me months worse of medication (can’t remember what it was). I went about a year not having them so I threw all the medication away. Welllll they’re back and I don’t know if I trust the other dr or should go back and get a second opinion. Is this normal? Anything to worry about?
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